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Nanoparticle Torture on the night of January 12, 2014.

It is January 12, 2014. The night shift was finally over. After breakfast in bed, I drift into sleep from about 1000 to 1510. The sleep is fitful, and frequently interrupted by a severe cramping of hands as nanomaterials are deposited into the body via this route. The tips of the fingers, apparently from the nailbed or  matrix, no longer drip long, white strands of fibers now as they used to do when the diabolic practice began about a year ago, coating everything that I touched that the torture contracture had an interest in interrogating. The numbness of the hands is so severe that it wakes me up in an urgent panic where I typically reach for a metal - any large metalic object - to touch it. This somehow interrupts the signal where nothing else will.


Broiling heat to the head also made sleep impossible. As did the violent, remote initiated coughing fits that are implemented via two routes: either by vibrating a nano-object on the epithelial surface of the throat, or recruiting raw, gastric acid from the upper portion of the stomach, and passing it through the lower eosophageal sphincter and up the lower end of the esophagus where it irritates the delicate epithelial tissue and triggers a violent cough. Unlike natural acid reflux or heartburn, this does not dissipate with intakes of antacids. The torture contractor can keep the flood of acid going for as long as it gives him the thrill. It is the same with the coughing fits that are initiated via a vibrated nanodevice on the epithelial surface of the airway. Normally, the coughing action often expells any offending object, where it is then either swallowed or spitted out. With deliberately remotely inflicted coughing spasms, the torture contractor simply keeps the nanodevice in situ, vibrating it for as long as it gives him the orgasmic thrill to do so.

As if all that were not enough, a dog next door kept barking incessantly. This dog has been barking almost non-stop since beginning of 2014. On January 14, I moved from one room to another. One room has a south-facing wall; the other, a west facing wall. The rooms do not share a common wall. I know that sound waves bend and can make source identification difficult, but it was not hard to discern that the bark of the dog had shifted from being close to the window of one room to being close to the window of the other. And of course, the mainstay - millions of maddeningly vibrated, programmable nanodevices on the head, which are simulations of darting small insects and gnawing worms, continued on as I tried to sleep. An occassional nanoparticle voice simulation barked interrogation-style phrases whose words are always unclear but the whose speech pattern is unmistakably human.


At about 1510, we leave for the local library. I download the latest version of the Firefox web browserm install it and configure it. History is not recorded. Cookies and passwords are not to be stored. And cache is reduced to a minimal space and is constantly wiped. Then I download and install Startpage and integrate it with Firefox.


I do these things not because I conduct criminal activity online. I do these things not because I am a terrorist. I do these things because when I am browsing doing nothing illegal, I assert my innate right to browse freely, privately and safely. It is the for the same reasons that millions of Americans wish to protect their privacy. Otherwise we all might as well just have glass walls and take our baths and make love in full public view. By 1800, I leave the library and head home.

After visiting a website for victims of electromagnetic and scalar weapons torture, and harrassment via stalking, I read an interesting post by someone there.  The post is below. The author of the post is marked “xxxx” to protect this individual’s name. It is followed by my response (with a typo in one sentence.) The posts read from bottom up.

Name:      xxxx

Web site URL:


Everybody knows about the game. You're not going to expose them, when it's no longer hidden from view. there's nothing to expose lol. Dr. Phil knows. The other people on that show knows. EVERYBODY knows lol. I had a Perp under oath in a courtroom and I asked her point blank about the game, Perps, EM weapons ect. She denied everything. What does this mean? The code of secrecy has a priority over the U.S. Constitution. What does it mean that the code of secrecy has a priority over the U.S. Constitution? It means the game is now our authority, our governance, our uncontestable rulers. The only hope left is to keep breathing and wait for the obvious. That being, the human race has lost it's Darwinian challenge for survival. If you accept that last precept then the next question is, how to keep breathing? I believe the Amish show a good example but since the massive death event will encompass everyone near the event, it's not enough. You also have to be in near seclusion, waiting it out. I picked rural Florida. One more comment. No human or group of humans could be running such a large, interconnected "Street Theater" scenario. Computers as intelligent as humans but process data billions of times faster were employed to do most of the actual work. Now it's beyond anyone's control. Beyond the very people who built the game. There are no Perp's at the top now. It's a computer, and computers don't feel anything they just do as they have been programmed. The computer was programmed to control all humanity...and it's doing will do it...and NOBODY can change that. The ultimate control is to simply kill them.

How did you find this site?



submitted on January 12, 2014 7:36 PM EST


Pat B. – To xxxx

Email Address:

Web site URL:


The Constitution remains the official, and unofficial document that best articulates the principles on that give definition to the character of this great land, the United States of America. More than 400 million Americans acknowledge this. When someone using a little torture weapon to INSTILL FEAR under a variety of pretexts, to undermine the Constitution and thus commit an act of treason, that hardly means that the Constitution has ceased to be the highest authority in the land. What it means is simply that one has successfully worked to sabotage it in one courtroom; in one lawsuit. What has been in existence for over 200 years and has been defended and protected by millions who sacrificed their lives over the that period, is not, and cannot, be reduced to shreds by one incidence in one courtroom. Or even two, three, five hundred or more incidents of treason. There is something called a critical point...I shall stop here.

How did you find this site?

submitted on January 12, 2014 7:17 PM EST


Pat B. - To xxxx

Email Address:

Web site URL:


You wrote: " What does it mean that the code of secrecy has a priority over the U.S. Constitution? It means the game is now our authority, our governance, our uncontestable rulers. The only hope left is to keep breathing and wait for the obvious." What you call the 'game', whatever that word connotes, IS NOT our authority, our governance, our uncontestable ruler. To believe so is to assume a defeatistic position possible only when one has given up all resistance to something so abominable it CANNOT BE ACCEPTABLE TO ANY SANE HUMAN. And thus, to those who accept your position, including yourself, it is now the new basic premise from which their radically transforming lives, and mind reorganization, now issue forth on their new journey to the mother of all horrors. Until I die, I shall never accept this evil as my "...authority, governance and uncontestable ruler." The power of cowardice that comes with inflicting injury and pain and death from hiding does not equate to authority, governance and rulership. It is simply the power to torture. No more. No less.

How did you find this site?




By 1945, we have dinner. The torture intensity in the library had been unbearable but now it is maddening. As we eat, the torture contractor mobilizes nanodevices from elsewhere in the body, directly to the back of the throat, where they merge with the food boluses, generating a vibrating mass that feels like a ball of a billion wiggling worms in the throat. With unbelievable difficulty, I chose to focus on enjoying my meal instead but it is easier wished than done.


By 2015 I get into bed and try to read a book.  Immediately, nanoparticle dumps rain on me, filling swirling, gnawing, pinching, pulling, pressing, crawling, darting etc all over the scalp, the forehead, the left side of the face. The torture contractor mobilizes some of the devices briefly into the right ear. The barking dog cheering along in the background while some mumbled interrogation-phrases issue forth from some remote source. The aircraft – never less than four except on squadron nights where upwards of 15 planes turn up for the torture shows – with one that has super bright lights, overtly dock above, the torture operation apparently no longer a clandestine project.


I have never speculated from the beginning what triggers these highly intense tortures. This is because I believe that the actions of a mind damaged enough to inflict severe torture using remote, advanced electromagnetic and scalar weapons systems on an innocent person, 24/7, for more than 4 years in a row, can never be rationally explained.  








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