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Covert Operations of NSA

I don't know if what is written in this article is all true (I can't verify the information provided), but it could certainly answer most of my questions. John St Clair Akwei sued the NSA for using their mind control technology on him and that is the evidence he brought for his lawsuit.

What's more interesting is that in May 2005, a top secret law was adopted in Romania that made possible for the Romanian Secret Services to gain acces to the american low altitutude satellites (MONSAT) that intercept any kind of communication plus extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation.

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Comment by T.I. Vico on September 30, 2015 at 10:39pm

Check out this incindent that took place last February.

Hong Young's Estranged Wife Said He Acted 'Crazy' Before NSA Buildi...

I believe without a doubt that Hong was a victim of V2K.

Police said Young admitted to being responsible and said he heard voices telling him to shoot at a random driver last week, according to charging documents released Thursday.

So be careful not to do what the voices tell you.


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