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More report about Eric Griffin (robbery attempt)

Note from Soleilmavis:
I am sorry to hear Eric's story. He has been a member of our peacepink group for a long time and has been working hard to expose remote mind control weapons abuses and tortures. Even I did not know why he did that, but I believe he is a victim of remote mind control weapons abuses and tortures.

We have heard many sad stories of mind control victims, we wish the secret mind control weapons abuses and tortures will be stopped soon.

The trial of Mr. Eric Griffin was on Wednesday, Further Eric Griffin's trail date is set for February 8th. 8:30am. Are any of the local targets going to appear in court on Wednesday to listen to what is being said?

Related Documents (.pdf)
•Download the affidavit of truth
•Download the court order

More stories of remote mind control victims:

Was a foiled bank heist a cry for help?
Bizarre acts are nothing new for main suspect in robbery attempt
By Abigail Goldman (contact:

Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 | 2 a.m.


Eric Griffin

Related Documents (.pdf)
•Download the affidavit of truth
•Download the court order

•Inventive Henderson robbery scheme falls flat (11-16-2009)

It wasn’t a secret that Eric Griffin planned to enter a Wells Fargo Bank and demand access to the vault.

One day before Griffin and four accomplices did just that — walked into a Henderson branch claiming a fake federal search warrant gave them authority to seize the vault’s contents — Griffin filed a document in federal court announcing his plan. He also filed a second document declaring his “special task force” had the right to bear arms, make arrests and, if need be, execute detractors “on the spot.”

Griffin then signed the document and had it notarized.

The following morning, Nov. 13, five men walked into the Wells Fargo on West Sunset Road and, after some chaos, walked out empty-handed into a wall of waiting police. Though Griffin, 39, is being detained, his four accomplices have been released — indicating authorities believe Griffin was the ringleader.

Griffin isn’t like most would-be robbers. For starters, it appears he wanted not just money from the vault, but specific documents from a deposit box too.

Second, Griffin believes a tracking device has been planted on his person by unknown parties — possibly the government — who are using this “directed energy weapon” to control and communicate with him.

Only “out of respect for the law,” Griffin wrote in one of the documents, was he informing the court of his upcoming actions. Further, Griffin noted, he had evidence of the secret implant being used against him, “which is why licensed guards will be executing suspect and bring there (sic) death certificate to this court ... we will show this court that all suspect has been getting information illegally on plaintiff’s every move through devise (sic).”

Nobody was executed during this month’s bank robbery. If anything, it was a doomed fiasco from the outset. The bank manager did not believe the federal search warrant Griffin allegedly presented was real, and refused to give the men access to the vault, according to the FBI’s Las Vegas field office. The bank manager was then reportedly handcuffed until he convinced Griffin and the others — four men from California — that he would call for permission. He called security instead.

As it turns out, Griffin’s strange and unsuccessful bank robbery attempt was just the most recent in a string of strange and unsuccessful campaigns — the private war between Griffin and the people he believes are after him.

The foiled robbery came in the midst of a lawsuit Griffin filed against MountainView Hospital, where he was held for a number of days in July by doctors who thought he was mentally ill and a threat to himself or others. That lawsuit, like the numerous others Griffin has personally filed over the years, is full of rambling documents, demands and talk of government testing, untraceable chemicals, torture, cover-ups, tracking equipment, covert surveillance and something he calls “voice-to-skull” technology.

In his case against the hospital, Griffin filed subpoenas to the Justice Department for evidence of the tracking devices; to the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners for records, though it’s unclear which or why; and to U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo, for a “kidnap letter” Griffin claimed was placed into his account with a “fraudulent” check for $30,000 and an “investigating report” of unknown origin.

It appears these documents are what Griffin was after, at least in part, when he and four others stormed the bank this month.

How Griffin got anybody to join him during the attempted robbery remains unclear, though at least two of the five men — Jonathan Gray and Jonathan Miranda — signed Griffin’s notarized court filings.

The notary who stamped Griffin’s paperwork didn’t return calls for comment. Griffin’s lawyer, a federal public defender, also isn’t commenting on the case.

