Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Ok guys, I'm sick to death of this shit, my brain has been fried for too many years. I'm not prepared to completely lose myself to these attacks or to quietly go along with this slow kill system without taking a stand.

I'm prepared for the heavier targeting that will no doubt come with this decision. If any of you Irish targets are still using this site and want to organise and see if we can raise awareness let me know. I've had enough of being passive! Nows the time.

Remember stay strong and never give in. Peace. 

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Comment by Carl on July 4, 2016 at 3:14am
We'd still get targeted whether we open our mouths or not. I wudnt say we'd get hit hard more if we spoke up about the shite we go through each day. I often say to perps "I'm right ere, do wot u want?!!!". But naa...because I ain't scared nomore! & that's the whole point of the harassmnt. For T'i's to be scared!. The less scared u are? The less the attacks & effects will av on you. That's why it takes years b4 u av 'The wake up call'. Its all about slowly building the negativity around you in your life. And then 1day 'BOOM!!!" U get the wake up call. They let u kno your a target. Its as simple as that... I don't even get attacked now. The ringn has stopped. I don't notice anyone gangstalkn me like i 1st did. I take no notice of ' EVERYTHING! ' to do wiv Electronic Harassment & i notice 'NOTHING'. Just like the time b4 it all began in my life... It all about how you use your brain & perceive the World & reality. Your reality!!!...... T'i's are going on & on about the Government. CIA. FBI. Nazis. Police. Army. Etc etc etc... In the end it doesn't matter who's doing it to us??? They are ALL using the same tech on T'i's... And nomata how much people pray for this to stop? I think its here to stay. DEW 'Directed Energy Weapons' is the future!! No trace. No evidence left behind. A so called clean war.This is only my belief.... But going back to the targeted indvidual.. If we all knew how powerful our minds & thoughts are? Nothing cud harm us. Every T'i in time cud be free from all attacks. But if u don't do nothing about it? & everyday u jus sit round or go on about the same thing happening to u day after day? & u fill ya minds round & round & round wiv who's attacking me. Or who's doing this?? Then your doing wot the perps tech or Ai want. Your stayn in the same reality & surrounding yourselves wiv 'Negativity'. U won't believe how easy it is to get out of the program? Just 'think' differently! Instead of 'thinking electronic harassment' everyday!!! ;)
Comment by God's Grace on July 4, 2016 at 4:26pm

Very few people beat the program, I believe I will because I have taken action against my perps, and I intend to go legal on them, as they know I know who they are and who they work for.  Secondly, I do believe we  have the ability to use our minds against them, and I do believe prayer works on the perpetrators, as that is what God promised us, and thirdly, if you are a target of DEWS, it is extremely painful, sometimes, it's completely debilitating, and when you see your cat being tortured, how do you suggest you get your mind to stop that, and thirdly, when they give your step-father a stroke, I'm curious, how do you think my mind is going so stop that Carl???? Honestly, some victims are some of the most educated and intelligent people on the earth, with excellent contacts in all the right places, and research abilities like no one's business, and yet they are still targets.  What would you suggest when a child is being raped by this technology, a mother should do to stop it?  You have to take physical action, and get this information out to the general public, either via the media, or via protests, such as in Poland (really interesting to see who comments on that and who doesn't), you have to write to local government, generally the best idea is to write a note to the competition to the current political party, write to Alex Jones show etc.  In SA, we get hold of the Public Protector.

Comment by God's Grace on July 4, 2016 at 4:32pm

Yes, it does matter who is doing this to us, if we don't know, then we may as well sit back like a bunch of puppets, and accept that we are not going to have privacy for the rest of our lives.  Most decent folk on earth, think their privacy is sacred, and buy homes with doors, in order to keep a sacred space called home for their families.  We certainly don't have just allow the dark cabal to get away with taking away one of our most fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS from us.  That would be playing into the hands of those that are being PAID to do this to us. And if we think children can use their minds to stop being raped, then we are a part of the problem, imo.  These are very serious crimes, many people know what is happening and believe the stories the TI's are saying, and there are people within intelligence agencies that are working to bring it to a stop - this would not have happened had TI's not taken a physical (as in writing, protesting, getting hold of the media, doctors etc), certain states in the US have already banned the use of psychotronic technology over their skies, this has happened because TI's took action.  

