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Ok, for months, the neighbors had been aiming the Directed Energy Weapons at us and the neighbors behind us were complicit. It was a widowed mother (50's) and her 30-ish, ne'er-do-well, unemployed son who had a criminal record of substance-abuse and battery.


I had tried to reason with her, my brother had tried to reason with her (but she would only flirt with him), I had provided articles on the illegal targeting of innocent people, then I wrote a cease and desist letter to them in utter exasperation. No change.


So, Oct 18 I was packing up my car to leave Florida where I usually stayed with my elderly parents half the year then returned to Maryland where my husband still works. I was playing a radio/speaker to run down its battery to put it in storage. It gave off some high-pitched feedback, but since the perp in back of us had subjected us to 7 weeks of ultrasonic, painful emanations and was outside installing the DEW in his car engine to start it off again, I turned it his direction and let it go about 5 minutes to see how he liked it while I gathered more stuff to pack from the house. (Some for storage, some for the trip). He was many yards away since the houses are on 1 acre lots. Then I turned it off.

I went back into into the house to gather more things and there was a ring at the side door within a few minutes - 10?). I went to see who it was and no one was there, so I proceeded to my car to pack what I had gathered.

The neighbor however, had hidden his car down the driveway, and jumped out and rushed me cursing me (B*tch! You done f*'ed with the wrong person...") and swinging his fists. I dropped what I had but for a flashlight which I used to defend myself when he swung at me. We both ended up with stitches and I damaged his car in the brief fight. Then he drove home.


We both called the Sheriff's Department. Deputies came out, interviewed us both and were ready to arrest him, but then two supervisors his mother's age came out and said, no - we're arresting her (me) instead and this is what we're going to say happened. Then they totally twisted the story. Said the guy had just come for a neighborly visit and I attacked him for nothing. (His mom had worked at the Sheriff's Department for 24 years... want to bet they were her friends, "more"?)

So they arrested me! Ignoring the fact that I had named him as being one of the people assaulting us for MONTHS 24/7.


I spent 24 hours in jail, got bailed out, then they arrested me again!!! Spent about 4-5 days in jail. 2nd time, they claimed a TRAIL CAMERA we put up on OUR property to catch the perp who attacked me climbing over the chain link fence in the night, every night, bending/damaging the fence to put a DEW up next to the house at about 3 a.m., was not "home security" it was "cyberstalking" THEM. A trail camera just shoots 1-6 still photos or a short video clip when triggered by MOTION. You cannot access it by internet at all. You have to take its chip, put it in a computer to see what motion events it has captured.  That means it is impossible to use to "cyberstalk" anyone! (It wasn't even near their home, it showed the fence and woods probably from taking photos when the wind blew and branches moved. But after I put it up, ANOTHER area of the fence was being damaged, indicating he had seen it and climbed over the fence further away).


So, the charges were all utter garbage. No doubt the Sheriff's Department saw a chance to "punish" me for telling them they were gross incompetents and I ought to sue them for failing to do their jobs protecting my family from the daily, 24/7 DEW assaults for about a year.


I don't think the neighbor liked the fact that I was packing to leave before they killed me and collected the insurance bonus.




> On Feb 15, 2017, at 8:57 PM, Michele Kimbrough <> wrote:


> Okay I'm here.


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>> On Feb 15, 2017, at 4:54 PM, Karen Melton-Stewart <> wrote:


>> Will tell you in a while. It was outrageous.




>>> On Feb 15, 2017, at 7:26 PM, Michele Kimbrough <> wrote:


>>> I don't know the story behind the case, but OUR GOD is working everything out today, tomorrow and forever.


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>>>> On Feb 15, 2017, at 3:57 PM, Karen Melton-Stewart <> wrote:


>>>> Ok, I FINALLY got in touch with my lawyer says she will call me later but she briefly told me that

>>>> A) the pre-trial hearing was postponed, though no future date given;

>>>> B) the client's lawyer said at the hearing, "My clients don't give a * about this case."


>>>> ?!?!?!?


>>>> So apparently they do not wish to pursue it? (Gee, how "big" of the real perps?)


>>>> So can the State pursue it anyway? No idea. Hopefully my lawyer will clarify shortly.



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