Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Kidnapped by Mind Control Weapons, and Sent to US Embassy in Hong Kong (Soleilmavis)

Kidnapped by Mind Control Weapons, and Sent to US Embassy in Hong Kong Soleilmavis

Nickname: Soleilmavis

Citizenship: Chinese

Year Torture began: Dec. 2001


Book Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic mind control technologies.


Here I wrote the Facts and Evidences, Not the Arguments of my story.

On Apr 2002, I was controlled by mind control weapons and was brought inside USA Embassy in Hong Kong. Because I was harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control weapons, I could not remember clearly all the details, but I tried to write more details.

Even I did not know WHO used mind control technologies and brought me inside USA Embassy in Hong Kong, and WHY?  but I tried to write details of 'WHAT Happened'.

Details of my stories:


I became a victim of mind control weapons abuses and tortures, when I was studying for a Master Degree in Australia on Dec 2001.


I had reported to police, but I could not get help to stop the abuses and tortures in Australia.


I tried to talk to many people about such matter; most of them said they never heard such technologies,


Some voices said to me:" USA has the most advanced technology in the world. You can go to USA; maybe you can cure your diseases there."


I went to the USA embassy in Melbourne to apply visa, paid the application fee. When I came home from Embassy, Some voices said to me:" Go to USA, we will arrange for you, do not have to apply visa." They also said:" We will apply medical leaves for you."


Because I thought those voices would not lie to me, and my brain was being harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control weapons; I could not even use my brain to think anything carefully.


On April 5, 2002, I brought my luggage and took a taxi to the Airport. At the ticket office, I showed my passport to a young lady, and asked for an air ticket to USA, the lady looked at my passport carefully and said, “Yes, you do not have to apply for a visa, trust me!”


I held the air ticket and passport to a check-in officer, and very carefully told him what the lady at the ticket office told me. He let me check-in and gave me boarding passes telling me that I did not have to apply for a visa to go to the USA.


Inside the airport, several people stopped me and checked my bags very carefully. I asked them the same thing: “They said that I did not need visa to go to USA. Is this true?" They told me that it was true.


I sat in a chair and waited for the airplane for a very long time. Finally it was boarding time. I carried my bag and followed the long queue of people. At the gate, a man and woman stopped me. They said they had some questions to ask me. I complained that the plane was about to take off. They told me not to worry because they had it arranged. They took me to a small room, and asked me only a few simple questions.


They questioned, “What have you been doing in Melbourne?”


I responded, “I am studying for a Master’s Degree.”


They asked, “Have you attended your classes?”


I answered, “Of course!”


They asked, “Why do you go to America?”


I replied, “To see a doctor.”


They asked, “Have you taken your medical leaves?”


I answered, “Yes.”


Later someone brought my bags to the small room, and said they had to check my luggage. I asked them why, but they said nothing as they opened my luggage, checking everything very carefully, even a small piece of paper. They took all of my notebooks on which I wrote telephone numbers, and they would later return these back to me. After they checked all my things carefully, they told me, “You cannot go to USA, but you can go to Malaysia, Singapore, Holland or Hong Kong.”


 Finally they changed my tickets from Melbourne to Hong Kong to Amsterdam. A lady stressed that they would not cancel my student visa if I left Australia. “I want to go to the USA to look for medical treatment, so why should you cancel my visa?” I thought to myself but kept quiet. After I waited a long time, a lady brought my tickets, passport, and boarding passes, and sent me to the airplane. (Please see attached photos
return-ticket (Melbourne to Washington) ;( 2) ticket (Melbourne to Amsterdam)

In Hong Kong, Airline stopped me and not allowed me to go to Amsterdam without visa. They said they would contact the office who issued the air ticket to me. I had to wait in Hong Kong.

From 6 Apr to 12 Apr 2002, I stayed in Hong Kong.

One day morning, I woke up early, I went to US Embassy in Hong Kong and wished to apply visa to America. (It was the first time I went to Hong Kong US Embassy)

(Because of under mind control weapons abuses and tortures, I was really like a Zombie. And I could not  remember all the details, but I try hard to give as more details as I can)

I arrived to US Embassy very early in the morning. At first I took my breakfast in a small restaurant opposite the US Embassy. After I finished my breakfast, I went out the restaurant and a man approached me and I heard a low voice “follow me!”  

so I followed the man. I was exactly like a robot, with completely empty mind, as I walked inside the USA Embassy. Nobody stopped me or asked me anything.  


When I entered the main building inside the US Embassy, I saw there was a small room on the right side, and a man (with black skin color) wearing uniform was sitting there. It was the security guard. I thought I should register, so I walked toward the man.


