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I sincerely hope that there is no afterlife and that I never meet God because being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation is so extremely cruel that the architect of the Universe must be a sadist in order to put good will and good living people through this psychological torture. You might reply that it is not God who treats me in such a cruel manner but I would respond that God acts throughout other individuals who psychologically torture me endlessly on a constant basis.
If after I die I find out there is an afterlife I will be extremely angry.

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Comment by Stephen O' Neill on March 4, 2019 at 3:34am

I have started watching videos about near death experiences, and after doing so I am sure that there is an afterlife. Stories where people are told that the have to go back to this life ,that it isn't their time yet ,and they are even told things that are going to happen in the future , ie your son is going to die soon but he will be ok, and then the son dies a few years later. I am not sure about the Church and all but I am sure that there is life after death. I always think about how a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly and think that maybe we will be transformed too after death, or slip into another demension. Yes I am sure that when you die that isnt it , but look worst case if it is you won't know about it anyway.

Comment by Sue on March 5, 2019 at 5:02am

I know how you feel can a good loving God let these attrocities happen. I dont have the answer to that but my prayer life does make me feel better. Ive seen such an ugly sadistic side of reality from these perpetrators that l do believe that something equally pure and beautiful exists in this universe. Otherwise the balance is majorly out of whack. But l do understand where youre coming from.

Comment by Sugey Ortiz-Serrano on March 5, 2019 at 5:20pm
Hello, I can also tell you that I think like you, I believe in God, but every day since I know I am, I ask you why you let this happen to me, the saying is that we must ask ourselves why, I simply say that to protect other people, if not, another would be the IT, think of the He gives me encouragement to continue every day, but there are times, in which I feel very bad, as I can not trust what I hear or what I see , I believe I received an answer to my request, he told me that everything would end, that I had patience, that everything had an end, and that I would see the end of my days, that is, the time of life that HE has given me, so I believe that it is better to keep thinking about God, that you have written this in a moment of sadness, to think about God gives you faith, so let us trust that everything will improve.


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