Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

THE BASICS OF MIND CONTROL AND BODY CONTROL ATTACKS: We are often asked, 'How can perps pinpoint places in my brain [or body] to achieve their intended malicious results'? Clearly, the most popular way is to direct two electromagnetic or ultrasonic signals from different angles into you brain or body. The first signal is just a straight high frequency single-frequency carrier wave. The second signal is that same carrier wave but modulated with the control or destructive signal they want to deliver to that specific area of your brain or body to perform their exact intended evil function. Where the signals intersect inside your brain or body, they interfere with each other, producing what we call the Fessenden effect. The resulting signals are the sum and difference frequencies of the two signals. Basically, a heterodyning process. The sum frequency is likely ignored by your brain and body. The difference frequency is the demodulated (ie: fully restored) control/destructive signal - now let loose in the targeted area of your brain or body. If microwaves are used, sound may be perceived due to the Microwave Hearing Effect phenomenon. If the demodulated signal is strong enough, tissue damage or destruction may occur. The humming, hissing, ringing or whistling sound perceived by the TI may result from either the carrier signals of the two transmissions being different from 20 Hz-to-20 KHz, or the control/destructive signal is using a single-tone signal (usually for test or targeting acquisition purposes). In mind control labs, these studies are often done by using electrodes because electrodes are much more efficient than remote transmitters. However, since perps can rarely secretly place electrodes on TIs, they use remote transmitters. "Cell" magazine published its research on this. To protect yourself, you MUST stop these signals from entering your head or body.

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Comment by John Quigley on December 29, 2018 at 10:30am


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Stephen O' Neill left a comment for elizabeth king
"Hiya Lizzy, yes you are right, one TI can get it very bad and they will go easy enough on another one. I am not getting it so bad , they attack my mind , I get forced violent urges whilst talking to my loved ones , I can control it though, but if…"
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Stephen O' Neill left a comment for Sue
"It is like they are mimicking mental illness, I guess they just want me on the meds , my attackers that is."
1 hour ago
Stephen O' Neill left a comment for Sue
"Hiya Sue, how are things down unda. Yes my family put me in front of a GP who put me in front of a mind Dr who locked me up after telling him about what my harassers were doing to me. He wanted me to take meds and I said no so he locked me up and…"
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"Do they have these or those weapons being used to  torture, terrorize, and murder you? " International Trade Show & Conference, Ottawa, Canada " UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights CouncilInternational Bar AssociationInternational…"
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Do they have these or those weapons being used to  torture, terrorize, and murder you?

Do they have these or those weapons being used to  torture, terrorize, and murder you?" International Trade Show & Conference, Ottawa, Canada " UN UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council International Bar Association International Criminal Court Canadian Government Toronto Police, The Scarborough Hospital, Canadian torturers, Ontario Government... who are living with me as my neighbors and gathering around / in my workplace, are madly attacking my head, my heart and my hearing with all…See More
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WHY WAS MY COMPUTER CONNECTED TO AN UNKNOWN NETWORK sometime between 11.00 and 11.30 am this morning?

WHY WAS MY COMPUTER  CONNECTED TO AN UNKNOWN NETWORK sometime  between 11.00 and 11.30 am on July 17, 2019. My name is Gretta Fahey. My address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website is called Local Area Connection* 1Description: Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual AdapterPhysical address (MAC):…See More
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Sue left a comment for Stephen O' Neill
"Hi stephen I saw a post from you saying U had been hospitalized mentally. I didn't know that about U. How did it happen, what lead to that. I also need twice in the early days...they just came and took me. It's always a fear back of my…"
11 hours ago
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"That's meant to read l ended up with two cats later on. They don't hurt them now but they do different things to hurt me . Best of luck!"
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