When he saw me walking toward him, he stood up and asked politely, “Can I help you?”


I responded, “I want to apply visa to America.” I showed my passport to him.


He had a look at my passport and told me, “The visa office is outside of the US Embassy. You need go out, turn right, and walk about 50 meters.”


When I was taking to the security guard, I heard those voices come from the room upstairs. They said, “Why don’t you come upstairs to get your Permanent Resident card?”


My brain could not move, but I knew my purpose today was to go to the US Embassy to apply for that visa.


I walked out of the USA Embassy and went to the visa office which was in the north part of the building. In the visa application office, an officer told me that my Chinese passport would not allow me to apply for a visa in Hong Kong, and that I had to apply for a USA visa in Melbourne or China.


Later, I went to Thailand; I went to US Embassy again. They said they could not help.


In the following one month, I was kidnapped few times and even was jailed by some people for few days. Those people disappeared soon; the places where they jailed me or where they sent me to, also could not be found again.


US Embassy in Hong Kong was the only place which was still there. – A place where they had sent me to after they controlled me with mind control weapons.


At Thailand, I sent a letter to USA president George W. Bush by carrier letter dated 22 Apr 2002, but I did not receive any reply. (Please see attached photo of the receipts of carrier letter: EMS to USA (Bush))


In the coming years, I had written many letters to USA and complaint that I had been torturing and harassing by secret mind control weapons. I did not get any reply.


I also worked with other victims together and started a worldwide campaign against Secret Mind Control Weapons/directed energy weapons abuse and torture since 2007.


Because the government had covered such horrible crime for many years, and they did not help me when I called for help, I suffered the  horrible abuses and tortures and big losses in my life.


I was controlled by mind control technologies and sent to USA Embassy in HongKong. USA government must take the responsibility to investigate such horrible crime. Because my human rights were violated within the jurisdiction of USA, even I was not a USA citizens, USA must compensate my losses.


I strongly urge US government to immediately investigate  such horrible remote mind control weapons abuses and tortures.


I strongly urge US government to immediately stop the abuses and tortures of remote mind control weapons which I had been suffering for more than 10 years, and compensation for my losses caused by the abuses and tortures.

Thank you and Best Regards!

Yours Sincerely,



I had written many letters to USA government, but I never received a reply.


It would be much appreciated that if anyone who can forward my story to USA President Barack Obama and his administration; and other authorities.


I wish reporters and journalists could report my story according to all facts and evidences.


I have been inspiring the civil rights movements through my case in USA. Many victims and I have been working hard together to seek justice. We believe the sense of justice is still rooted in many American's minds. We believe the power of good triumphs over the power of evil.


I have a dream, that I can find justice from USA.

Torturers have been cruelly torturing and harassing me with remote voice to skull (V2k) and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies (possibly through satellite and other technologies) for more than ten years since December 2001.

Torturers used to control my brain with remote V2k and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies, and brought me inside USA Embassy in Hongkong in April 2002.

As an innocent civilian who has been horribly persecuted, I urge USA government to investigate my case, and sentence torturers according to law.

I also wish all countries to legislate against the abuse and torture of such technologies.

I am an innocent civilian. Even if governments have political struggles, they can not violate my legitimate rights and interests as a civilian.


Supporting Documents:

Supporting Documents will be sent by requiring.

(1)   Scan Copy of return-ticket (Melbourne to Washington) and boarding pass.

(2)   Scan copy of ticket (Melbourne to Amsterdam) and boarding pass.

(3)   Scan copy of receipt of EMS to USA(Bush) 

(4)   Soleilmavis Case summary of secret mind control weapons abuses and tortures

Life of Soleilmavis in Brief Summary

I have collected many reported articles which introduced 'mind control technologies'. The listing of these articles will not mislead readers; it is a short cut for readers to learn what mind control technologies are.


I can not find any lawyer who would like to handle my case. First reason, I did not have money to pay lawyers fees; the second reason, it was hard for lawyers to get all evidences. The only route is to appeal,which is a administrative procedure,and that is exactly a way one lawyer does not dare and does not have the energy. With enought supporting voices from public and with evidences, government must answer my appeal.


These are fax numbers of USA government and Congress, Could anyone from USA help to fax my this story to them? (It was very expensive to send fax to USA from China) (you may also fax this story to other government officers and senators)












The White House



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Comment by Roberto Scaruffi on June 20, 2011 at 5:37am

I am note sure the expression "mind control" be precise. 

