Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

My nightmare neighbours forced me out of my own home.

I live in canterbury kent uk.

I am suffering abuse from my neighbours 2 brothers of whom are using an electromagnetic wave mind control device.

they are also using a mind reading app i have done research on-line i have found the one they are using a it comes with a source code which one of the brothers is using i have reported it to the police but they do not believe me as cases like this are so highly rare.

One of the brothers said get out or die through to my mind through the mind control device he was using a powerful electromagnetic device leg muscles tightened so strong i had to leave my property immediately.
i thought i was going to die.

I am a victim of a targeted individual:

I have tried to send an e-mail to these people but unfortunately
it doe's not work and the only form of contact is e-mail.

I am at risk of being homeless because of this situation

i have applied for jobs of where i can get accommodation provided.
but unfortunately there no guarantees.

if anyone you could please help me i would be most grateful.

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still spitting black stuff out

2 months in lung cleansing and still coughing up this black stuff---got air purifier and humidifier and drinking a lot of water---i am coughing up less than in the beginning--so it is working-----i have set dust traps around to keep track ,after i found where they were getting me at,to make sure it was not continuing---i really do think i have a chance here----they still have all the power to do whatever they want--i am thinking it only takes a little bit of this inhaled---if i had the money ,i…See More
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"*my gs (that is)"
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"Yes most of us have fallen out with someone or other. The sad aspect is Tls who are falling out with all of mankind thinking that everyone is involved. It's such an insidious mind game the perpetrators play using man as their puppets. My he has…"
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