Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Once upon a time in 1969 on the 4th Feb a boy was born in Nottingham. Unbeknown to his mother and grandmother he was the messiah who was to be plotted against and moved into a plan that the masons and occult had developed.

At the age of 1½ he was moved with his mother to the gate keepers house at Blenheim palace near Woodstock due to an advertisement in the Lady magazine a job his mother took because events in Nottingham made her wish to abandon her home town and start afresh.   This back in 1970 was done by subtle mind control unbeknown to them.  Then they moved to Banbury that is famous around the globe for it's nursery rhyme which is "Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross"...… This rhyme is known underground as a paganistic ritual that is to suppress the pagan god with the goddess as she is riding the's a spiritual suppression.  I ask my self how long ago could they have developed a plan ! 

IF the mason term "He who control the past controls the future" this is so.  It is strange that the boy was moved to a street called Marlow Close at the age of 1½ which when looked at from above the road layout look like a road map of a male person with the head, arms, belly button, legs and a road called cherry road as the testicles. Rotate the road map 180 and you will see...

Well hear is what has happened to this boy and the world as we know it today.  A huge conspiracy that reaches the corners of the globe as they say a lye will travel across the globe quicker than truth can get it's boots on LOL.  Well this is the start of my story that will touch your soul and I will continue to publish hear... for I am now 50 years of age and experienced a great deal and voice to skull telling me "we have always controlled you and always will" as well as the rest of the crap. I know about mind control and what it has done to me and many have been the victim of its consequences for which I will divulge in my next post of this story. It has taken me till this time put my story on line and I choose to post it on Peace pink for the 1st time as I appreciate the whole purpose of this site.

God bless for now Stuart 

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