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隨着科技的進步,我們的法律制度明顯落後很多. 以下幾件腦控案例, 提出同大家一齊討論研究:


腦控空間經常以腦控併芯片方式, 即一部腦控機, 兩個處於不同位置的人合併芯片,將兩人合為一身體, 以其中一位的思維去控制另一位的行為方式犯案. 


  1. 將大部份腦控機和芯片放於某人離香港遙遠的地方, 另一人在香港以併芯片方式用思維控制處於遙遠的人去操作芯片做犯法行為. 查香港思維控制者時, 其人一直安坐家中黑房. 法律上對思維控制者該如何定罪?


  1. 處於監獄的性罪犯以併芯片方式,控制受害者思維和身體去強姦, 而受害者在一瞬間迷失而做出犯罪行為. 法律上對性罪犯和受害者該如何定罪? 目前法例是定受害者強姦罪, 在監獄的性罪犯是控制者並沒有被定罪, 因法庭和陪審團沒有性罪犯腦控證據.


  1. 香港有多單將近親拋出窗外案件, 其中大部份都涉及思維控制殺人, 而被控制者事後的口供都是很模糊, 感覺發了一場夢, 不知道自己是被腦控造成; 另有幾單跳樓自殺案件都涉及併芯片思維控制, 將受害者情緒調整到抑鬱, 用極度悲觀思維影響死者, 令死者斷絕一切社交,令死者一步步邁向死亡而得不到帮助. 大部份死者都處於被腦控而不自知的情況下. 最後思維控制者仍在暗處沾沾自喜, 計畫持續犯案, 而執法者清楚知道何人所為, 基於涉及腦控, 證據不足, 法律無法入罪, 徒嘆奈何!


作為被腦控的受害者, 我們每天面對的是在心理上同腦控人角力, 而我們的法律偏偏沒法保障我們的思想自由, 思維獨立,人身安全. 實屬可悲也!


 Law and mind control

With the advancement of science and technology, our legal system is obviously far behind. The following cases of mind control are proposed to discuss with everyone:
In mind controlled space, the perps used within chips to control the victims. That means used a brain control machine, merge over two people chips, combine them body as one, then control one victim's behavior by one of them for criminal cases.   Cases 1. The perps used to put a lots of chips and mind control machines in difference country manage by chip controller, another brain control person in Hong Kong uses a chips merge based remote control to chip controller to operate the chips to commit crimes. When checking the mind control person in Hong Kong who sitting in the black room at his own home doing nothing but thinking. Now how to charge the brain control person conviction in law?
Cases 2. Sex offenders in prison use a chip-by-chip approach to control the victim’s thinking and body to rape, and the victim loses his mind in that moment and commits a crime. How to legally convict sex offenders and victims? The current law should charge the victim as rapper, and the sex offender will not guilty since in the prison, because the court and the jury did not have evidence of both of them under the brain control technology.


 Case 3. In Hong Kong, there are many cases in which someone throw close relatives out-of-the-window cases. Most of them being brain control and confused between the realty and the dream. As killer’s confessions, they felt so tired and got a bad dream at the moment. Most of them being mind control without self-awareness. Also several suicide cases involve in mind control. First the perp adjusted victim’s emotion from sad to extremely depression, used negative thinking to influence the victim for disconnect in social life. make the victim step by step toward to suicide without help and any assistant. finally, the dead report only said causing by depression or mentally disorder, no further explanation about mind control. Now The mind controller is still complacent in the dark, and planning continues to commit crimes without concern about law. Our policemen know exactly who is doing it, since involving mind control, insufficient evidence, the law cannot be convicted.
As a targeted individual, we fight to mind control perps with psychology every day, and how sad which our law cannot guarantee our freedom in mind with independent thinking, cannot protected to our personal safety. It such an Irony.


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