Court records do indicate, however, that Griffin’s competency is being questioned.

Internet records, meanwhile, indicate Griffin’s mental state has been questionable for some time.

On Nov. 9 Griffin posted a message to members of an online group dedicated to exposing secret mind control programs orchestrated by the government. In his message, Griffin announced he had rounded up a team of investigators who would provide a variety of services to fellow “T.I.’s” — short for “targeted individuals.” These services were to include implant detection, executions and victim intake.

In the past three years Griffin has filed lawsuits against the FBI, George W. Bush, Metro and Henderson police, District Attorney David Roger and the White House Executive Office, among many others. The subject of the suits never changes: mind control, secret experiments, mental slavery.

In June, Griffin sued U.S. District Court Judge Philip Pro for throwing out a case Griffin had filed against the Justice Department for allegedly interrogating him with mind control weapons. The case against Judge Pro was thrown out by another judge, who wrote that Griffin’s body of litigation is “fantastic, delusional and irrational.”

Privately, sources familiar with Griffin’s past say he’s been on a Secret Service watch list for some time, most likely because of his regular threats against government officials and his talk of snap executions.

The specter of being on anybody’s watch list — let alone that of the Secret Service — will likely send Griffin and fellow conspiracy theorists into a tailspin.

The fact that police were waiting outside the bank when he emerged from the foiled robbery attempt has not gone unnoticed by the online community. It’s not a coincidence police were at the ready, they say — it’s evidence Griffin’s mind is being read.

More reports on Eric Griffin:

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Comment by James Henry Graf on November 30, 2009 at 9:29pm
I think I understand what Eric was trying to achieve. The perps try to take away our personhood, our manhood -- neuter us, neutralize us. We reassert our personal dignity and autonomy as best we can. I have felt what Eric must have felt. If the perps are above the law, why can't we be? What meaning does the law have if its protection does not apply to every single person in society? May God be with him in this ordeal.
Comment by SheriGrutz on November 30, 2009 at 11:22pm
The media works for corruption. They work for crime. They are a part of the surveillance and are tapping into us. When any of them attempt to report our wrongdoings, theirs are tripled in score. So, why does Eric have to take the fall here? Eric has to take the fall because the powers that be are still holding all of us as criminals, as mentally ill, as dangerous types. Eric is put away because the powers that be have to maintain their control.
Comment by PsychonautsLog on December 1, 2009 at 6:28pm
Well, we have to accept, that society can't allow people to enter private property at their own will, right? The result would be plain chaos!
Comment by jaiz02 on January 25, 2010 at 2:30pm
You might want to check out Mlle L'Heritier's tale "Marmoisan ou l'innocente 70-270 testking tromperie" ("Marmoisan, or the Innocent Trick"), about a girl who dresses as a man and 70-432 testking goes to join the army in place of her dead brother. The Prince takes notice of her and begins to be very troubled by his growing attraction to the new recruit, often wishing to himself that she were a woman. I am sure 70-620 testking there are many variants of this tale type, which is probably worth investigating. There's Mulan", if nothing else.
Comment by Soleilmavis on March 4, 2010 at 10:34am
Help Eric Griffin
Eric Griffin (you can send a letter to Eric to the following address)
# 2009110666
2332 North Laqs Vegas Blve
Las Vegas, NV. 89030

To Mr. Harry Reid,

Dear Senator,

Referring to the letter written to you by Mrs. Miriam Snyder (see below),I would like to bring your attention to the abuses and tortures of covert mind control weapons.

I am the creater of , a group members who CONCERN ABOUT THE ABUSE AND TORTURE OF THE FOLLOWINGS :-
any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations or the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.
I have already sorted some laws against criminal uses of electromagnetic energy weapons

Mr. Eric Griffin joined and claimed that he was a victim of remote electromagnetic mind control weapons abuses and tortures, and became a very active member to expose such a terrible crime.

