Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Islamic terrorism

A good Muslim man,family Guy,...psychically violated by a group of women...Telemetry psi and Radionics..

victim being a a a citizen of a particular country...suffering the "BULLYING INVISIBLE" of female voices...acting with sexual shamelessness...

Attacked him with coercive pressure...with quantified biorresonancia...invisible fist...destroying body..

Despair at not being able to protect your automatically a terrorist "against the feminine".

They mock his country, his manhood, his family and his sex ...mistreat as a believer in Ala...He learns as hatred is brewing in their country...with mind turn them against all...and terrorist becomes

Who is interested in creating Muslim terrorists?to provoke attacks in Europe and America..Who has the real power in these countries ...

PIRATES hired to create hatred

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The Robot Revolution Is Happening-Like It or Not | WSJ

Nearly every company across every industry is looking for new ways to minimize human contact, cut costs and address the labor crunch in repetitive and danger...
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The Vatican are experts in psychology. It is essential to them that they are experts in psychology in order to keep their estimated two billion followers from ever thinking logically. If their followers ever began to think logically they would then have no followers and no more money flowing into their coffers. In order to render their followers into a state of unquestioning obedience and subservience they covertly use electronic mind control on school children. However, when I was a child…See More
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"Vähän musiikkia. ;"
22 hours ago
CLS posted a status
"My GS was telling me non stop Buy A Truck non stop since 2011. Acronym BAT. Covid is on purpose!!"
CLS posted a status
"Someone sees China economy as a threat to their dominance. China was investing in Africa heavily. These people dont like that. Covid !"
CLS posted a status
"Covid is done on purpose by some other group to end Chinese economy. They want to stop globalism. Russian Orthodox Church KKK and Nazis"
CLS posted a status
"B2b mapped. They capture ideas and important thoughts off other people and add them into the Klans db. I can talk about this one forever."



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