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Dear Dr Allen & Dr Atkinson,

My name is Tonii Morrison from Australia. I got your email addresses from Peacepink. I was hoping you might be able to help me or guide me towards someone who can. I have been illegally implanted by my ex partner & his son. I ended the relationship back in March 2017. Where I was under full surveillance not only with cameras but also listening devices. I called a bug man to come out to the house but on the day he was due we had very bad storms and he could not come out due to flooding. This was the day I found out that there was listening devices. My ex was at work and within around 45 mins of me getting the call to say the bug man could not make it my ex came home and guarded his room until I moved out of the house 3 days later. It was the week I was leaving that I realised something was really wrong. The months leading up to me leaving the relationship, very strange things were happening to me extreme buzzing in my ears, my eyesight was extremely bad even when I was wearing my glasses. If my heart rate went up my eyes would flash. Excruciating pains all over my body like electricity was running thru me. The symptoms I am suffering are excruciating. Around a month before I left, my ex came out to me and out of the blue said to me " do you know some people are implanted and they dont even know it, I got an instant sickness to my belly and told him to go away with such ridiculous stories but it seems he was referring to me. The day before I left the relationship, I went to go to sleep and all of a sudden extremely loud screaming noise in both my ears, I could hear my ex partner laughing from the other room. Early hours of the following morning, the same thing happen. So I called the police. When I got up my nephew had been sleeping in the lougeroom and had seen my ex partner during the night go into the bedroom beside my room and take out something with wires attached to it and also went over to where the wifi was and removed more devices. When the police came they asked my ex if they could have a look in his bedroom where he had taken all the devices but he stood guard at his bedroom door and would not let them enter. Without a search warrant the police could not search his room and without any evidence they could not get a search warranty but they told me he was defiantly hiding something but there was nothing they could do, the best thing was for me to move out quickly. I moved out and that's when it all started to happen. The things I was experiencing could not happen unless something was in my body and that's when I remembered the conversation I had with him about the implant. Before that I had no idea what was happening to me, I thought I was going crazy. Things have esculated to extreme over the past 2 years. I have tried to talk to doctors, specialists and mental health professionals but I have been told it is not possible to happen in Australia and that if I continued to tell them this story I would be put into a mental health institute. I have spent the past 2 years going from doctor to doctor trying to get a full body scan but I am told that I can not have a full body scan due to the radiation involved so I have stopped telling them I am implanted and have been making up sicknesses and going to all different doctors just to try and get my body parts scanned to try and find the implant. I am at a lose and I have no more money to spend on getting scanned. I got a hair analysis test done and the toxicology report came back with me having very high lithium levels which is strange considering I am not on any medication but still the doctors will not help me. I am writing to you hoping that maybe you could help me. I have tried to get a RF scan here in Australia but again I am told there is no such place that can scan me. I am hoping by writing this letter maybe you would know of or maybe could suggest a place I could go or even a doctor I could see here in Australia. I desparately need help with this. I have been told I was implanted for a Pakistan crime syndicate, apparently for human trafficking. There is so much more I could tell you, I have been taking a daily diary since March 2017 of everything that is and has happened to me, sightings of the people involved, rego numbers of cars and times. I have been to see the police and written to crime stoppers but they have told me I just have to keep doing what I am doing until I find the implant and only then can they investigate. Every person's house I go to, they start having problems after I leave with there cars, wifi and things going missing from around there houses. I am at a lose. Any information or help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Tonii Morrison

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