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I have debated the angle to present this idea.  I choose a way that touches on a variety of points. Example: I could approach from Psychiatry or religion but how many people would listen. It's no secret that people from all walks of life are targeted. So I start vaguely with my experience and grow to the points  where I want to arrive. This is a long pot be patient and bear with me.

     I could go back further than this but it would be more than you need to be able  to understand. This first event I originally didn't connect to this. I got an AFFES job on base.(air force). I eventually argued with someone and walked off the job. At my husband's request I wrote a list of ten reasons why I quit and took it in to the office. I was handed a form to fill out and was told that my list wouldn't appear on my file, this form would. It was so small I had to choose the most personal answer. I chose wrong. You see the list had things for which I could have called OSHA. Like for instance being asked to lockout and work, the slippery floor, and not knowing which one was my boss.I had three. This tainted all subsequent jobs. I had never had trouble at any job before this. In fact I often was able to return to jobs I had in high school and my first summer after I started college during each vacation from college. I was in college five years. 

     So in each job after that I would experience bullying.  Eventually it started happening at church,too. Once I asked a coworker why. I asked if it was because I was childless and she said no. She wouldn't say why. She started making comments I didn't think was related. For instance, she once said "It's a wonder they haven't tried to throw you from the freedom train."  She made the significance that she didn't mean bus, she meant to say train. I though all of this strange. I know understand this phrase.  I think that was tried just after my honeymoon, where I had a freak car wreck. The man who hit me wasn't looking. His reaction in court invoked him to laughing as it was a joke. I got hit with a very large truck. If I'd not reacted the way I did, both me and my friend would have been dead. Ok back to the point, for this is not about RSA. 

      I'd been bullied off several jobs  in that particular town. In one someone threatened rape.  I changed jobs. At the last job I had in that town before I decided to work at home, which is the same one where I asked why. I began to notice that one coworker would repeat everything I said loudly to my other coworkers. I addressed this many times. I began to think it was something about my personality, that this was personal. Everything I said was broadcasted. I was a good worker I didn't let it effect my performance. When I left there I was the only one allowed to do a certain job. haha! I started looking for answers and help. I looked in all the wrong places. I don't need to say I tried the obvious thinking the problem was me. ( I eventually came out of that situation thinking the health care professionals were crazier than me). I read the bible and prayed. I started taking my lunches out in my car. Playing Christian music and reading they bible. I tried taking my co-wrkers aside and talking to them one on one. I tried many different approaches.  I missed one I think. I laughed at the self help titles in the book store. God was leading me there but I laughed at him. I eventually stopped going to church at all. It wasn't only because they way they treated me there, but also they way they treated each other. I had tried several churches too but all were the same.

   We moved so I decided to make a new start. At first I worked at home like I eventually did in the last place. I taught piano. I was called by someone who saw my add. She was someone from the air base. In another blog I mentioned something that happened when I applied. That isn't relevant here, but it is important to how I think I became a targeted individual.  I had to reference seven years of jobs. The first one  I started with had to be mentioned. I am an honest person, I wouldn't leave it off.

     At this job at an air base, I worked at the youth center teaching piano lessons. I was one of three teachers at the youth center and there were about three others at the community center. The bullying began. After a period of time the gangstalking began. They made it very difficult for me.  They fix it up where  I and another teacher had siblings as students. The other teacher would say things about me that wasn't true. That I wouldn't remember their names when they were gone, that I hated parents, etc. I wouldn't be in the job if I didn't like people. Another coworker from the other center on base that gave piano lessons wanted me to think she was my friend. We talked almost every day.  She was older and I looked up to her. I'd also talked to her about the previous problems when they were happening. I also told her about problems with the stalking when it first began. With that subject she was rude.  After some time, she wouldn't say why but she treated me very badly one day. I thought I'd worked things out with her, so I thought she was still a friend. They played on all my insecurities and fears and emotions through her.  They'd come up with several tests to see how I would react and then discussed it where I could hear them. Humiliation was common. My boss  would try to humiliate my at meetings. Nothing was off limits. All my beliefs were tested.  I began to realize they were out for my soul, this was spiritual. Eventually I resigned. Before I quit this job I moved and made the mistake of telling my boss.

