Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Give thanks to our ancestors for waken us up to day(native american). As they always say savage tribes.Just a reminder .last year.It was sunny and breeze at peeble beach park as i sat in the car .Someone contacted i and stated he was an attorney for Jerry Simpson(SISA) The contact information 310-310400-5890 he stated his name was Ben Coldodon(mean coldand done with you from Sean Reed) he stated to meet him at3756 San Rosalie dr.ste.320 Los angeles,California found out it wa...s a set up for all there illegal materials .ideas and concept they put to gether to shame my family,and for humantraffickling .The person that impersonated to be that attorney was Louis Wilcher a pastor of Jesus foundation to make sure i was talking to an attorney i ask a civilian near by to call the same number that had contacted i(same time we both call) when he call he heard an voice message system with prompts,when i return the call the pastor answered .The cilivan ask him from my cell phone ,who is this ? he immediately hung up on us.Last niteon 6/12/2018 i decided to contact NAN(Al Sharpen civil rights organization, yes i contacted hem previously in 2014 and 2015 iIts sad how ppl of color state your not black enough,and will go to far to impersonate any organization so the target cant recieve any help at all (money scam).The contact information that was giving to i was from his headquarter office at 212-690-3070 was giving to i when phone call was intercepted( over over internet.) for his assisstant at 323-830-5739 last nite he answered ,back ground from his end was loud and noisey he said hello! i replieded and ask is this Nan he stated yeah!his assisstant and laughed..Her is other numbers to beaware of for identity theft,and money scams WCP 202-463-2940,(408)252-5500,(713)951-9400,New hope Missionary (leon Jones) imposter(850)639-5031 .wthey clonned this number this year when i was tryn to find out info about Mayron May ,Emily kemp(850)639-5599,.and Jackie Robinson center not located in glendora are west covina area code they had posted on there website.(beware)

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