Apart form perhaps some rare case in some very specific circumstance,

and apart from advertising & mass brain washing attempts,

nobody can really control your minds and your behaviuors

Of course, there the influences of fashions, of the advertising industries, media, tendencies to behave as other people behave...


From classical government/State gang-stalkings to electronic attacks, intrusions, injures, torture, assassinations, these are operations for inducing people to do something. They are manipulation techniques, manipulation attempts,

Never forget that the real criminals and psychopaths are those who order [governments, parliaments, military, bureaucracies] such operations and those who implement them [from supposed "specialists" to ordinary mob]. They are even more damaged and self-victimized. Of course, they should pay even more for their insanities and crimes against other people while using power covers...    


For what my self-perception might be, I have no experience of these electronic attacks, until now.

Has someone who suffered and is suffering them done any experiment for trying defining in which circumstances they are object of them and in which circumstance they are not, and similar tests? Keeping some systematic diary may led to discover more. Also some systematic research about the content of the received messages could led to discover more.   


When you are sure, publicily denounce institutions and louses.

Do not expect any recognition from them.

Obama and its court are not less insane and criminal than the previous ones.


Even if one is a target, do not keep a victim attitude. You are a target, objectively a victim. Subjectively, do not interiorize any "victim complex".  It would be a subordination to the butchers "will" [louses do not have any real will; these are businesses of the police-military complex and of its insane courtesans] and it would be self-destructive. 

Do not even trust to much those who simulate compassion... 

Comment by Soleilmavis on June 20, 2011 at 5:58am

In China, there was a news story about drug mind control weapons abuse.

A young lady bought a bottle of water, she could not open the cover. A nearby guy who bought a bottle of water too and open his bottle, then he gave his bottle to the girl and said: "This bottle I just bought is the same with yours, you can have my bottle; You give me your bottle, I will open the cover".

After the girl drinked the water, she totally lost her mind, and after she woke up, she found that she was in another city. She could not remember all the details how she followed the guy to go to the other city.

( I am not sure whether the guy keep poisoning her with drug mind control weapons to make sure that she could not wake up on their way to another city) .


Luckly she finally woke up at the street, she saw a police on the street and rushed to the police and called for help.


This was a case of drug mind control weapons abuses and tortures.

I was totally sure that mind control weapons (including drugs, chip implants, nano implants and electromagnetic) had been developing well.


It depends on the ones who are using their mind control weapons.

If they want to fully control you, they can fully control your thought, behaviours, emotions.

If they want to partial control you, they also can;

If they want to only confuse you a little bit, they also can.


Comment by Soleilmavis on June 20, 2011 at 6:16am

Even I was only a simple and pure girl who grew up in simple and pure rural area and had a very simple life.

But after I became a victim of secret mind control weapons abuses and tortures, the whole matter became very complicated and troublesome.

I am sure anyone, if he had gone through the whole matter what I had gone through, would understand it.

Until today, I still could not sure how many kind of mind control weapons had been used to torture and harass me.

I could defintely sure that remote electromagnetic mind control weapons had involved in my case; but without equipment, I could not sure whether drug mind control weapons or chip implants mind control weapons had ever involved in my case.


Even the whole matter was very complicated and troublesome, but I adhered to my simple role:

I was a innocent civilian, I was a victim, I exposed such horrible crime. I urged government to investigate my case and sentence torturers. Government need to compensation for my losses and apologize for such horrible crimes.

Comment by Soleilmavis on June 20, 2011 at 8:37am

From the Bible, The Serpent, Satan also called: The Dragon, the Devil, the deceiver, the accuser.

 I believe in God. God condemns mind control (waylay souls) abuses and tortures. (Proverbs 1)
Mind Control abuses and tortures were The Dragon spirit.
Only Dragon supported torture, God would never support torture.

Victims have been rising their voices at public and wishing public to aware of the horrible persecution.
If government and public ignore victims voices which exposing torture from Dragon, they are ignoring God's voice.

Currently, government and public ignored victims' complaints, they did not want to listen the truth voices. They were happy to see that they still could get some benefit from Dragon. They said there was no Dragon, even so many victims complainted that they had been suffering from secret mind control weapons abuses and tortures.

They even argued with me, why your god did not come to help you to get rid of torture?

Revelation 2:10 Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.

If government ignored victims complaints and supported mind control abuses and tortures, they became supporters of The Dragon.

Isaiah 1:21  See how the faithful city has become a harlot!

She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her-- but now murderers.

22  Your silver has become dross, your choice wine is dilluted with water.

23  Your rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts.

They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; the widow's case does not come before them.


