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when i was in the  middle school , one day i study at  home, suddenly i hear the vioce,  i think the vioce come from  outside the window, i guess  someone talk each other ,  all the men vioce disturb my study,  and begun to find the vioce and see outside window, nobody outside, i was very surprise who were  they?  i asked my parents to find the vioce, i tolk to them : 'my classmate follow me ', but they could not find any person outside, they told me : 'you are wrong, no vioce,no people outside window,you got mental disease. ', my god ! i can not believe i was crazy, i never hear this words before, it is too terrible thing for me. i had to hosipatal visit and drop out from middle school, i was tear for a long time, at night i did not sleep at all, my tear made the pillow wet, i could not imagine what was my future like?  i look at sky to say my sadly words,  but no use , the vioce still attack to me, my headach very much,  i could not sleep well,  in order to sleep i must be take medicine  everyday......   from middle school , i still under mind control attack.    i know what is a blue day from i got mind cotrol, i did not know my unhappy life just began......

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Comment by Born in an Air Force "hospital" on December 21, 2011 at 2:36pm

I would have brought a dry towel for your hospital pillow if I could have, to help you.   A blue day, for sure.  It seems like everything changed, but really only some things changed.  Mind control is an injustice.  There are many victims of injustice - people wrongfully imprisoned for long terms (see innocense projects), people treated hopelessly by doctors (see Rom Houben), and human rights victims throughout the world.  In mind control, you have the company of other victims, and together we all fall in the larger category of human rights victims.  If years pass and you stay calm, and appear to conform to regular society, your friends and relatives may then consider you healed and mentally well again.  Then you can have their respect if you want to.   Everyone needs love, so consider appearing to conform just for the sake of love, to help yourself.   But, if you resist openly in your family circle, then you will feel very alone for a long time.  Mind control puts a block between victims and their loved ones.  It is engineered to accomplish that.  You can restore good communications with your circle of friends, but it takes peace and time.  It was normal you asked your family for help, but because they cannot help you, maybe now you could grow inner strength, like one who has a special secret.  Now that you know about mind control, you really would have to be crazy to ever talk about it with normal people.  Instead, when you need support, think of all of the mind control survivors all over the world, and remember, your spirit is not alone.  Over all, try to use your combined senses and intelligence to survive gracefully.  If mind control affects your hearing, then during that time, use your eyes and sense of proximity (closeness/touch/feeling) more than your sense of hearing.  Do you like to use ear buds for music?  There are now brain CDs that you can listen to, designed with binaural beats to calm the mind, increase intelligence, increase relaxation, etc...   For the rest of your life, remember to never give up.  If asking the sky didn't work one year, try another year.  If ear buds don't help now, they might help later.  Always remember multiple adaptation methods and keep an open mind because when the mind control games change, sometimes solutions that were poor later become important.  Remember for the future that you are primarily a good person, unlike the staff of mind control.  Their morality is poor.  Do not regard their opinions.  Their opinions are low in value, so if they start talking about you do not regard their opinions.  You still want to be pretty when you are older so every time you feel the tears begin, put Vaseline or petroleum jelly under your eyes.  And keep a soft towel in your bed to dry your tears or cover your pillow!


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