Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

A part from being electronically harassed 24/7, I am unbelievably swamped by any amount of people and organisations, that do all they can to orchestrate as much interference in my daily routine as possible. Although it is now getting worse, over the years I have experienced every kind of sabotage from all my utilities been tampered a destroyed to my shoe laces been swiped. Also I have experienced near car accidents (clear set ups) and many near hit and runs, one by a cop car outside my house that took a second attempt having to turn round (I was shouting abuse at them with my finger in the air mind!!) What strikes me as been strange, I have done any amount of research regarding this topic and the people that I would say that are getting the serious Grade A treatment like myself, have done something they know of why they are being persecuted, like whistle blowing etc. Now me I can't think why these arseholes are trying their uppermost to murder me because I have been no choir boy when it comes to my life. Although I have done many things the worse thing I can say I am guilty of is the 13 and a half years in prison I did for armed robbery of a jewelers, and fighting with a prison guard. I have been out over 15 years now and had made something of my life. A lovely wife, gorgeous Children, a big house, cars businesses etc I turned my self right round.The only thing I can think of is that I have never been able to accept authority as the truth and I believe in a God that I felt was not of any of the religions I was been taught. I believe the God I have been talking to all my life has a plan for me and these are trying to prevent me.from carrying out his wishes.

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Comment by Rev.Overton on March 9, 2012 at 10:43am
Wow great job on turning your life around.Could some of this have started when you were in prison .Did you volunteer in a drug trial or study while in prison.They like to experiment in prisoners and mental health consumers.Maybe that were it started.Yes I had all my tire fall off my car in go in opposite directions.Then I had someone cut though the bolts that held my engine in on my truck that god I got off the expressway and was hungry found taco bell my engine just dropped to the ground.The police came refused to take an accident report.Had a hard time filing an insurance claim without it.Had I injury's but again insurance Agentcy would not pay because of that.Had another car pulled over middle no where at service station had car look at saw guy in crown Vic pulled in saw him talked to mechanic and saw him hammer mail in all my tires had my parents send me a thousand for racing tires because of that jerk cops again would not take report.i was 23 or so then 39 now..Had another car were someone f---- with my brakes loss control hit a telephone pole again cops shared to say I was trying kill myself made no sense I was happy as a clam that day never consider that...but that what they wrote..Just goes on and on I just had my engine blow as if someone tampered with it no warning but temp gauge screwed up my o2 sensors continues to go out on my other car so fu-- it...The perps don't want me to own a car.I rent cars and video tape the condition of car always have someone tamper with it owe rental company's money because of perps f-----Ing with the rental or erasing contracts information fun fun...
Comment by Rev.Overton on March 9, 2012 at 10:46am
Sorry about misspelling my phone corrects itself substitute words like nails to mail
Comment by suzy on March 11, 2012 at 6:53am

I think you're on to something when you say its about God, I believe much of our attack is because of a spiritual basis or an aura or something they can see on you that indicates God had/has a special plan for us.


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