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IMPORTANT!!!!! re: "Tactics, techniques, tricks of defense for Targeted Individuals"

-  This is a BRILLIANT IDEA! I’m sure many of us have thought of creating a webpage like it to help other TIs, but just couldn’t hold it together long enough to undertake the monumental task, much less keep it up to date and running.

-  The reason I am posting in a separate blog from AtlantiTeo's "Help Targeted Individuals" points out a major problem with the gathering of information of this type. You could spend days trying to read everything, when you are only interested in one topic.  Already AtlantiTeo’s blog is 3 pages long and full of videos and links on several topics.

-  Might I suggest that a special Group (for lack of a better Peacepink place) be set up so that this information does not get buried as ones like this have been in the past (ie:

-  Also, it would be nice if each problem/tactic/device had its own separate blog post so that all information being posted by members on a given topic can be organized under the proper topic for easy access, and future referral for newbies.

-  Lastly, I’d like to see a Group “blog” included which will review products (like the Trifield Meter, Spectrum Analyzers computer pgm, etc,) by members who have used them (so we don't wast our money), with links for places to purchase products which will address our needs (ie: The products we need are technical, and most of us do not understand how to use them, much less which ones to choose. As we learn what to choose for what problem, and how to use the equipment, a “blog” will be a perfect place to share that information - AGAIN, so critical information does not get buried someplace in the archives of Peacepink.

-  One last suggestion. Our lives are lived day to day, and with the goal being our complete demise, it might be a more prudent idea to collect all this valuable information on Peacepink, than to place it on a dedicated webpage owned by a Targeted Individual. Because of our targeting we do tend to come and go according to the difficulty of our lives at the moment, perhaps the Peacepink Group could be organized and watched over by a small group of well established Peacepink regulars which are above reproach.

-  EXCELLENT idea, AtlantiTeo! Tell us how you want to proceed, and how we can help.


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