Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

  Remember back in HS when we all sat at our own tables and had a clique (<--that was the typo; it didn't save)?  That's kind'of what gang stalking is like.  They're in cliques and we're the geeks, dorks or rejects scattered out in lonely islands trying to evade the glances of shame or ridicule, trying to find some peace until at long last we could escape.


We thought it would end.


  We're back at our tables.  How long are we going to sit there?


 We're trapped on islands as the cliques dart around us in prestigeous boats and watch us cower behind cocoa nut trees of justification.  I mean, just like HS we can't do anything and we're losers by their measures.  It's queer that additional failures are mounted onto our already covered walls, and i'm sure we're merely distractions as people try to look good next to us or justify our conditions.   We have tried to rise above on several occasions and it's prevented.


Sure, once upon a time, some of us naive kids had hope that something would come through, but now we know better.  Now we know that we need each other because we won't ever be part of the living world, not their club whether that be the NWO, $cientology, the military industrial complex or experiments lingering on the back of the education industrial complex.  They've become clever in that if there are several of them and no hard evidence, it's innocent until proven guilty.  Well, they're guilty in our eyes and it's been proven.

We only matter to ourselves.


How long are we going to sit there as the injustice mounts?  We're letting this happen to ourselves by not abandoning ship.  Do we think it's going to get better?


They don't want us; we don't want them.


  Life isn't like a movie.  There isn't some event of realization where some secret talent is found and life's problems wane away.  Anyone won the lotto?   All of our good qualities are destroyed or mocked, and we're chronically isolated away from the guidance that normal people receive as they deprive us of societal qualities thus causing normal contacts to abandon us or exploit the psychiatric labels they pin on us.  We become burdens or social outcasts where no one will help us (or provide useful help), and we almost deserve our fates; we desperately lash out and try to grab hold of something as the icy depths of the ocean pull us back down.


Life is hard for everyone.  Nobody needs the extra burden of harassment or tricks.


 We can't follow their rules because we don't know their rules, and we aren't allowed to be good anyway because whatever is happening to us has to be our fault.  


  I say that us victims of gang stalking and electronic harassment ban together and create our own club and perhaps move to India so that we're all safe in a semi-community. Sure, we're on our lonely islands now, but if we get together, we can escape the labels and agony and live full productive lives free from our psychopathic harassment.


  Going strong from kindergarten on.

 And yes, it's always the same people.


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Comment by kaela creighton on February 28, 2011 at 10:56am

I don't believe in the NWO.  They just all work together.  I was made a target by Putin, and he wouldn't accept responsibility for what he did.  None of them will; who would care about someone else.  He probably laughed as I was being raped by the equipment.  We have to overcome them like everything else, or we will not survive.  I'm going to do something if I can't function after the stem cells.  IF we have to walk into places and shoot everyone up, then that's what we have to do.  We need to get otgether so that we can start organizing terrorist activities like everyone else.  The only way people respect you is if they're afraid of you.  That's the law of life.  Think about what they do to us.  They're in our faces and torture us so that we'll conform to stupidity.

Comment by kaela creighton on February 28, 2011 at 11:39am
I mean, we won't be doing anything " bad."  They're all working for "good."  Why not play their barely human game or work for the joyous love of humanity (because it's really going to change to love and kindness after 50,000 years of Hell)?  It's true that we're all a little delusional because we can't point our enemies out in a line-up or most of you can't.  Don't let that stop you. If we start doing things, people won't mess with us as much.  It's like, there are consequences for what you are doing.
Comment by kaela creighton on February 28, 2011 at 11:44am

LL can suck it.  I have you, so run away like the boat did.  No face.  Nope, I'm not down there.  These people are wimps with copasetic realms of understanding.  THey're like balls of mental illness of a juvenile sort.  Of course then they say we are.  We're merely confused or injured.  My mind is currently injured.

Comment by kaela creighton on February 28, 2011 at 12:09pm
We should sink to their level.  They're successful.  But why lie?  We're here to destroy and kill.
Comment by kaela creighton on February 28, 2011 at 3:22pm
Ignore the comments.  They're only for people that already know.


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