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My Online Blog About My Experiences as a Targeted Individual

I am a Targeted Individual and have been aware of this since around 2008/2009. I have been subjected over the 10+ years to: Voice To Skull, illegal implantation of what I believe are nano-implants that have moved around in my stomach area since 2011, which I believe show up on ALL airport microwave security monitors (maybe this is a way to attack--start demanding pics of what shows up on these monitors?); remote neural monitoring, organized gang stalking, continued noise/audio campaigns (slamming doors, revving motors, & other inexplicable noises like hearing audio of cows mooing in the middle of a large, metro city); enhanced security searches & monitoring at airports, employment blocking and the sharing of this dis-info campaign with both private & governmental agencies--domestic & international. I have lived outside of the US since 2017 and although the V2K isn't really as effective (the language barrier helps that), the other sounds have been ramped up.

And of course, the ongoing computer/internet monitoring continues and their low-level shills let you know they are "watching"--which I guess is supposed to scare somebody? lol. But why would I fear the very obviously fearful who hide in the shadows b/c they are basically afraid of being discovered? And the irony of that is: if they are really as powerful and omnipotent as they would like TIs to believe they are---then why would you fear exposure? Why can't you just admit publicly what you are doing, that's it's illegal and transgresses both domestic & international laws and dare anybody to do anything about it? If I was that powerful, that's how I would roll.'s obvious that this is their Achille's Heel--public exposure and public consequences, along with maintaining a public persona & global image that they don't want tarnished, at least not to an extent where they can't operate in the shadows but pretend to publicly and on record, embrace true democracy and justice. Their true actions obviously betray the con.

Anyway, anyone interested can view my blog (some of the original blog that began on GOGGLE (as in spying)  bloggerspot platform around 2008 or 2009, have been lost to them b/c I can only retrieve blogs going back to 2012. I'm sure Bill Gates has those records though, along with my YT posts going back to those dates where I have been ringing the alarm about my TI experience. I def believe Gates is in on the coverup. I'm sure Microsoft has been paid very handsomely for the attempted erasure of TI chronicles. I guess it's obvious he's on my loooong s### list as well.

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Implants coming out

I thought I should post an update. On March 25th my implants started coming out. They've been coming out ever since. I have been taking silicea 30ch for about a year and four months, three on Sunday and another three on Wednesday. These things don't look like microchips. They look like hairs and small sticks. I had a couple big pieces come out, these things were big. It's possible to get these implants out. I think they're antennas, some kind of super conductive polymer. Well that's an update.…See More
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