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Hello friends,

Today  I was having trouble getting out of bed, because of the fact that I have anaemia. I was thinking about

Machivelli. I use to hear Tupac (the rapper) rap about him. I wondered, who he was. so I typ his name on YouTube.

I listened to documentary about him called " Machiavelli: The Prince The Common Sense of Polictics" an "BBC Imagine: Who's Afraid of Machiavelli?". He wrote the book they called "The Prince" which was publish 2 years after his death and named that way also after his death. He lived in the  around the year 1500. I learned that some business men and some Politicians Read his book and live by it. In his book he talks about how to gain power and how to keep it.

He didn't live by his own book. Very contradional. He just wrote it for a Politician in his time, to help him, if The Politician ever read it they don't know. he wrote that deception can be pratice, never keep your word. He also wrote about that it is better that people are frightend of you than that they love you.  He must love his country more than him self must be prepaired to go to hell for it.

He rather teach people how to go to hell so they will find away to go around it. The Documentury ended with        " P.S don't look to heaven for your reward".

So you see when some of our leaders start to live in Machiavellian way it will take a long time for things to change for T.I's.  I guess some of you already know this.

I don't know if I should read his book to find out what he taught them, this may be a way for us to find out how our world leaders think and if the are Machavellian.

I writting a new Blog because it's  more than a year since the Perp started to heavily torture me.

It started around the 28th of August 2015.

I have learned a lot. It's really surprising how people are easily misled by Social Media.

The Perp told me he has no intention of every leaving. I am a little bit weak still that's

why he doesn't aim at my hart that much. He nearly killed me by doing that. Then he brought his

girlfriend so she could do the same to me. But she didn't succeed. I am still here alive and kicking, on occasion I yell at him (twice) I call him names. Which is very affective because his Christian listeners don't like the name calling I do. Which means that I can go to Christian Meeting with less people borthering me. I have to find another way to keep both the Christians and the people who don't believe in God away from his Facebook page.

He said to me he has put everthing on his Facebook.

He copies my voice and made his own "Soap" out of it.

This is was he does When I think of something, He answers back and put my thoughts and his answers on face book. He keeps on doing it 24/7. I don't know how to be quiet (I think a lot) in my head so he has a full story on me from the way I dress to what I eat. He tells everybody who wants to know how I live. And he of course adds LIES and add his own oppion to it. Simple just to start a war between me and people of my reglion, at work and sometimes people in the bus and shops als bother me.

These people don't believe that I am being torured and raped. If I told them they would not believe me. To them it's just entertainment. I am angry at lot of them, but I have to remember that Mark and Joyce are to blame for it all. I have to us humor to get throught it all. That only happen once, I have to do it more. I have to remember that they don't understand the people around me are blinded  the Perps.

Some People believe I am "talking" about them when I not. It's really my thoughts and the things I say in my house when I am alone. I know so many people with the same name, and you can understand the confiousion. Even people I don't know with the same name show up and start talking to me. They introduce theirselves to me, so that's how I know.

He uses Love against me. When I am in love with somebody or thinks the man is really good looking he gets jalouse. He makes an issue out of it. Even loves songs I play and sing irritates him. Leave to him to turn something beautiful into something ugly.

In my neighbourhood, you hear doggs bark, people learn their doggs to talk. My neighbour, makes noice on her trash can. In a way that I can understand what's she is saying. That happen when she has heard my thoughts about her on Social Media or if she just feel she has to comment on what's she heard about me. People cough stuff to me when the reconise me in the bus and at work in the supermarket. Even at My Christian Meetings you hear people cough. I once went to another  group of our Meeting, well almost everybody was coughing. I sat there and listen to it, it was really strange.

The perps followed me on the Streets, aspecially his girlfriend, She even wore a hat when I hat on. She even want to dress like me, even my hair style she wants to copies. She even showed up looking like the lady on the plastic bag that was in my bedroom. stupid, very stupid of her.

I have told the police about the stalking on the street. They have given an alert to different departments about them. I still have to make an official report on them with their license plate. It's hard to do that because they drive by fast.

Not so long ago the Perp put a picture  in my head of his girlfriend naked with her legs spread so I could see  her vigina.

I was diggusted what a whore. She must be Bi-sexual. It's all about sex with him. He wants sex from me. I don't trust him. He likes (raping me) aiming at my Vigina. I live alone, I have to make sure my door are locked.

He told me last Sunday I know where you live now. I saw him driving by really fast it was not far from my house.

My happiness is something he can't stand. I have prayed a lot, I have to start doing that again. Jehovah hears me.

As I am writing to you I can hear a loud noise coming from my next door neighbour. The Perp says I am not aloud to write about what they and others are doing to me. He has the tendancy to tell me what to do. He wants to dominate my life. He wants to control me like he use to do. Back then I use to listen to him. Now I make up my own mind. He likes mocking me. He believes he's a better person than me. He insults my body, and when I try to work out he sabotage me. He doesn't want me to look good at all. I know I am not that ugly.

