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Following my MSN blog, Blog, google groups, my linkedin account was banned again. And my hotmail had been banned too.

And in China, I could not use facebook, twitter, youtube and

Government and public had ignored our voices, It seemed that more people were stopping our voices.

I could not log in my linkedin account,
it showed the following information: 'Your LinkedIn account has been temporarily restricted'.


I wish that all members of this forum would build their own blogs or websites to copy information from this forum, I am afraid that one day, this forum would be banned too.

This forum contained so many information and I could not able to make a copy of it.


Anyone who is able to make a copy of it?

The result after conversition with linkedin.

Subject: Account High Restricted
Hi Soleilmavis,
Thank you for complying and adhering with our policies. The restriction has been lifted from your account.
Member Comment: Soleilmavis Liu 10/23/2012 16:03
I will adhere to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy from this day forward. Thank you and Best Regards! Soleilmavis
LinkedIn Response 10/23/2012 10:31
Subject: Account High Restricted
Hi Soleilmavis,
We understand your concern. Your account will remain suspended until we receive your response stating that you'll adhere to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy from this day forward.
Once we receive this response we will be happy to lift your restriction. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
LinkedIn Privacy Team
Discussion History:
Member Comment: Soleilmavis Liu 10/22/2012 18:55

Hi, I am a human rights activist, we focus on exposing a secret crime which covered by government and ignored by public for years.


I do believe that some covert people calumniated us, because they did not want us to expose the crimes.

Thank you and Best Regards! Soleilmavis


Original Contact:
Member Comment: Soleilmavis Liu 10/18/2012 03:17
I could not find my linkedin account, Please explain the reason.



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Comment by zakstev on October 18, 2012 at 5:05pm

Very strangely, and perhaps NOT a co-incidence, I started getting spammed by Linkedin, for the last few days. Yesterday I received 5 messages from them, so I decided to put a block on their address.

Comment by Kiara on October 18, 2012 at 5:47pm

Didn't U make a copy of this site and save it ?

Comment by AtlantiTeo on October 18, 2012 at 6:57pm

Ciao great my friend Soleil

I remind you, that in case of closure unmotivated, you can always ask for help from all members of the McMailTeam and also Jim Guest of the White House, Connie Marshall Mayor of Luisville and Derrick Robinson, DR. Henning and Lars.

If you have memory VIMEO had blocked my vimeo account.
Vimeo apologized to me.
This is a copy of the email and you were included in a multiple email vimeo, together with the Postal Police of my city and my lawyer/advocate. There must be reasons set and clear to close our peacepink. Remember to write in NING if there are major problems. We are fully registered and in good standing.

Hello good friend and a hug Sole




Copy/paste email and discussion with vimeo (26/08/2012):


Title RE: STAFF VIMEO ►(NO REPLY)◄ Thank you group,friends and members McTeam (►NO REPLY◄


JUN 28, 2012  |  07:27PM UTC
Hi there,

Oh no no no — it looks like our system flagged your account for spam by mistake. Sorry about that!

I have un-flagged your account for spam and taken measures to ensure that this will not happen in the future. Our apologies for any inconvenience this caused.

R. H.
Manger, Content + Community
Follow Vimeo:
Blog -
Facebook -​​
​ Twitter -
Tumblr -
Original message
ENG) Vimeo has accused me of SPAMMING.
Now he has put a block on my vimeo channel.
Vimeo is colluding with GANGSTALIKNG?
What does the word GANGSTALKING DEAR VIMEO ? It is the problem VIMEO????????

ITA) Vimeo mi ha accusato di SPAMMING.
Adesso ha messo un blocco sul mio canale vimeo.
Vimeo è colluso con GANGSTALIKNG?
Cosa significa la parola GANGSTALKING DEAR VIMEO? ALSO WHITE TV on VIMEO with MAGNUS and Dr HENNING that are my friends !!! Also others members on VIMEO and on YOUTUBE.
Why my channel is disable?
WARNING, in these email also my LAYER, POLICE POSTAL of my country and ANTI-PHISHING !!!

