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Nanoparticle Torture on January 24, 2014

The bathtub drainage emits the usual loud, strange, noise as I take a shower. The sound is selective; when other members of the family take a shower, it is never there. It is part of the mind control psyops at harrassment and to intensify menticide efforts. But I am used to it now so that I'm seldom conscious of it at all. I can silence this sound by merely plugging the drainage hole. The derranged torture contractor got so incensed with me doing this one day that he drove a jet of air from underneath the plug, where it bobbed up and down. I believe that the intention was to remove it from the hole so that he could deliver the harrassment noise, but the pressure of the water that had built up in the bath tub due to the closure of the drainage hole, kept the plug in place. While that is going on, the body is doused with nanoparticle in a manner that is similar to a spreader spewing bark dust on the ground. Except that the spreader is some remote torture tool belonging to the torture contractor. And the ground is my body, especially the head. I have less than an hour before I start work. So, I brush my teeth and rinse my mouth. Then do the swish. The nanoparticle swish.

The white enamel of the bathroom sink contrasts starkly with the large anthracite-black, tarry-looking blob masses that I spit out after the swish. I had read of red wine and grape juice mouth rinses that produce black precipitate matter when used as a rinse in an oral cavity that has nanoparticles. I tried these and they worked, but my mouth still felt gritty. So, based on a hunch about the active ingredient that might be responsible for binding with nanoparticles, I purchased an aged (22yrs) Italian wine vinegar. And this is what brought the blobs of pitch black matter from the cavity of my mouth. The mix was 12 oz of 50% water, 50% wine vinegar. At the end, the surface of the tongue was pitch black, but the mouth and the throat felt smooth and soft, once again in more than 4 straight years. I take pictures of the gory contents of the bathroom sink and head out the door 10 minutes later.

I look this way, and I look that way. I have rotated my head 360 and then some. If they were anywhere else except in this small cluster in the skies, I would have seen them, because there is not a single cloud in the sky to obstruct my view. And the skies would have been blue on a beautiful summer night. But it is a cold but beautiful winter night in Portland, Oregon.

The wind howls angrily as the  torture airplane, with blue-green lights, and appearing to be flying much higher up in elevation than the others, steadily tracks me in an oblique trajectory as I head for work. The twin engine torture aircraft, unlike the high-flying one, flashes lights madly at a much lower elevation, flying with the same coordinates as the first. And then there is the one with the brightest white light in the skies, the intensity of which makes it hard to determine the exact elevation at night. The rest comprise of a trio of airplanes that often fly close to each other. And of course, the helicopters. It is what I now call a squadron torture orgy, where the torture contractor demonstrates his skills at inflicting nanoparticle horrors and other pains to his "moneybaggers", as one confessed perpertrator wrote in a document to Wikileaks that revealed much of about the remote electromagnetic and scalar weapons systems torture industry.

At about midnight, the torture intensifies. The scrawling vibrations implemented with billions of the smallest nanoparticles on my head and forehead is unbearable. The torture contractor ejects some nanofibers from the interior of the body through the nasolabialis, through the left eyebrow, through the left cheek. Under the right lighting conditions like earlier today, I can actually see the fibers flying into the air from these ejections. Most are translucent and virtually invisible under ambient light conditions, but others are red. And green. Resonant frequencies. And then he punctuates that by periodically injecting fast jets of superfine nanoparticles far up in the roof of the nasal conchae, forcing an instant snorting response. The coughing fits initiated by vibrating nanoparticles on the epithelial surface of the airway, never ending. Waves of what feels like of electronic source pulsating through the entire back and left side. Multiple sharp, injection-like pain stabbing in the left leg; left foot; left upper thigh and the on the scalp.

By 0200, the eyelashes drip nanofibers. The torture contractor scrolls some of these over the eyelids. And remotely guides the rest to gnaw at the margins of the eye, in a manner that simulates an insect trying to dig its way into the eye by gaining entry through the margins. I wipe off and wipe off and wipe off, but it is to no avail. The interrogation-phrases bitch on; unintelligible but bearing the unmistakable human speech signature, while the wind outside howls in a solemn weep for the nation.
When I get home in the morning, I drift off to a fitful sleep, panickingly awoken frequently by the terrible freezing and numbing of the hands as nanodevices are pumped into the body. I grab a metallic object - any metallic object - to relieve the pain, and lump back into bed again. The body is super-exhausted. But I will awake once more in less than 30 minutes.

As I "sleep", a repetitive nanoparticle-generated phrase cycles in synch with my breathing. I believe that this is an attempt to reprogram the brain against my will. When I wake up, repetitive phrases stop and do not seem to occur while in a wake state.
Delgado has been dead for a while now. Delgado is the man who wrote that man has no right to his own brain because, he believed, it belongs to the state. To prove it, he abused the trust of his patients and instead, administered series of electroshocks to them that were at electric current levels far exceeding the legal limit. The bodies, tied down in straps, writhed violently in convulsions until the brain cells, exhausted and depleted of glucose, could no longer fire. Then, he injected dosages of insulin that induced a desired state of coma. The patients lay in a deliberately induced coma for up to 3 months. During this time, he placed under their pillows, tapes that played over and over 24/7. In the end, the patients woke up with no memories. Delgado was in the employ of the CIA. Some of the victims later settled. The videos and movies are publicly available. But Delgado is back now, from the grave. He possesses the souls and minds of the men and women that now attempt to implement the same evil on me using nanoparticles.

Later in the afternoon, I head for the library to document these violent abuses as I bear witness, along with thousands of other innocent people across the United States, to what appears to be a well-funded, systematic dismantlement of the democracy and subversion of the Constitution and all that flows from it. An aircraft roars above as I write this...

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