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Copying all my discussion all this is the truth eyes don't lie:

You know when I got sectioned for this a black tinted posh minibus with seats and a table inside and 2 black guys in suits sat in front of me in the vehicle. One police officer (I think wearing an yellow police coat) and another in a suit sat next to her. Took me to the hospital. Later I asked who dropped me in.. there was no signature left on the documentation and they didn't know... about 15 people stormed my mum's house that day (how many people to they need!) And I over hear them whilst having a smoke in what to do with me as I was too close to the truth then.. what I did notice was a black leather document holder (like a one you would get for your car to hold CD but this one was for A4) with a bird embroded on the front.. I keep trying to remember what the bird looked like but can't... hung was an eagle or something was definitely a badge of some kind.. anyway that's what I witnessed as the truth.. I witnessed more when I was in there one time. One day officials came in.. One lady wearing a cloak type thing which you would expect to see an usher or what ever you call them at court. She had an iPad in her hands and she was just standing there looking at it in the comment room.. I was curious and presented to walk out but pleased over her shoulder to see what she was looking at.. I saw a screen split vertically in one side there were words popping up in coulored blocks (all the same colour) and she would drag one to the left now and then... but those words were popping up in a sentence like she was reading message... fucking weird man..

I never have or suffered get on visual hallucination so know what I saw was fact...

My mum could back me as I make her get In the van with me or of fear of disappearing. Every other patient I was that was admitted was either brought be ambulance or a police car.. I never saw that van again...

All I can tell you is what I saw visually because if we went on the talk about hearing you probably wouldn't believe me.. even know I knew the difference between the voices and reality as I reality had bass. I heard in the other room on day someone switch music on and that was cool but later on he turned into something different.. it was basially like a police radio where they were discussing an operation ad what to do next etc.. this shit I don't disclose normally as got no proof and the reason I was in there was for "audio hallionaions" but there was no bass or clarity in those.. basically I could tell the difference.. something fucked up happened to me and I hope the truth finally comes out!

Oh and I saw the badge again when some guy came in and went straight to the managers room. It was a blue bones jacket type thing with the badge with the eagle and some fourgn language written at the bottom (probably latan) slashed right across the back of his jacket.. the dude was full black and didn't hear speak! I over heard on in the van mutter "what are we doing with him" and that's it.... I even pretended to run away when getting admitted at the door the black dude didn't give 2 fucks.. ah well that's my story there is more but think you had enough lol

You will see in a few years to come.. something fucked up is going on... I think the tramwell unit in Gatehead is a test centre also.. but that isn't fact that's my opinion of those who I saw enter plus lots of other thing which I witnessed but have no proof...

Some people that were there were really sick.. but something dodgy is going on...

It's when I saw her iPad and heard the radio coms which are the big highlighter as well as the black guy in the blue bomber with the badge on his back...

15 ppl just for me? Is that normal? Black van, bird logo and suits.. the list goes on....

Not to mention when I tried validating their IDs only half of them had it.. so I picked one which I had my doubts on the nhs image was pixulated so decided to verify it.. she said the ring the number on the card but because I didn't trust here I got the yellow pages and rang where she said she was from they didn't know anyone by that name.. then told me to hold... heard clicks and next minute I'm put forward to am answer machine... it's all fucked up! Never told anyone this full story before... got no reason to lie though and can proove the van the suits the amount of people.. the I'd.. via my mam but she isn't all that clever and wouldn't know what was going on if it slapped her in the face.. ah well never mind.. now you know my story! Glad I got it out!

Oh and I overlooked a text from the so called nhs when they stomed he sent "he knows"

But to be fair that could of meant anything..

Thanks for reading this is the truth and I never once had visual hallucination and could differ audio from reality due to a dance of clarity in reality but most importantly bass. Anyone had any similar experiences? It will come out..

Once they have you in the "zone" they tend to turn you against yourself by some means.. I do have scientific research which I shared couple years back but now there is no point as time will tell! Already can type stuff on a screen with just thought that is public! Anyway wants with my real life story and the men in suits etc.. and 15ppl for a small house for 1 guy!? Really? Others come in ambulances and police cars... oh and even the staff had no record of who admitted me.. they didn't sign or anything! So much I witnessed in there but it less viable evidence then the info I just told! Anyone seen that eagle/bird badge before? Fome Newcastle upon Tyne, England

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