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Increased Intensity- Is it tied to the 9/11 Anniversary? Someone has declared war on US soil & the rest of the world and no one is able to detect it or stop it.

The intensity has been increased for the past few days, especially from 9pm to 6am, with 3am being an especially intense time. The refrigerator kicks into high gear like someone is directing some sort of microwave communication device into it (or maybe it's a radar gun), there is energy in the entire apt, the high voltage power lines will occasionally hum louder than usual, and there are tire tracks in the field surrounding the high voltage power line tower. SOCOM and the military industrial complex have facilities nearby - are they part of this? Is this connected to Jade Helm? There is also a military related museum nearby, is that being used in any way for this operation? An occasional beam of energy will be directed towards my head, is it a neighborhood satellite dish being used in ways it wasn't intended to be used, is it a radar gun, or is it some sort of other microwave weapon? Is this part of Star Wars Missile Defense space based weapons, or is it a private commercial satellite network? Whoever is operating this system is committing a crime against humanity - is it the New World Order or is it the the highest levels of the Illuminati?

A day or so after a these intense attacks, I can see the effects in a lot of people - UTI's, livers and kidneys are effected (resulting in an ammonia smell), and muscle weakness & muscle loss (muscles get pulverized & end up getting eliminated down the toilet). Even dogs and cats show signs of muscle loss & elimination, UTI's, and liver/kidney effects. Are we all going thru mild stages of radiation poisoning? Iodine drops will help for radiation, and liver detox vitamins (Liver Rescue5 or any stage1&2 detox) will help for the liver ammonia situation.

I have called the cops, the FCC on the satellite dishes in the neighborhood, and the power company for the power line increased hum on certain nights, no one seems to be able to do anything. A war is being conducted on US soil (and the rest of the world) using invisible weapons and no one is able to detect it nor to stop it. Americans pay so much money for the military to protect our country, and what good has it done?

I suspect that the increased intensity is due to the buildup to 9/11 (Happy Birthday Jesus campaign), but who is behind it? Is it the New World Order or the illuminati?

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I have been a victim of Electronic Harassment for close to 4 years and I am really interested in finding out if others out there have extreme symptoms of physical pain that cannot be diagnosed by doctors or specialists, that have evolved over time to become immobilizing for as long as 10 hours straight. I suffer these attacks frequently and I live in constant fear of being hit at any moment by the next one.  The emergency room staff treated me like I was drug seeking and basically made it known…See More
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