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My New Book Called How America Uses Their Kids As Shields By Eric Griffin

Here is the link to preorder my new book called, How AMERICA USE THEIR KIDS AS SHIELDS. In this book you will read about how Americans will let there kids be murdered and tortured and raped by weapons like voice to skull and will use them as shields to protect themselves rather then protecting there kids.

And how the America people rather call there child mentally ill to avoid fighting the white house the cia and the doj who is behind the use of weapons like voice to skull, which has caused so many to be murdered like in sandy hook, the navy yard shooting, Rep Gifford case,Colorado shooting,Mariam carry,San Diego school shooting,military suicides,ft hood hood shooting 2 times and so many more cases.

in this book you will read how the dept of justice and the court system are working together to call any person claiming to be a victim of these weapons and how the America people will just believe it in order to clear there minds and sleep good at night so they don't have to face reality about how corrupt and evil America is mkultra, cointelpro and programs like it..

In this book you will get names of officials,judges,police officer federal agents involved that's giving the okay and making money off of these crimes taking place like Obama, Bush's, Rumsfield, Cheney, Harry Reid, and so many more.. The main thing in this book will show how cowardly and how ignorant and racist the America people are who just use there kids as shields to protect themselves and rather see there own kids be covertly murdered money stolen from there future and embarrassed to be called America due to there parents cowardly acts..


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"You or me will never no the garbage true preps. Its by design. Please understand its torture of your thought process. Your prep is not aroun"
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"Preps are pros making people around you to seem like they are in on your problem. Its designed PSYCH TORTURE!!!!!!"
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"Now imagine being profoundly retarded and disabled. Now imagine spending your life EEG Mapped B2B to another person. Its true. UltraCriminal"
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"If you tell the cops dont complain about people just say you are a victim of dews. Have some technical details. Otherwise you look mental!"
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"TIs dont make stories to cops that your neighbors are your preps or random unknown people you see. Its not. Its remote and identity hidden p"
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"Its really criminals behind our problems. Magnus said it correctly stating "Ultra Criminal" . Lawless garbage."
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