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These are the letters I've sent to Radiation Research and OPCW - knowing there was Novichok in 2003/4 put on Benefit Forms then.

Mr Brain Stein

Radiation Research Trust

Chetwode House

Leicester Rd

Melton Mowbray


LE13 1GA.


Dear Mr Stein


I am aware of Voice To Skull and psychotronic weapons use in Fleet in Hampshire, and attach a copy of my letter to the OPCW.  There are issues surrounding radiation in our town centre and would very much hope that you could visit it or least give any feedback surrounding these issues.  We have gangstalking as a regular event here which is affecting the general public and we are concerned about the various health issues and legal implications of this particular crime.  We are aware that several agencies are involved in gang stalking including the local benefits agency, and police force, and NHS and various perpetrators.


We would be happy to hear from you and if you could contact me by my telephone number 01252 612392, or by letter at the above address.


Yours sincerely

 Miss B A Rogers


Encs. OPCW letter


Johan de Wittlaan 32

2517 Den Haag





I am writing with concerns about the chemical weapons convention annexes, and I felt I also needed to highlight that in UK and USA there are an alarming array of uses of chemicals that could be classified as noxious and overpowering.  I am worried that you are being deliberately misinformed about the uses of chemical weapons in the west and I am here to enlighten you.


  1. In the case of the Sergei Skirpal poisoning you were informed by the British Government that they had no knowledge of the use of Novichoks.  Yet I wish to prove otherwise.  Diana Shea produced a book mentioning the use of Novichoks, and also Sussex University was involved in looking at this back in 1993/96.  Which may be the reason there have been a number of gangstalking cases in Sussex in the same year.  See Below for extract.
  2. We are subjected as town to gangstalking in Fleet and have heard the reply to a question posed, that if OPCW surveilled all the countries manufacturing chemical war weapons, who are not getting rid of stockpiles, and they threatened to use 50 gray on them what would they do? The reply was, CSEG and authorities would kill them.  From the authorities, CSEG, and Perps involved in the Gangstalking.
  3. I wish to draw your attention to the fact that there has been a conference in 2012 to discuss how to deal with the problem of over population held by Cambridge University in USA. They posed the option of using cadmium on 2 billion people or a bomb (gathering them together in one place).  I suggest you include cadmium on your list.  There are many people being killed with use of SARIN, Sulfur dioxide, Cadmium, Arsenic, Barium, and Ethylene Dibromide.  Either in the water supply or spray around the home.  Reports from USA, and the west.  We are concerned that Gangstalking is rife and that utilisation of chemical war weapons, and cleaning materials result in deaths every year.
  4. Our town has been threatened by use of VX (airplane in the sky),mentioned on your schedule, and our town has been sprayed, much like in the Skirpal Case in Salisbury.
  5. We are aware in Fleet that perps have mentioned that gangstalking methods are being developed for warfare. The use of  mobile phones and V2k have been identified.
  6. The possibility of peaceful methods could be used to stockpile for warfare using phosgenes, insectides, pesticides, (in the case of Syria and SARIN), and PSF chemicals.


We are aware you know much more about these issues, but you need to be aware that other countries can stockpile in secret and it would be a better idea to regulate and provide more stringent rules, impose heftier bans because you are being told one thing, and Governments know another.  In Der Spiegel IG Farben has been named as a possible source of SARIN used in Syria.  The other chemical weapons have been attributed Gangstalking  are manufactured by the likes of Ely Lilly & Co, Procter & Gamble and Pfizer  and Hoescht. I wish to include extracts from websites, showing you which Novichok related sites are mentioned prior to the Salisbury poisoning. 

Yours faithfully, B A Rogers (Miss).





Order Code RL32391

Small-scale Terrorist Attacks

Using Chemical and Biological Agents:

An Assessment Framework and

Preliminary Comparisons

Updated June 23, 2004


Small-Scale Terrorist Attacks Using Chemical and Biological ... - DTIC


  1. Cached

by DA Shea - ‎2004 - ‎Cited by 46 - ‎Related articles

23 Jun 2004 - national weapons programs, see CRS Report RL30699 Nuclear, ...... vaccines; Novichok-type chemical agents;145 or the expression of toxins ...


CWCB 30 -- December 1995 - University of Sussex


  1. Cached

Quarterly Journal of the Harvard Sussex Program on CBW Armament and Arms Limitation. Editorial ...... ing in 2005 and the cleansing of storage areas by 2009. {UPI 26 .... synthesis of the still-secret Russian 'Novichok' CW agent [see. 25 May ...




chemical weapons convention bui4i~iitin - University of Sussex



2 Mar 1993 - What follows is taken from the Sussex-Harvard rolling CBW chronology. ...... he had been accidentally exposed to 'Novichok-5'. one of the.

Missing: 2009 ‎| ‎Must include: ‎2009



the cbw conventions bulletin - University of Sussex


2 Sep 2002 - tropic substances [CBW Conventions Bulletin no 51, March. 2001] have been ...... per cent destruction by 29 April 2009 and 100 per cent destruction by 29 ...... Fabriquita which it is claimed is producing the Novichok chemicals ...

Google Search on following: novichok, cbw conference, 1993


Chemical and Biological Weapons - James Martin Center for ...


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  2. Similar

01/13/93. 11/03/97. Likely maintains an offensive program[29]. -anthrax .... U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Proliferation of Weapons of Mass ...... a new class of advanced binary chemical weapons, referred to as the Novichok series. ..... "Chemical Weapons," (




chemical weapons convention bui4i~iitin - University of Sussex


  1. Cached

2 Mar 1993 - opened for signature in Paris on 13 January 1993. The occasion was ...... day international conference in Moscow next May on CBW disarmament ..... he had been accidentally exposed to 'Novichok-5'. one of the still-secret ...




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