Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Electronic harassmnt will not last long. Theres more of us than them & on earth we're the only ones that truly belong.......

On a daily basis we put up with their hit. In the shower or bath when we take off our kit. But let it be known to our perps! We dnt giv a shit...

Theatres in the streets. Joking & laughing to the back of our seats. Not knowing who's in front of us wiv the people we meet. While were still getn hit frm our head to our feet.......

Gangstalking. Our jaws droppin. Lookn over our shoulders but we carry on walkin. Listening around us when our mobiles are talking. Still following us when were doin our shopping..........

The governmnt, cia, fbi or bully. I dnt think weel ever understand who's doin this to us fully. Which plays on our minds & fills it wiv worry...

As human beings on this earth we shudnt av to live like this. Wot av we done so wrong in our lives for people to take the piss? Attacking us adults & even our kids... Lying to our neighbours & telling them fibs. Next door to our homes & in our cribs. We wernt put on this earth to be your guinea pigs..........

Mylar sheets. Copper. Plastic & bits of metal. We hide behind these but we still cnt settle. Like boiling hot water thats been poured frm a kettle. Or walkin through fields & getting stung by a nettle.....

We are who we are & we will stay strong. Like white wings on an angel or feathers on a swan. Us ti's will not change for any1. Against all the perps in society who dnt belong........

All through the day why are perps so mean. Messing wiv our thoughts like a long endless seam. Waitn for the moment when we drop off to sleep. Then targeting us hard with enforced weird dreams......

In the Lord we pray. Grasping our hands down on our knees we say. Mostly at nyte & all through the day.
Watch over us. Protect us. Wherever we lay. And guard our soul. And stop these perps in their tracks takin control...... ;-)

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Comment by Carl on April 20, 2016 at 3:12am
Thanx! Wayne ;-) Its hard to keep our mind active. With what us ti's are putting up wiv.

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"im really scared. my story is different. i think i have a lead. what i am not sure is what to do to start the investigations and lawsuit. Or however. I don't know what's gonna happen, but if ever im the one dying here, i would rest in…"
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Sandy Lomax replied to Carl's discussion Some top tips for Targeted Individuals
"I use Mylar a lot, it`s good because it`s a metallized fabric which you can wrap round parts of your body. Also fold it into many layers, use big sheets or cut it smaller."
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Sandy Lomax commented on Hopeful Faithful's blog post in need of immediate assistance--MY LIFE IS AT RISK
"Hi Joanne, sorry to hear your story. You may find support and action on , a lot of people have signed for the Mandamus Action. Also PACTSntl is helpful esp. if you are in…"
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"i need help to file a lawsuit"
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"how can i prove that i am a TI?"
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