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Mind control News this week (March 11 to 17, 2019)

Mind control News this week (March 11 to 17, 2019)


1. The brain control perp used my own name to sell the Jammer for block mind control to the victims. Warn to victims for careful, all Jammer cannot taking effect, the perp only for cheating money. I have not yet see the available jammer or shield machine up today, Still in looking for…

2. This week, the cough is still continuing. Now I understood that someone use the brain control machine to connect to the medical machine. One of the functions is to click the cough point on the map of human body in computer. Continuing to hit the cough point will cause bleeding and loss of sound. I have been misunderstood to present that it was caused by within the chip with cough patient. The fact is I being a experiment as white mouse without self-concern. Solution: Use a powerful magnet place on your own acupoints to interference the medical computer, or a water bag. Place on the acupoint for cough soothing.

The brain control machine connects to the medical machine also has another function. Hit the acupuncture point in the map of the human body in computer, can make your skin feel hot and itchy, if you keeping itching by hand, finally it will form the illusion of skin allergies. Solution: When you feel hot, wash by clean water or iceberg.

Now we can proved that all of the above are microwave symptoms, which are the illusion of high-tech, rather than your own problem of health, so the victim should be careful when using the drug to avoid becoming a real patient.


It also explains why the respiratory syndrome and skin allergies continue to spread recently, and explains why the vaccine cannot taking effect.

3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with someone who the nose sore because of drug abuse. The strange thing is that when I touch my nose, I can feel the nose sore, when I use the paper towel, I can see the blood flowing out. But after the chip separated, my hand touched my own nose is completely smoothly, without any scars and flaws. It is so strange! Still looking for answers...

1.     腦控空間賤人用本人之名, 以向受害者出售反腦控屏蔽器為虛, 為實. 望受害者小心為盼. 我自至目, 仍未見過屏蔽器, 仍在努力找尋中


2.     本週咳, 據了解, 有人利用腦控機接醫療機, 其中有一功能是按人穴位圖示, 穴位, 可令人長時至出血和失聲. 我之前一直誤以為是同咳者併芯片所致, 原來真正的原因是在不知的情, 做了腦控人的白老. 方法: 用強力磁石放於自穴位干電子設, 或者用水袋放於穴位以作舒.


        腦控機接醫療機有另一功能, 按人穴位圖示, , 可令你皮有炙痕癢的感, 當你不停搔, 會形的假. 方法: 當感, 用清水洗或者冰竅.


現在證明以上都是微, 是高科出來的假, 而非關自身健, 所以受害者在用藥時需小心謹慎, 以免演成真病.


同時也解了為何近中東呼綜合症和皮的原因, 更解了為何疫會失效.


3.  本週變態控芯片賤人將因吸而引起鼻瘡者同我併芯片, 的是當我用手摸時可感到鼻瘡, 用紙巾搽抺時可見到血水流出. 但當芯片分開後, 手摸到的是自白滑的鼻, 沒有任何傷痕與瑕. 奇怪! 仍在找


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