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Mind Control News this week (April 15 to 21, 2019)

 1. After read my being mind control diary, someone asked how to determine who will taking legal responsibility? On what basis? I will rely on the following points to confirm.

 A. someone taking responsibility in mind control space in that day.
 B. Those whom giving order to monks for harm victims in the brain-controlled space;
 C. Owners of profits of interest;
 D. Those who use my chip without my consent;
 E. The managers who have an ability to stop but turn a blind eye for the perp who remote control electronic harassment.

This week, some people who meet above points and should took legal responsibility were Patrick Tse, Simon Yam, Stephen Chow, Sandra Ng, Peter Chan.

2. This week, there are new discoveries on the chips combination. When the people in the typhoon area within the chip with someone who in quiet area, the quiet person can felt the strong wind and the terrace objects are also blown up. When the chips are separated, instantly respond to a quiet environment. I believe this is what the perps said that they have an ability to control the wind and rain on their own.

The same principle, sometime when you felt the new air conditioner is not cold, it is not your air conditioner got problem, but the person merges someone who in a hot place without air conditioner.  Such as bringing you to his hot environment, so you cannot feeling what about air conditioner on or off.

Based on the above two points, I believe that some of the brain control perps who fled to live in the typhoon's tropical islands. I hope that the newly revised "Criminal Extradition Ordinance" will pass as soon as possible and can take them back to Hong Kong for trial.



3. This week, the brain control monks use cheap tricks to control victims poo and pee, They used to control the poo and pee at several time per day, making the victims going to toilet frequently. During the Easter holiday, most of people going out busy for shopping and travelling, but also busy looking for toilet too. The chip controller was got seriously sick in mind.

4. This week, someone was found out that the top model company got a mind control machine and several chips, and report detail address in mind control space, At that time, there were many government officials and police officers in the space, but everyone ignored them, not take any action. Such made me despair of the law enforcement once again.

5. This week, the metamorphosis chip control turn-on my brain sound 24/7, sleep deprivation, also within my chip with someone who got sleep apnea, so I have to sitting to sleeping. On the other hand, continuous remote control electronic harassment for headache.

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