Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


The dark occultists, namely dark Luciferians, Satanists and Zionists are attempting to technologically enslave the human race. To that end they have being lying to us for decades and even centuries about every subject under the sun.

The would-be enslavers strongly wish us to become vegetarian so they falsely profess to be vegetarian themselves. Adolph Hitler who was one of the dark occultists falsely claimed to be a vegetarian in order to convince all German people to bec...ome vegetarian. I have researched the matter of vegetarianism versus meat eating and I now strongly believe a total animal product based diet is far superior to a vegetarian diet.
Just like humans all animals have to die. They can only die once. It doesnt matter whether you eat animals or not, they still will only die once. Therefore meat eating need not be considered cruel.

The would-be enslavers strongly wish us to believe in demons and all manner of supernatural entities so they falsely profess to believe in them themselves.
However, they do not believe in the supernatural and neither do I. They created the supernatural in order to generate enough fear to persuade people to join their many organised religions which were created and maintained for the purpose of mind controlling the whole human race. They used rumour and actors, as well as magic lanterns and video footage and holograms and brain weapon technology to create and maintain the illusion of the supernatural.
All powers behind organised religions are dark occultists. They have been manipulating the affairs of this planet for thousands of years. They have recently increased their power.

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