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Maria Hennigar, targeted individual and my best friend sucided on Halloween 2016?? Body found November 2016.. I'll love and miss you forever

I wrote this in the summer of 2014. Maria and I had both escaped from the city of Limerick in Ireland to the beautiful coastal village Doolin in co.Clare.. But the pain and harassment followed us everywhere :/ I wrote this for Maria on a gorgeous sunny day outside a pub in Doolin by a stream two of drinking Guinness having one the best day's I can remember. Sadly I wasn't there for her when she needed me most..

Sitting by the sea shore rugged and worn
Torn between now and then, how and when
did this all begin. This beautiful totality
The infinite everything, every things in motion
we're just drops in the ocean, evaporating to heights
Making the choice to crystallize with the Christ
My tongues a blade, the sharpest of knives
spreading the word in the darkest of night
Waring through these plagues and these plights
Dividing the day from the night
with pure verses evading the hype
One thing baby!! I know that we're blessed
For you lady I'd take a spear to the chest
go to war with the hexed, clash with the Titans
Son of Michael, a lyrical disciple
Like a high King on some divine wing
My minds a rifle..! a scribe of that tribe you know,
numero uno!
If not you'll know soon though
We evolved from no baboons though
Ye're barely scratching the surface like a raccoons toe
We got that wind that shakes the barley
Yea we got that wind to shake an army
can't harm me, just bloody scar me
Kill my'll just set my soul free
I'll be back with a set in a sec with more me's
Turn that gust to a gale to a cyclone
I'll have your fucking minds blown
Telekinetic with my poems
electric from Connecticut to Tyrone
Ya get it yet!!!
We're fierce and we fight on
Ye came to divide homes
plus the minus of mind control
well ye can slight own or slide on
Or let us revive ye're conceited contrived souls
from young to the old men peek the omens,and let the gold blend
Just advice from one of the cho-sen
So break free or stay closed in,
trapped in a box with locks that don't O'pen
Oh sin? Lord forgive us for we know not when!!!!!!

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Comment by CLS on March 7, 2018 at 12:27am

Hello Jason,

I very sad to hear this. We all need to go tell the world about this crime and bring this group of people behind this to justice. They need to go to jail for this. One thing you need to understand is this criminal can't escape Gods Justice. There is no escape of that justice so your friends death will be punished. Driving an innocent person to suicide is murder because these people purposely assault the mind to drive victims depression.


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