I was the one who broke up with him. He's really sick!!!!!!

He said once to me I don't want to regret leaving you for Joyce. I Already told him that his girlfriend has a Angel face with a Devil hart.

Their days are numbered. It will end tragic for them, cause Jehovah doesn't tolerate evil people.

Well thanks reading my Blog.

I will pray for you all.

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Comment by brian bovo on September 14, 2016 at 11:18pm

none of its true, the stalker your refering to is a computer that, when disjointed on your brain and technicaly fumbled with, will go stupid, and you can even make it respect you.  whats going on is a set of sensors are taking information in from your eyes and brain and hands.  it processes it, sends it to a "second brain" and an AI in that brain creates manipulations (voices) that give a emotional response, which again leads to another bullsnip loop of insults and lies.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on September 15, 2016 at 3:34am

Angeline, you said "I have to make sure my doors are locked". Most of us Targeted Individuals find that the perps get in to our homes even when the doors are locked, even when we have changed the locks. I would advise you to lock AND barricade your front door and especially your bedroom door - maybe get a chair and put it between the bed and the door, for example.

A lot of us, male and female TIs, get remote genital rape and anal rape. They used to attack my genitals when I prayed kneeling, and when I sang hymns in church.

I also get people coughing and sneezing wherever I go, The perps make me sneeze as well, usually 3 or 4 times quickly. A lot of TIs get this as well. You are not alone.

Comment by Angeline Klas on September 15, 2016 at 8:34pm

Hi Brian,

Thanks for explaining things to me. You see I have tried to find information on 2VK but I haven't found the right information. I was angry, today again. Some crazy man is stalking me in the neighbourhood with their dogs. I went out side to see what's was going on. Because he has learned his dog how to talk. He speaks my name. I took a picture of the dog it's a large black dogg. It's almost the size of a Pony. I even filmed it barking at me. Are people in the neighbourhood have done that to. because, I quess the Perp has told them that I said something negative about their doggs. So now some dogg owners want to take revenge on me. He has found something new to irritate me with. The dog has been barking stuff for almost half a year now and I am fed up. I want to go to the police and have it taken away from it's owner. Is a good move? Do you have another suggestion. What can I do about the crazy Dog owners.

You see I don't hate dogs, I am just allergic. Some people hate because of it.

Comment by Angeline Klas on September 15, 2016 at 8:47pm

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for you kind words. It's hard you know.

I need the support of people who understand what I am going through.

I have to learn a lot. So please forgive me if I am wrong.

I need to know everything about how the Perps stalk me.

You know this will help me to stay strong. I ques my anger will go away then.

I have seen films on YouTube were some T.I's use humor to get through it all.

I use it some time. But the anger takes over. I hate injustice so much that's  why I am angry.

They deserve something, punishment for their evil ways.  From Angeline Klas

Comment by Angeline Klas on September 15, 2016 at 9:38pm

Hi Brian,

I hope that you can believe me that my stalker is using his Facebook page to scandelise my name.

He's trying to make me feel ashamed.  he wants to start a war. I can use all the support I can get. It's bad enough I can't talk to people around me, who can I trust with this.They will lie or deny it. I don't know everything about 2VK. All I know is that he wants everybody to know my bussines and what I think about them. If you can believe that then I am so sorry for you. Don't tell me that things I've been through are not true. I would like to invite you or anyone to come and take a look in my life. Oh how I wished you could be a fly on my wall.

I don't deny he uses 2VK. I have to fight for my life, don't get me wrong I am not afraid to die.

It's just that Jehovah gave me life and he wants me to appriate that and thank him for it.

I am not angry at all.

Comment by Angeline Klas on September 16, 2016 at 12:44am

Hi good evening cat cat,

It's already after 6 pm.  You are right they do imitate us.

It's true people show up every I am, and start talking about

the things they know about you. They like to mock people like us.

My stalkers likes to brag about his girlfriend. I ques He needs it.

He needs to feel superior.

I just want some peace and quiet, I know I am not going to get it.

I know I have to laugh more and enjoy life even though am being stalked.

I want to fight him with every strenght I got,  when I am happy he wants

me to feel sad, angry or frightend. I am looking for a Boyfriend and he

wants to prevent that from happening. He wants me to feel akward.

I was in Love with a man of my religion.

The man told me he wasn't in love with me, now he's mocking me about it.

He's so afraid I will find another man.

I am so happy you told me how they do it, I just notice some people looking at

their Phone and then they look at me. He told me today that he wants everybody

to see me. Imagine, even when I am on the toilet and in the shower. He is really really sick.

He mocks me and I call him names. They are not that smart, because "the things you do come back to you".

That's what I told him. 

I could go on and on but I have to relax. I am going to try.

It's Always nice talking to cat cat.

Bye for now Angeline Klas


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