Comment by Annie on June 20, 2011 at 8:59am

Soleil, Its interesting you brought up "The Dragon". Does it have a special meaning.? (more than you have written down below?)

As I am myself, are investigating the circumstances behind my own targeting, and found companies that works together with the hospital where I was treated before I became a victim. And I just run into one of this this technology company´s websites and one of their rescent projects in nanotechnology is-namely called "Project Dragon"pls see below....Best regards,/Annie

VINNOVA Industrial Excellence Center - System Design on Silicon

2008-01-01 -> 2017-12-31

Sammanfattning: A key motivation for IXC SoS is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness in wireless communications through providing research at the international forefront in the area of system design on silicon. After its second year of operation IXC SoS has established itself as a competitive international research facility within the area of integrated circuit design. Cooperation with key industrial players gives the center a unique opportunity to address relevant research questions. The main focus of the center is to develop novel architectures and circuit solutions for terminals in the area of wireless communication. To achieve efficient solutions and provide application flexibility the hardware platform is developed jointly with the overall system specification. Therefore, the center has a close cooperation with researcher in adjacent fields, both in academia and industry. Several projects has been initiated in cooperation between the partners in for example the fields of transmitters with adaptive impedance matching, micro and mm-wave CMOS Circuits, all-digital PLL frequency synthesizers, high performance AD- converters, low-power digital circuits and reconfigurable computing. Furthermore the center activities connect to the emerging field of nano-electronics. The research achievements will be addressed in this annual report.

IXC SoS has a solid foundation and is an import resource in providing the possibility to have a long term research agenda. Furthermore, IXC SoS works as a key enabler in attracting additional research projects. Worth mentioning is the recently granted initiative within the Swedish government’s strategic research support ELLIIT, together with Linköping University, and the EU FP7 project DRAGON together with among others the IXC SoS partners Ericsson AB and Infineon.
Föreståndare: Viktor Öwall
Finansiär: Verket för innovationssystem (VINNOVA)

Comment by Soleilmavis on June 20, 2011 at 12:48pm

Below was an interesting story too.
In China history, there was only one female emperor, her name was Wu ZeTian, who seized the throne from the Li family (Tang Dynasty) .
She started to sit behind the seat of the emperor since 665AC, and became the actual ruler since 666AC. She was famouse in using two torturers in her secret department. Zhou Xing and Lai Junchen used torture to extract confessions from the officials.

Wu Ze Tian became an actual ruler since 666AC, with the support of the Dragon who like to use torturers and deceivers.


Only Dragon supported torture, God would never support torture.


Revelation 13 The Beast out of the Earth, his number is 666. 


Comment by Nazeer Ahmad Chaudhry on June 20, 2011 at 7:37pm
Dragon or evil siprits or jennies have been used by Black magic bastards to torture , destroy mind or even to kill. I came across these evil doers as spirtualist  as a kid. Some sort of concentration by few families would make the kids sick, trees could be dry or stone could be broken , it does exist , perhaps I may not define. My mother could not eat anything for 3 years , my maternal uncle had mind destruction , my wife had not been eating anything for  few month. This predicted black magic by relatives of my step mother wwho had killed over 17 peoples using black magic , economic destruction and terrorrorism, mental torture by abuses and terrorism , piosion, trained gods , hired killers and mechinical defects in vehicles. I was piosioned using evil siprits or dragon then it became clear that what wrong with my mother. Revenue , police , politicians love these terrorit gangs and they use them for corruption and terrorism to occupy their langs and properties.
Comment by Yan Xu (CIA modified my messages on June 20, 2011 at 8:19pm

You are all fooled by these blocks and yourselves. This is a typical distraction that makes you forget you will be killed after being used. Whatever you do, you are just one of the tools that were normally killed when they are not useful. Most CIAs were killed including scientists who participated the development of mind control technology. What makes you think you could be kept alive? Would it be more costly to kill you than killing those scientists for the weapon producers?


Comment by Roberto Scaruffi on June 21, 2011 at 12:04am
Don't be so sure!
Comment by Roberto Scaruffi on June 21, 2011 at 2:35am

Bureaucracies (although insane and criminal, and frequently inefficient and ineffective) do only what they have the order and the covers [the State Secret with consequent Parliament cover] to do.  

This [below reported] does not seem a procedure for getting any creative work. It is something for louses and acceptable only from louses. 

...A lot of "literature" is produced and diffused from the SIS-CIA-FBI for pure deception. In such a way, what may be or is truthful is diluted in a mass of tales. They produce tales for later denying what eventually emerges against them, 


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