Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind Control News this week (February 4 to 10, 2019)


This week, Head by Albert Yeung,  

Paid to giving order for torture victims: Sandra Ng, Cai Lam

Trouble markers: Patrick Tse, Ray Lui, Kong Lau, Kong Tsang, Bowie Wu, Ivan Ho, Joe Nieh, Louis Koo etc. 

All above remote control electronic weapons tutored victims for money in mind control space.

On Monday (February 11), headed by Chow Yun-fat, instructed by Francis Ng, within my chip with the animal perp to remote-controlled electronic weapon caused me 3-5 degree headaches from 00:40 to 13:00 in the noon, and still continue…, during sleeping time, they awakened me up every hour. When I woke up, the animal perp also woke up to continued remote control of electronic weapons made me headaches.

1. According to the restaurant staff information, Bob Lam impersonated my name call up the staffs thought the WeChat app for demonstrate, and then keep the transportation fee for himself that deserved for everybody after the demonstration. If too busy to rejected whom will suffer difference type of harassment. Therefore, they complained to me when I went to restaurant.  


Remind to the people who want to participate in the demonstrations. you should find out what is the purpose of action in advance. Who is responsible? To avoid becoming the idiot. 


I set up the Alliances of the law actions against mind control, never call-on anyone to participate in demonstrations, please pay the attention to my blog will appreciate.


2. The metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with someone who want to toilet, so that I have the same feeling and go to the toilet at the same time. I curiously why they done that suck? What is their purpose and motivation?

3. The metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with the sick elders in long-time, made me present older. When within my chip with someone who got muscle contractures, I saw a cutis laxa senilis and muscle contractures old woman at the mirror. OMG, it is frightening and horrible. Someone said such only the fake image, when the chips separated, you can have your own body back. But according to the professional said,  when you within the chip with older one in long-term, you never back to you own young body, which will destroy your body various organs and showing in steps old to older.

As far as I know, the brain control machine have a function to adjust the age to up and down. The exactly range was unknown. If you use the computer to adjust to premature aging, you can call back young. But if within the chips with sick and older persons, which is difficult to returned youth. from the above, we can know the truth. I never thought the movie stars can be so insidious and wicked, used cheap tricky to against the innocents. But the matter of fact, they torture the victims all the time without any reason.


4. Eye tracking the sexual assaulter being castrated, and put in a lot of insects in cut wound for three days, then burned, after that used garbage trucks for clean to landfill. WOU, this is really a big move!   But at the same time, it also calls on the victims to remain calm and sensible. It is a criminal offence to abuse lynching. The big brother was watch, don’t be prison. 


5. The metamorphosis chip controller used the victims as GSP to within chip for someone to Eavesdropping and tracking, they earn a lots of money by chip control, and then when someone remote control electronic for harassment, the chip controller also put my chip in for money earn again. As I know, the electronic harassment caused the pain for increase the medicine turnover. But when I know that all pains are caused by electronic weapons, I stop medicine, why the metamorphosis chip controller still got the profit from me. As said, no matter you got the medicine, they count the number of person for money. The controller used me for within chip in sparkle way multiple spread out, I am not a only one, but a lots of victims involving, the exactly number of people unable estimated.

6. This week's the metamorphosis chip controller keeping remote-controlled electronic weapons made me 1-5 degree headaches, and continued to within my chip with few sick and older people for torture. Their evil purpose was show as known.

7. As said the brain control machine used in Hong Kong with mainly functions was used to control prisoners, but now it is used to tortured the innocent people for personal gain. And the government has turned a blind eye. Why? Why Hong Kong becoming mind control city, and some citizen being harassment with unknown. As you can see the pharmacy is more than food store in Hong Kong. Why?

本週以楊受成為首, 吳君如, 蔡瀾付款, 謝賢, 呂良偉, 劉江, 曾江, 胡楓, 何守信, 倪震, 古天樂在腦控空間遙控電子武器作孽害人. 

期一(211), 以周潤發為首, 吳鎮宇指使, 將遙控電子武的畜牲同我併芯片, 由零晨12:40分開, 每小時喚, 我醒時, 也醒, 遙控電子武令我3-5級頭, 電子武至早上13:00, 仍在持


1.     據餐廳員工透露, 林盛斌利用我的名義, 以微信方式, 召集餐廳員工去示威游行後將示威游行人仕應得的車馬費中飽私囊, 有員工因實在太忙拒絕而遭到腦控滋擾, 故而向我投訴. 望有心參加示威游行人士, 事先需搞清楚所為何事? 誰人負責? 以免受無恥之徒欺騙. 我是反腦控訴狀大聯盟, 從未召集任何人仕參加示威行動. 警請留意!


2.     變態控芯片賤人經常將內急者同我併芯片, 令我有相同感覺而同時去洗手間, 此舉令我百思不得其解, 動機何在?


3.     變態控芯片賤人長期將多位年齡老邁的長者同我併芯片, 以圖令我提前衰老. 當將肌肉痿縮者同我併芯片, 照鏡時見到的是一副衰老的皮羹, 實是驚嚇和恐怖. 有人認為併芯片的衰老症是假性衰老, 當芯片分開時即回復原樣. 但有人質疑, 當長期同衰老身軀併芯片, 會加速身體各機能的衰老


 據我所知, 腦控機是可以設定人的年齡, 將人的年齡作上下調節, 幅度不詳. 如果用電腦調節到提前老化的, 可以調回年輕. 但如果是同衰老身軀併芯片, 即難以回復青春. 現在大家相信明星賤人的心術是何等之陰毒和醜陋.


4.     眼部跟蹤腦控空間性侵者被閹割, 再將蟲類放其傷口蠶食三天後將其火燒,再用垃圾車入堆填區. 此實屬大快人心之舉, 但同時也呼籲受害者保持理性, 濫用私刑是刑事罪行, 不可輕蹈法網.


5.     變態控芯片賤人利用我做為定位系, 被動地併芯片賺取報酬, 畜牲遙控電子武器摧殘受害者以賺取藥錢, 又將我併芯片摧. 但令我百思不得其解的是當我知道所有痛症都來自併芯片和電子武器摧殘時, 己拒絕藥物, 而變態賤人仍持續折磨我. 後來得知在腦控空間不只被併芯片跟蹤有報酬, 電子武器折磨也有回報. 不論你是否購, 變態控芯片賤人利用我以機駁機的方式, 將大量受害者併芯片摧, 其喪心病狂已到無藥可救地步. 相信受害者不只我一個, 而是沒法估的大多數.


6.     本周腦控賤人持續遙控電子武器令我輕至中度頭痛, 持續將多位有衰老症和身體有病痛者同我併芯片, 其邪惡之心昭然若揭.


7.     據了解, 香港用的腦控機功能主要是用於控制囚犯, 但現在居然明目張膽地為個人利益而殘害無辜市民, 最可恨的是政府居然視若無睹. 現時香市面上的藥房比超市場還要多, 了什? 可悲也!



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