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Jennifer N. Anubis Wife Reporting People Talking In My House I Was Locked OutAnd No One Was There

I Was In The Hall Locked Out And Heard Men In My Appartment And I Was Locked Out. I Had To Call To Get On My Own House. I Entered No One Was There. I Could Hear Them Talking But When The Door Was Opened No One Was In The House.

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Comment by David ofTomorrow on August 31, 2010 at 9:21am
I call them "door" voices. Thet can also rob voices from the TV or Radio and intup their won agenda. If you can catch the program as being a rerun, or not live, you can flush them. If It's a live program, you need to watch the mouths of the speakers to see if they are saying the things you hear. If their softwars is high end, they can make perfect human voices, as well as any other sound, appearf from mid air, say in the middle of a large room. I call these 'hallow voices'. anyone in the room can hear haoolw voices as they are not voice to skull. others should also be able to hear door voices and TV/radio voices.
When you have friends over this can be a problem. Say you need to use the restroom and there are two people in the living room, the perps will plant door voices so it sounds like youe freinds are talking about you but it in fact are sounds eminating from the inside of the door. The real problem is, arey our friends realy on your side? Are they paid to be your friends? I'm not trying to make you paranoid, but I have found that at one point in my life, alot of people were placed into my life by local authorities to make me have an interesting life so they cuold sell my on the internet. Lot's of pirate-like adventure, stealing cars and things from cars, and all done so in order to make a "real life" movie. I did not at first know this but found out and played along because I realized I could do anything as lomg as I didn't hurt people, and not get in trouble. The show was abid hit , because I heard people talking about the things they saw in my house as well as those with internet video held out their window to catch the exploits of me and those sent to work with me. My path to horror took some time. After four and a half years, things have broken down to using me as bait to catch people, and program them to gang stalkers, or as I like to call them "puppets". Call me (206)402-6764 or email me at


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