Comment by Seek Light on July 5, 2016 at 3:07am

@God's Grace, How does a person know WHO is involved/perp and aware of it? That is a mystery to me when so many make "comments" relating, which likely do not know what they are doing. Plus, with the severe behavior/retaliation when I took pictures of license plates/seemlingly people in a certain incident, I do not know how information can be taken or shared. SOme people say just post "perp" stuff at youtube to "shame" them. Again, WHO are the perps? ANd what if retaliations include stealing picture cards/ breaking cameras, and drug/RF hits to the nervous system that are extreme??? thanks

Comment by Sally on July 5, 2016 at 4:44am

I agree Seek Light the majority of us dont know who our perps are except that the cabal is heading all this. Good luck to anyone trying to take them to court. I have been through all the official complaint channels and nobody wants to know.

Gods grace who are these influential ppl you claim know about and are doing something about the Tl situation. Laws are useless. There are anti torture laws but that doesnt stop them. They are not law abiding.

Comment by God's Grace on July 5, 2016 at 6:05pm

Seek Light, you are right, I forgot that most people don't know who their targets are, however many, especially on Youtube, claim to know who they are - my apologies.  Trying to write quickly, and not thinking. Yes, I've had serious retaliation from my perps, hence the reason 12 - 15 bricks were placed accross the road, which I hit with my car, on the way back from bible study, which they say was meant to make my car overturn.  I can only say that I can't live like this forever, with no hope of a good life, so I am willing to do whatever it takes, to make it end.  My main perp I met on a business site, who pretended to be a gentleman, we corresponded for quite a while, he was promoting his music band, however he started to post certain things on his music site (MyGenius - which no longer exists, however I can prove that it did, because the owner of that site, is a best friend to my ex.) promoting lesbianism, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. I wasn't really bothered by that at the time, until this became the biggest theme of their attacks on me, trying to use mind control, dreams, etc to turn me into a lesbian, or bisexual, (and I heard him talking to me repeatedly on voice to skull, I then found out he had a wife, chidren, a girlfriend and that he was trisexual).  That didn't work, so they turned on me, and tried to induce me into getting involved in bestiality, incest and having sex with dead people.  I managed to get his telephone no, while he was on that site, and that is how I have managed to track down some of his family that apparently work with him on this.  I don't think that we all have the same perps, I think some are from drug lords that have gotten a hold of this technology, I think some are working for intelligence agencies and others not, so it's different for most people, I think

Comment by God's Grace on July 5, 2016 at 6:08pm

Agreed Sue, they are not law abiding, however when they are being paid with tax payers money, they must abide by the law, as our politicians in my country are saying anyway, NOBODY in SA is above the law, including the President.  Perhaps that's different in your country, but that's how it works here.

Comment by Carl on July 5, 2016 at 6:30pm
CatCat i can't privately msg you nomor. If u ever want to escape this stupid silly little 'frequency thing' I now like to call it?!. You av2 look into how the... Mind. Conscious. Subconscious. Reality. Hypnotism. Thought suggestions. Mind control. Binary tones. & frequencies work?!. I'll put a blog on here in a few hrs to let everyone kno wot I've done to change this silly 'frequency thing' that was happening to me. But I'm only repeating wot I've sed all along in my earlier blogs. Take care for now & hope your well ;)
Comment by Sally on July 6, 2016 at 5:18am

Gods grace in a perfect world nobody is above the law and thats want they want us to believe. The global cabal are above the law....the 13 bloodline families rule the world and laugh at the law. If your perps are not protected by them then you certainly have a good chance at using the law against them. I hope this is the case. My perps are members of the cabal therefore l have no legal rights. They proved this to me when two times the docs and cops came to my home and threw me into a psych ward for no reason at all. When l tried to claim my rights and take legal action against them they had an entirely bs papertrail that "proved" l was suffering psychosis and a danger to society. Total mock up and l didnt have a leg to stand on. And l live in Australia which prides itself for protecting citizen rights. If the cabal are involved you have no legal rights. Sad but true.

Comment by Seek Light on July 6, 2016 at 5:41am

Still wondering WHO here. Anyone know from this description?

Who could coordinate con/chemtrails, sirens and vehicles? (This includes color patterns and also the ability to CLEAR roads). Who could alter songs in public places for "meanings?" Who could add a ghost item to your shopping check out slip in the middle of the slip, with no such item anywhere? Who could talk to you in dreams and test exposures on you, while sending you the message that the exposures are deadly?

What level of power do you need to access satellite weapons/air and ground vehicle movements?

WHO can DO this? Which groups does it sound like? Or all of the ones mentioned? Anyone know? Thanks.


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