Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Just a thought i think there needs although this campaign site is very good

i do think there needs to be an organisation created to help victims of targeted individuals to support them and to have the people of whom are doing these vile things to myself and other victims to put them to a permanent stop!


Too many of these devices are clearly available these device need to

removed immediately and if they are on-line they should be removed and banned!  

One comment that was mentioned to me saying professors would be no good i disagree with theory in order to prove what we saying we have to have

some sort of medical proof so therefore i would be logical to have brain

scan to prove what has been done to our minds.

therefore it proves it to certain authorites so they cannot label us as

mad when i reported it the the police they made refferals for me to mental health services to have a mental health assessment.

I have seen different people from different departments none of them believe

me one of them thought i had psychosis as in general terms.

I told that the electromagnetic wave device and mind control app was

causing me to have psychosis in fact one website on lists

the side effects from these devices.


They still did not believe me and they wanted to take me to a psychiatric hospital i said i disagree with you're theories and refused to me admitted!

We need to stop the nasty these nasty people whom are spying and mind controlling and use of psycotronic weapons on our everyday lives!

 I am the victim of all of these things which is why people need a support group not just for victims of targeted individuals but a refuge for targeted individuals of whom are a risk of homelessness due to the dangers of someone nearly dying within their own homes due to the strength of the electromagnetism devices!

which unfortunately like myself and many others in world have been forced out our homes to save our lives.

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Comment by Sue on July 5, 2019 at 1:25pm

CLS thinks the public don't get involved. You know yr own story and what's true for you.


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