POLICE POSTAL OF TRENTO (Italy) and my lawyer/advocate.

Excuse me for my bad english respectable Staff Vimeo.It's impossible to write in the forum vimeo.
I add a screen-shot. I am unable to communicate in the forum. They are forced to disturb the operator that corresponds to this email address.I am not a spammer. It's impossible. Please, you reasoned.
If I just left a comment for a single user and many months ago, I can not be accused of spamming.
This is just a way to get other personal information and it's easy, if I (or other user vimeo) have not an account twitter or vimeo? Again in block? Please vimeo staff, use the intellect that distinguishes you from youtube, hulu, daylimotion, and others. This is my vimeo account and is inoperative for many months.
Now I have a notice of spam that is absurd and I can not communicate and write in the forum. to see my screen-shot please respectable operator vimeo.

I'm sorry and I apologize, but I can not to write on forum :-/

I'm sorry rispectable Staff Vimeo, I can not write in forums vimeo. I'm not even an email box, to explain the problem to the staff vimeo. In my account vimeo, now I have an incomprensible block:

Your account has been flagged for spam, and you are not allowed to send
messages. If you believe this action was performed in error, please prove that
you are not a spammer by connecting through Facebook or Twitter..

It's impossible. I just wrote a comment to user skymbu and many months ago.
I can not be accused of smamming and everything is false and hypocritical.
I have a question: "If I (or other user) do not have a facebook account or twitter account? How do I prove that I am not a spammer if I do not have an account facdebook or twitter?"
I think this is just a ploy incapacitated, silly and superficial to get other personal information. This is not professional.

There are already serious problems with facebook and aggregators with PROFILE ENGINE.


Vimeo : Oh no no no no— it looks like our system flagged your account for spam by mistake. Sorry about that!

I have un-flagged your account for spam and taken measures to ensure that this will not happen in the future. Our apologies for any inconvenience this caused.



Soleil, If you have Problems, wrote an email multiple as me ;-)



Comment by zakstev on October 18, 2012 at 9:46pm

Yes, unfortunate!

But phishing by LINKEDIN?  Haven't heard that one before.

Comment by zakstev on October 19, 2012 at 12:12am

"Didn't U make a copy of this site and save it ?"

I would never open a web page that is being used for the purposes of PHISHING.

Comment by Roberto Scaruffi on October 19, 2012 at 12:30am

Now, your linkedin account is working;

It is not banned.

Perhaps, you cannot access it from China...

Comment by zakstev on October 19, 2012 at 3:01am

I will never use Linkedin or any other social network site again.

Comment by Soleilmavis on October 19, 2012 at 6:14am

Linkedin is a good place to meet professionals, I got some people who really concerned our case from linkedin.

Comment by zakstev on October 19, 2012 at 6:36am

I disagree;  it's not worth anything to me if it's used to collect data, for stalking, unwarranted barring, or in my case, multiple attempts to gain access to my e-mail account. (called phishing.)

Comment by Jake Maverick on October 20, 2012 at 7:04am

i tend to stay off the 'social networking' sites, they have no respect....but this sound smore like TI harassment MSN account got hacked the other day, or looke dlike it anyway...i was logged in then it just booted me off and wdn't let me back again....had to change p'word five times, kept trying to get my mobile number way they ahving that!

they got backdoors into all this s/w anyway- sites like this makes it easy for them to keep an eye on us.....they wnt be 'banned'.....just controlled....but yes backing it up wd be a good idea....sure there is s/w out there that will let you do that quite easily...'fraid i can't though, not my connection and wd be big d/l.....there must be free backup option, i wd google it...or better yet use Startpage/ Ixquick

alternatively you can just save individual pages from within the browser, but that wd be apain one page at a time....


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