Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind Control News this week (March 18 to 24, 2019)


1. Recently children being brain control problems are becoming more serious:

In daily
The metamorphosis chip controller combined the chip between the sleep apnea patients and children, caused the child die from suffocation; Also combined the chips by adults and children, because they are difference in height, so that adults and children have a same effect of sore leg , and the adults must bend their bodies when sleep; And the other hand, the metamorphosis chip control used to within himself chip with child, and then put his feet unbalance or within the child’s chip with someone who disable, made the children falling down and got serious hurt in body.

In study
When the children in class, the metamorphosis chip controller make the children as position system, close their thinking key, caused the children cannot thinking, always got blank in mind, can't absorb the knowledge in class. When exam, the metamorphosis chip controller with the child’s chip with someone who got mentally disorder, caused the child got zero mark in exam.

In the health
Many children are treated as medical research experiments without the parents' approved. made the children are constantly experiencing microwave symptoms and the parents are too tired to take care of them.

Who can tell me when is the end of mental torture to the citizens? It is not answer may far away not end in sign.


2. The Rubella is also known as "German Measles", It is caused artificial research or natural disaster? It is difficult to make a conclusion, in the fact of our knowledge that combined chips can cause microwave measles as a mode of transmission. When you got same symptoms, you should honest tell doctor you being mind control, that can help the doctor got a right diagnosis, to avoid becoming a real measles.


3. I was sleeping deprived last night. It is said that due to the foreign visit of the Chinese President, the media is doing news tracking in the brain-controlled space, used the victims as GSP in order to cover their identity of the eavesdropping, and the victims without any audio and visual, but cannot fall asleep. why chosen me, I guess the perp know I will attend a legal professional examination at China, so intend to screw me up.

1.     據了解, 目前兒童被腦控問題日趨嚴重:



 有變態控芯片賤人將睡眠窒息症病患者同兒童併芯片睡覺, 令兒童因窒息瘁死; 將成年人同小童併芯片, 因身高相差太大, 令成年人和小童都有腿酸痛的感覺, 且成年人必須彎曲身體才能入睡; 最卑鄙的是有變態控芯片賤人將自己同小童併芯片, 然後將腳部斜放或者同有腳患者併芯片, 害小童不停跌倒損傷. 


 當小童上堂時, 變態控芯片賤人將小童作定位系統, 關閉其思維掣, 令他們腦中一片空白, 對知識沒法吸收. 當考試時, 將智障人仕同小童併芯片, 令其沒法作答. 


很多兒童在家長不知情的情況下, 被當成醫學研究實驗品. 令到兒童身體不斷出現, 而家長疲於照顧.

到底腦控對市民的精神折磨何時能結束? 相信是遙遙無期. 


2.     對於目前的流行性病毒-痲疹, 是人為或是天災? 很難下定論, 但併芯片可導致微波痲疹確是鐵一般的事實. 當自知被腦控患者, 見醫生時必須誠實告知醫生, 以免演變成真痲疹.


3.     昨晚整夜被睡眠剥奪, 據說是因中國國家主席外訪, 傳媒在腦控空間做新聞跟蹤, 為掩護自已竊身份, 將受害者作為定位併芯片, 受害者感覺有如失眠, 沒有任何視聽. 至於為何偏偏選中我, 賤人知我計畫到中國參加法律專業試, 所以處心積累陷害.


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