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Macron (sorry, I cannot say mister to that sad individual who puts his fellow citizens eye out) calls on the army against the yellow vests he accuses of causing trouble, disorders that he himself caused and which had already been programmed before his election, for example, the 2016 interview of Jacques Attali on France24 which says at 0:42: "..., there will be a yellow revolution and it will be very brutal. »

And as another example, the cover of the Rothschilds magazine of 2017, The Economist, presented in 2016 (see the card "THE HERMIT" on the cover).

Macron, when you were elected to 66.06%, my first thought was "It's the Macronique! The « nique », the screw on the macro scale. But I was far from suspecting that it was going to go so fast.In less than two years you have succeeded in hurting the French morally and physically, and in spreading disorder and chaos in the country.You insulted France and the French: "There is no French culture", "A station is a place where we meet successful people and people who are nothing. »,« And I will not yield anything, neither to idlers, neither to the cinics, nor to the extremes, ... »,« The French hate the reforms, ... »,« I will not give in to the sad reflex of the French jealousy because this jealousy paralyzes the country. ".You have put 20 people’s eye out, torn off the hands of 5 others.Dirty job that is your mandate and mission, Macron, sad CRIF’s doll.

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Comment by hassanmcv on March 25, 2019 at 10:27pm

The day after the presidency of Emmanuel Macron which officially began on May 14, 2017 during the handover with his predecessor François Hollande, the domain name is created, that is to say on May 15 2017.

Go to> type on the search engine:

www. is already registered by default.In the sixth line you will find the date of creation.

Creation Date: 2017-05-15T18: 13: 42Z


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