Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Life of Soleilmavis in Brief Summary

Soleilmavis is a Chinese citizen, born and raised in China in a rural area which had a simple and vanilla environment. Her parents came from farmers’ families. Her mother graduated in a polytechnic school, and her father had middle school education. They were rare people who had some education in rural areas at that time. She studied in one of the top primary schools and entered one of the top secondary schools of Shandong Province, which was famous with its high educational standards in China. She entered a university at age 17. She liked to read history books since she was very young. Her friends regarded her as a “bookworm”! Her teachers often selected her essays as the model essays at primary and middle school.


When she was a young girl, she dreamed to travel all over the world, study hard, work hard, learn different cultures and meet different people. After university, she worked in the easternmost Prefecture of China; then she went abroad to work. When she had earned and saved enough money, she applied to a university to study a Master’s Degree in Australia.


She was first attacked in December, 2001 by remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic spectrums mind control technologies when she was studying for a Master`s Degree in Australia. At the time, she was unfamiliar with mind control technologies. Eventually, she came to learn of these technologies that are being secretly used or covered up by governments worldwide to control and harass the populace.


Her brain was controlled by remote voice to skull technologies and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Since 2002, she has traveled to Hong Kong, Thailand, China, and New Zealand to try to escape from the remote torture and harassment of these technologies. She was 'kidnapped' by these technologies and was taken inside the USA Embassy in Hong Kong in April 2002. In April 2003, she went back to China and still lives there today.

 She kept in touch with other victims and exposed mind control and directed energy technologies torturing and harassing her through many channels worldwide.

She and other victims in her network have written countless letters to government departments, social communities, human rights organizations, the media and the general public, to expose such horrible crimes and seek justice. They have started a concerted campaign against secret mind control weapons/directed energy weapons abuse and torture. They are demanding an international investigation into these crimes which constitute immense violations of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They have not yet gotten any help to stop the alleged human rights violation until 2013.

Soleilmavis has also sent letters to and wishes to file lawsuits against the government who has covered up mind control weapons abuses and tortures.

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Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: “Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.

The Queen of the South in Matthew 12:42, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, is a strong and well-reasoned piece to demonstrate whom the Queen of the South is, by using plenty of detailed historical data and facts. It lets the readers understand where the Ends of the Earth are, how the Queen of the South comes from the Ends of the Earth, how she can be greater than Solomon, and what the judgment is etc. Readers will understand God’s big plan about the Queen of the South by answering all these questions.


I have a dream, that I can find justice from USA.

Torturers have been cruelly torturing and harassing me with remote voice to skull (V2k) and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies (possibly through satellite and other technologies) for more than ten years since December 2001.

Torturers used to control my brain with remote V2k and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies, and brought me inside USA Embassy in Hongkong in April 2002.

As an innocent civilian who has been horribly persecuted, I urge USA government to investigate my case, and sentence torturers according to law.

I also wish all countries to legislate against the abuse and torture of such technologies.

I am an innocent civilian. Even if governments have political struggles, they can not violate my legitimate rights and interests as a civilian.


The Fact and evidence

Soleilmavis was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and She was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

The Arguments:

Soleilmavis case summary of mind control abuses and tortures

An anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009)


Thousands of victims have been suffering horrible persecutions from abuses and tortures of remote electromagnetic mind control technologies and voice to skull technologies. Some victims were tortured to be death or driven to be crazy; some victims were controlled to be bad. Most of them could not get strong evidences to prove that they have been horrible tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies.

Only few victims have facts and evidences to prove that they have been tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. I am one of them.

I know those victims, who have passed away, did wish me to win my lawsuits. My victory also will bring them justice.

I have collected those victims stories (even it was only a small partial among all victims), and wish everyone could remember their sufferings.

Some lawsuits filed by Soleilmavis

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Comment by Soleilmavis on June 21, 2013 at 7:50am

Even evils say "we admit that you are the Queen of the South", they are still evils.

They are watching victims with mind reading technologies, harassing and torturing victims with remote voice to skull and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies.

Public and government can not ignore victims' voices.

If public and government ignored victims voices, they became supporters of evils. they did not stand on the right side of justice.

Victims must rise their voices in the public places, and urge public and government investigate such crimes and sentence torturers according to law.

Comment by AtlantiTeo on June 21, 2013 at 10:24am

I have a dream, that I can find justice from MAAT, GANESHA, ATENA and ODINO.
I don't Believe in the human "IVSTITIA" from USA, Europe and Wordvide :-/

Where is Maat, Ganesha, Odino and ATENA (or MINERVA?)

They are of the truth, wisdom and justice as Christ or Buddha, Mohammed, or the other 2 million prophets and profete women, they look at the heart. Weigh the heart. They are faster in judicial decisions.
The human courts are run by hypocrites, with a lot of talk. I hope that the court "in the world of the dead" is not like the court of humans.
No one can escape death. I would like to review the tunnel of light. The same tunnel JUNG.

My 5 december 2005 !!!


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