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MK Ultra, But, This is Only the Tip of the Ice Burg

What they show in this video is just the tip of the iceburg. That which lies beneath the surface has been suppressed by secret societies since time immemorial. You may effectually start by making the secret "VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD"  common public knowledge.

What they show is just the tip of the iceburg. Below the surface has  been suppressed by secret societies since time immemorial.   If this doesn't work again put "Mission Mind Control" in the refusal's slot, click, and then specify "Mind Control", and you should get it. This message was sent by miguellahunken@... via for total exposure. Also, Google "lahunken" and go to Lahunken's posts in Alchemy61.

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Comment by Miguel Lahunken on September 1, 2012 at 3:45am

Of course the freemasons deny Crowley's authenticity. Crowley
betrayed THEM. All their secrets are in his publications. And, you can
find them all in Crowley's "Equinox".
This cultures proclivity to rewrite history grew from freemasonic
Crowley had the secrets a little cryptic. I recognized them. I'm a
little cryptic with them myself, to avoid lawsuit from people getting
hurt from them, and, they are intimate to me. I have been kicked out of
several Yahoo groups for telling them as they are.
Muscarinic nervous system stimulation will cause anyone to hear
voices. In 1972 a Black Left Hand Path lodge, bitter enemies of the
freemasons, the Clerics of Azagthoth, engraved the dangerous secret in
zinc disks and scaled them out their car windows in several states.
The only secrets Black Left Hand Path lodges keep are names and
places. The White Right Hand Path lodges keep physiological secrets to
keep the people weak.
There was a hushed up scare of the kids using it. My Primavara's son
learned it from his school chums, and one afternoon used it enough to
hear voices. All his life he used it right out in public shamelessly.
The indelible disks were already ubiquitous, so the practice wasn't
suppressed like back in my puberty. Back then, the slightest leak sent
agents spewing out of the wood work to frame and spirit away suspects
into the mental hospital gulags.
Now, it isn't out in the media, but, we are getting away with a lot;
but, the concentration camps are ready, and electronic records can be
wiped out by the HAARP satelite in one second.
Doctors could tell I used it and THEY locked me up and threw away
the key. You can see how I got this gripe. It's the most intense gut
hatred in American history. It's against the freemasons' group spirit
(demon in Greek) and my Pastor is on my side. Christians can certainly
hate demons.
"We fight not flesh and blood, we fight powers and principalities".
The "Equinox" is quite expensive, but, having made as much as $500
an hour as a professional psychic (fortune teller) I could afford it,
and I read all the volumes, from cover to cover.
One's voices come in handy. If you learn a few tricks, like
banishing pentagrams, you will be able to handle your "spirits".
As I said, I laughed at Crowley, not with him. It was great sick
humor, and I had utter contempt for him. Since I read the insidious and
atrocious Liber Al Vel Legis, I can warn the people about the
Thelemites, from punk gangsters to Mugabwe.
Due to my publications "over seas", a 32° freemason picked up my
Primavara on a cruise, and just before he married her, he tried various
tricks to get me in a hospital from supposedly acidental injury, or
locked up.
He failed. THEY silently threw him out, and even after he died of
cancer, it was as if he never joined. He was erased as a freemason.
That's the way it's done. It's to be expected.


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