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Mind Control and Electromagnetic Weapons

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English: Floyd Time Category:Australian Pink F...
English: Floyd Time Category:Australian Pink Floyd Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Electromagnetic Weapons Links


Videos about Mindcontrol
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd song)
The firsts Anonymous ?Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Syntetic Telepaty
Project Facets and Brain Interface


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Soleilmavis updated their profile
5 minutes ago
singapore emp victim updated their profile
1 hour ago
singapore emp victim commented on Thomas Koh's blog post Singapore Mind Control Victim
"I am a lady Singaporean mind control victim, can I know your email address so we can connect and support one another since we are in the same country?"
2 hours ago
God's Grace commented on Irvin's blog post No Title
"Hi Irwin, I'm also from SA, and have been a victim for 5 and a half to 6 years. You have obviously done your research on the mentalities that would involve themselves in such a program against yourself - remember, they are being paid to do…"
2 hours ago
singapore emp victim posted a status
"I hope I can connect to more Singaporean mind control victims through peacepink"
2 hours ago
singapore emp victim posted a status
"I am a mind control victim from Singapore. I am subjected to sleep deprivation , constipation , vomiting from my perps ."
2 hours ago
Bill Perry commented on Bill Perry's blog post Sucked In
"     Well funded system or not, I'm not totally convinced it is hopeless, and we should just give up and endlessly suffer, or off ourselves for their convenience.  I have read accounts of people who have managed to…"
9 hours ago
cat cat commented on Bill Perry's blog post Sucked In
"Bill Perry I am sure there is a way to escape the program we were unwilling made a part of.  I think for it to happen you have to have very expensive technology and an insiders working knowledge of the program."
9 hours ago



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