   I went jobless. I slept all day and stayed in bed for two weeks. I was stalked out of trying to work from home,too. I began to look for help again. I don't need to mention (again) that everyone I went to wouldn't help. When several accused me of being schizophrenic I looked it up online and took several tests for several different things. What was clear to me was that I didn't have all the symptoms listed. One peculiar thing I noticed. Being religious and singing was listed as symptoms. (I do realize they mean the extreme oddity) While I did test positive for PTSD and borderline on OCD, I did not test positive for schizophrenia. 

     I started reading every self-help book I could get my hands on including those I'd laughed at many years before. I read the I'Ching and Koran. I took an online class. ALL through this,  bible verses I'd learned as a child kept popping up in my head. I'd look online finding this site and others.  I researched intensely. I read novels such as "1984" and "Brave New World." I learned to meditate. Had an awakening.  I changed my life entirely.  I prayed and read my Bible again. I got closer to God. I even fasted for forty days ( Liquid for first week, Daniel fast, the rest, not the extreme way). I took the advice that was helpful to me. I had to weed through it. I often found there was good mixed in  with the bad. Truth mixed in with lie. 

     By this time those involved had found out who all my friends were even those who were back home that I contacted often. It had spread to my family and the people I knew growing up. I'd actually seen some of them doing it. There still were two friends unreached.  My trip home was a study in surrealism.

    During this time I took classes at the gym.  At first everything was ok. I made friends. I began to notice being followed and people in the class acting strange towards me. One friend, I talked to him and a certain subject came up. He said, point blank, "You have the gift of discernment." After that, he avoided me.

     So again we moved.  We arrived at over new place just before Christmas. Presents  I wanted to send accidentally got packed. I found that one of the movers found them and opened them. They were packed with the  torn wrapping and brown paper. Letters were opened.  Needless to say my last three friends were contacted.

    After I moved here, I started having dreams about the future. I thought the stalkers were just messing with me. One came true, but I chose to deal with it in a different way than in the dream. The others not so much. In fact, I've made different choices than in the dreams on purpose. I think one may be about to come true. This one was a threat I think. 

    Right away I noticed my landlord was stalker. I slept for days again. Then I realized this behavior didn't serve me. I kept reading and doing research. I learned a great deal and continued to change. The symptoms of PTSD faded away. At least the flashbacks, vivid memories. I did still continue to scrutinize over the past and ask questions about it. But the past is in the past---not now. I learned so many things that helped me, such as

F alse




 I learned a great deal of history about what we are going through on the internet. At that I thought I knew world history when I moved to Europe. No, not so. 

     It was also about this time that I started making orgone  and started noticing the  same few cars circling around my house day and night. The nature of the stalking changed. I went from insults from strangers, remarks of things said inside my home, and microwave attacks, to  waking up with marks on my face that looked like they came from a taser, electronic rape, and phantom touches, including the rest. I fought to get rid of the phantom touches and protect myself at night. I made all kinds of shields  and hats that didn't work for everything. I found ways to cope. A few times the stalkers got to me and I  did things I regret. I realized they were trying to encite me to violence, so I changed my tactics. Street theater gave me the idea of my own theater. Witnessing to them. I began to sing to them and read to them. The sun would come out when I sang.  I continued to grow out of old things. I began to notice when I was being attacked. I am sensitive to sound. A family trait. I began to be able to hear the ELF attacks and counter them with my own music. I could already see flashes now and then of violet, blue, and white light. I began to notice what they put in my eyes.  I also began to be conscious  in some of my dreams and make my own decisions about how to act in them. That last thing I have trouble with again. I began to mess with them when they looked at my memories but they still got a few. (In one dream I locked them out of the "museum" as well as myself). You see I used to tell myself when I was a teenager what I wanted to dream about- flying- and some of the time I'd get it.  Other times when I was a teenager I'd dream about people in the past and it would be as if  it was I and also had more frightening dreams than now. Not sure what to make of it still. I remember coming to an impass in my teenage years and changing my ways then, too. I've done research on those dreams it,too. 

