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If you Hear A Sound of Steel Locking lugs of a Turbine Sound above your bed

   Early on in Psychotronics (electro-neuro mind control) I was laying in bed and heard the sound of steel locking lugs of a turbine sound going from one locking lug position to another.  Later I was controlled out of bed, walking the dog,of an ultra criminal remote control, someone else controlling what I was doing instead of me in total. This led to the "MOST CRIMINAL" of all with electro-neuro mind control.  I think it all began with false paper filing behind my back of National Security Detention causing people in the government to Cover Up or Smear me permanently from  Watergate,  someone with big money paying someone off to do it,  of the result damaging my image with parents, sisters, relatives, and community, ever since, always lurking with image.

  What happened was I was controlled to do something that I would never do in my normal life, and was railroaded from inside the government into jail by a 12" electro-neuro mind control beam about 36 years ago when I was young. The color was 6" pink in middle, and red outer to 12" round, and later black, after the steel locking lugs, of the government criminally  committing an  act to Cover Up or make it so people would never bellieve me in the first place of what I said for good,  and ended up being one of the biggest media exposures in the World, on the national radio lyrics most every song, Americans Show, TV programs, TV commercials, in an attempt to end it.  All the media exposure was evidence that the government for about 38 years was lieing in court, behind my back, to all my communications of letters written to Congress, U.S. Department of Justice, CIA, FBI, Department of Defense, and the White House, deceiving the government of who I was calling me a mental case of a U.S. Attorney CIA lawsuit court document.

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After March 1999 Were The Most Large Beams in Head

  About a month after March 1999 I was receiving about 4 to 5  beams into my head 6" in diameter.  One beam was direct frontal to forehead, and the rest were in from the sides at an angle.  These were people from over 20 countries wondering what happened, an interrogation all,  and  went on for over 2 years ... of a message from the spirit.  While seeking to photo electro-neuro beams lately, and realizing multiples at the same time, reminded me of the period after March 1999 with all the beams…See More
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Theories of selective attention | Processing the Environment | MCAT | Khan Academy

"obviously as a victim its important what you give your attention too and what meaning and relevance it has ...."
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Theories of selective attention | Processing the Environment | MCAT | Khan Academy

Learn about the three major theories of selective attention. By Carole Yue. . Created byCarole Yue. Watch the next lesson:
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"Thanks for the global research link, Hassan, by Harlan Girard - remember him on Jesse Ventura`s Brain Invaders? He went public as a TI early on. Sadly he has recently passed away. I will post the video."
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"Please check who is hacking this post and tell the truth."
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Mr Attorney General of Canada, Mr Ontario Ombudsman and International Human Rights Community confirmed.

UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights CouncilInternational Bar AssociationHuman Rights WatchAmnesty International Amnesty International CanadaInternational human rights community International criminal courtCanadian governments With  this photo below, I , Canadian victim of torture, terror, threats, attempted murder,,, show you all that Toronto Police, Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government hack my tablet or mobile phone although I don't use wifi and internet after UN, International Human…See More
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"Hello, I updated my site again. I added information on voting fraud. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS BECAUSE WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE THEY CAN TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS! Read from "Voting Fraud""



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