Therefore, I strongly wish that you could pay attention to the abovementioned weapons abuses and tortures. I also filed my lawsuits, which you can read from the link:

Below is also a letter from Jean Verstraeten
Vredestraat 65, 2540 HOVE (Belgium)

Thank you and Best Regards!
Yours Sincerely,


P.S. Here follows the text of Mrs. Snyder抯 letter :

Emailed: senator_reid@...
Faxed to: 702-388-5030
Sen. Harry Reid
Lloyd D. George Building
333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 8016
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: 702-388-5020 / Fax: 702-388-5030
Dear Honorable Senator Reid:
I write this letter regarding Eric Griffin's criminal victimization in a dreadful and deadly mind control program which effectuated the below criminal framing, set up and wrongful incarceration. Foremost, Eric Griffin has filed multitudes of affidavits and criminal complaints regarding being put in a slow kill MKULTRA/COINTELPRO mind control program. Specifically, he was being victimized by military weapons. He constantly complained of having directed energy weapons and the microwave auditory effect weapon inflicted on him. In simple English, these are deadly and criminal mind control weapons that need to be banned off of this earth. Since these weapons are being criminally used on innocent people, unregulated, and have not been banned, Eric Griffin is now incarcerated for a crime he was programmed to do, and committed such with no criminal intent.
In summary, Eric Griffin stated that he received a judgment signed by a judge regarding being compensated for the damages inflicted on him via this weaponry. Prior to going to the below bank, he went to the police department to see if they would help him enforce the judgment. They did not help him. Thereafter he went to the bank. If Eric Griffin was going to rob a bank as aledged, he would not have gone to the police department prior to going to the bank. The issues that will vindicate him are simple. The signed judgment he presented at the bank will show that he was set up. Did a real judge sign the judgment or was he victimized by fictional administration in the courts? Was the judgment signed for no other purpose other than a major part of his mind control programming, which led him to believe he had authority to seek enforcement of the judgment?
To this end, we, family and friends of Eric Griffin seek the release of Eric Griffin from the criminal mind control weapons he has relentlessly complained of and we demand his release from the penal system that he would have nothing to do with if justice prevailed in the banning of mind control military weapons being used on innocent people. Please note Eric Griffith was an active member in the Freedom from Covert Harassment movement, where multitudes of innocent people have testified of the atrocities inflicted on them via ruthless, deadly and criminal mind control operations. Please visit them here:
There are millions of people seeking to stop the criminal use of deadly mind control weapons on human beings. Our voices have been disregarded for too long, and another mind control atrocity has occurred because of such. A human race protection committee and a legal defense fund is needed to stop these disguised killings, programmings, set ups and framing's.
Honorable public official, today it is Eric Griffin, but tomorrow it could be you, your son, daughter or neighbor. Please demand the release of Eric Griffin as he has committed no crime and the evidence exemplifies that he is a victim of relentless, deadly, inhumane and unregulated mind control programming. Your leadership skills are needed. Thank you.

Miriam Snyder
Human Rights Advocate, Educator, Minister, Victim and Survivor of ruthless, deadly,and criminally insane, expert mind control programming

To Mr. Harry Reid,
member of the US-Senate

Dear Senator,

Referring to the letter written to you by Mrs. Miriam Snyder (see below), I take the liberty to draw your attention to the fact that in the light of what is reported throughout the world, it is likely that Mr. Eric Griffin really has become a victim of chilling crimes against humanity perpetrated by a) invisible energies, b) chemical poisons, c) organised stalking.

From the point of view of humanity as well as from that of the constitutional state, it is utterly important that fundamental rights of detainees be respected ? as is utterly important in general that torture from a distance and the like cease to be practised.

Therefore, I strongly hope that you will do what you can in this respect. People around the world will feel immensely grateful for that. (In Belgium, prisons are obliged to allow entrance to members of parliament; the latter may visit detainees and ask questions to the personnel in the institution : I suppose something the like applies to the United States or to the state of Nevada?)

Respectfully Yours,
Jean Verstraeten
Vredestraat 65
2540 HOVE (Belgium)
Comment by ERIC GRIFFIN on December 24, 2013 at 8:43am

I would like to thank everyone who tried to help me in  anyway keep up the good fight everyone


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