     All my life,  when I met people I'd have feelings about some of uneasiness  that I couldn't explain.  I'd step back and watch how they interacted with others to see if my "gut" feelings were right. Usually they were. I didn't really think anything about this. There is one type of event that even if I am in another place far away I can sense. (about family and friends) It is a feeling of the weight of the world on my shoulders. Sometimes I even know who it is about. When I met certain people just before the gangstalking began. I ignored those feelings to give them the benefit of the doubt. That didn't help me.  In my life people have told me that they felt I could see right through them, that I could see behind their fasod. When people at work would try to argue with me about politics and religion I noticed they weren't listening to what I had to say and just said I believed them to shut them up and went on my way believing the same as before.  This  only was at the end of a long argument.  (check NLP for why you shouldn't argue with people) I never bought into all the crap people wanted to tell me. My core beliefs about God have never changed. All the books I read only shed light on what I didn't understand in the Bible.  Some even illuminated select passages directly. Others , like I said before would just pop in my head when I was reading. I went after what I wanted in life and got what I wanted  most of times, with the exception of a few up to that point. I had an idea of what I wanted for the rest of my life. When I was in college  I drew up that list and what I wanted for a husband  and those  got stolen by my mother. Now I understand that people are being attacked for their spiritual gifts.  It is a direct attack on God.  That is why so many are told that it is not personal. I also understand that many of the people in crazy houses are there to be stopped and shut up. People don't like to hear the truth about themselves, nobody does. When you see through all the lies you are told it gets you in trouble. When you work against abuse and instead try to heal it gets you in trouble. So my idea of what is crazy has changed over the years. But nowhere in the bible or any other religious text I've ever read calls anyone crazy. Instead, I notice what the texts call evildoers. My idea of what is crazy is what defines an evildoer. I also found certain similarities in all religious texts. I did not focus on the differences. Those have been overdone through the centuries. I have come to feel that the different forms of ways to call people crazy is from another place than from God. The way so called crazy people are dealt with these days are counterproductive and cause more harm. That is why many say there is no cure.  Some people say there is no cure for cancer,too. Yeah, right. Why deal with people who have been abused with more abuse, thinking no one is there to see you and deny it. My thought is we could easily come up with our own new diagnoses that describe behaviors not dealt with in our world, but what's the point( I mean the ones where people are still functional in society).   

  So in closing we are the shining ones that have been able to see through the fog. Don't let anyone take away your shine,

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Comment by Joy on January 22, 2014 at 7:13am

I realized I left out Few points in my closing paragraphs. I was in a hurry to finish because I was being needed. I wanted to point out that Ritual Satanic Abuse( RSA)  which has been happening some time began is not recognized in the psychiatric field. All together when you look at it it is no different than what targeted individuals go through. It's the oldest form of mind control. Is it not telling that they do not recognize it? Also A year ago they started attacking my pituitary gland every time I  after I had experienced happiness in  a spiritual activity. I assume from what I've learned is that they were trying to keep me from growing spiritually.  Someone I've read recently said something I agree wit which supports the point I make.I'm paraphrasing. " Prophets and saints all throughout history  have been imprisoned tortured and killed. That should be a clue to us" One should ask one's self why.

     When I was preparing to write this, I heard this on NPR. "Ghandi was even called an anarchist." Supports my point in a way. huh? 

      While writing the article I was attacked. I was so into what I was doing, I ignored it and didn't counter the attack. I felt so numb all over, I could hardly stand. When I started to write again. they attacked.

     I caught myself doing something I haven't done in a long time. I started twirling my hair between my fingers. I realize it is either nervousness or anxiety.  I don't know what I have to be like that about it for. No reason for stage fright anymore when nothing I do is done in privacy. Why would I even be looking for approval. Whatever the reaction of the reader they aren't my judge.  I haven't ever shown anybody any of my writings like this before. Maybe that's part of that feeling.  I feel like these are my last breath.


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