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Nanoparticles And Remote Delivered Viruses In Remote Interrogation Torture

The following documentation appears on FFCHS.  Grammatical errors have been reduced by correction. Quotations from Wikipedia and other sources are extensive, in order to provide a complete physiological and anatomical picture of the structures involved. You may wish to skip the quotations if you are interested in the story only although the biology provides support to the document, and if you do, the quotations comprise of the text in bold italics  Much has happened since the 02.02.13, the date the documentation was first posted. And it is very ugly. Thank you.



An Electronic Torture Journal - 2
–    Pat B.
It is the fifth or sixth day now since my left eye has been covered over with an eyepatch 24/7. The violently vibrating nanoparticles that are constantly guided along the path of the injured ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve from deposition sites elsewhere in the body, have been vibrating elsewhere along segments of the ophthalmic branch nerve, or V1. The pain is exquisite.

    The ophthalmic nerve (V1) carries sensory information from the scalp and forehead, the upper eyelid, the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye, the nose (including the tip of the nose, except alae nasi), the nasal mucosa, the frontal sinuses, and parts of the meninges (the dura and blood vessels).

    In detailing the path followed by the opthalmic branch of  the trigeminal nerve, Wikipedia continues on : “ The ophthalmic nerve supplies branches to the cornea, ciliary body, and iris; to the lacrimal gland and conjunctiva; to the part of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity; and    to the skin of the eyelids, eyebrow, forehead and nose. It is the smallest of the three divisions of the trigeminal, and arises from the upper part of the trigeminal ganglion as a short, flattened  band, about 2.5cm. long, which passes forward along the lateral wall of the cavernous sinus, below the oculomotor and trochlear nerves; just before entering the orbit, through the superior orbital fissure, it divides into three branches, lacrimal, frontal, and nasociliary.
    The frontal branch passes through the orbit superiorly, then reenters the frontal bone briefly  before exiting above the orbit through the supraorbital foramen and the supratrochlear notch to  provide sensory innervation for the skin of the forehead and scalp. The lacrimal nerve passes  through the orbit superiorly to innervate the lacrimal gland. The nasociliary branch gives off  several sensory branches to the orbit and then continues out through the anterior ethmoidal foramen, where it enters the nasal cavity and provides innervation for much of the anterior nasal  mucosa. It also gives off a branch which exits through the nasal bones to form the external nasal branch.
    The ophthalmic nerve is joined by filaments from the cavernous plexus of the sympathetic, and communicates with the oculomotor, trochlear, and abducent nerves; it gives off a recurrent (meningeal) filament which passes between the layers of the tentorium. “

The vibrating nanoparticles eject at high velocity at the bone perforation points where the nerve emerges to become more superficial as specified above. The ejected nanofibres consist of translucent fibers, a few of which are red and green. I believe these fibers to convey data on the internal state and functional integrity of the nerve  that has undergone systematic destruction for over three years now, and possibly the state of the brain segment that this nerve originates from.

Some of the ejected nanoparticles fell back into the raw and injured eye where they feel like raw sand dust on a gaping wound in the eye, further compounding the problem as I believe the torturer contractors desire. Instinctive wiping off of the particles from the eye, no matter how gentle, has contributed to the irritation of the eye as well. The result was that the eye began to close up, turned deep red where the sclera and iris boundaries ceased to exist and seemed to merge into one giant red ball. Soon, painful inflammation along the perforation points on the nasal, frontal, and supraorbial foramina began to develop. Inflammation inside the eye, as evidenced by extreme pain during contraction of the ciliary muscle when focusing,  began to set in as well. The eye now is extremely sensitive to light, light intensity changes, pressure of any kind and touch and is very painful.

Further aggravation of the injury to the eye is the torture contractor's gleeful hurling and spraying of nanoparticles directly on the surface of the eye while simultaneously braying angry interrogation-style phrases and phonations whose words are always muted. The spray feels like identical to someone spraying a fine mist particulate liquid directly into the eye, which he then promptly follows  by broiling the eye with microwave heat. The microwave heat has the effect of both amplifying the vibrational energy of the nanoparticles on the eye as well as intensifying the pain via the application of microwave heat to the injured and damaged tissue through the general mechanism of increased tissue molecular vibration from imparted kinetic energy of the heat source. The microwave heating is inflicted with every movement that I make in bed, be it changing sleep position, getting up to relieve myself or simply turning away from the heat trying to protect my eyes.

It had been for all these reasons, and mostly to save my eye, that I wore the eye patch. I know of nothing else to do to protect my eye. The edges of the patch effectively seal off the modified skin on the eyebrow where nanoparticles have been ejected for years long prior to the trigeminal nerve involvemnt. Those nanoparticles that eject from apertures/orifices along the path of the nerve, have nowhere to go if the eye is shut and tightly covered with the eye patch dressing. The eye patch also prevents me from a reflexive need to wipe off the ocean of the tiny particles, thus reducing the chances of further irritating the eye via the brute mechanical action of the a hand swipe.    
The effect of the eye patch on my vision as a whole has become a source of torture in and of itself.  The right eye which must now see for both eyes, is itself constantly covered in fibres by virtue of its sheer proximity to the abused left eye which is in a constant bombardment with the devices, and it cannot see as optimally as desired. Reading glasses get covered in smooth fine nanopowder and nanofibers within seconds of putting them on.

Peripheral vision on the left eye is lost. This poses extremely dangerous challenges when I need to be alert of peripheral movements as when crossing multiple lane roads. I now remain convinced  that I never suffered from a true trigeminal shingles episode which is usually caused by a VZ virus. The painful and violent dumping, squirting and injection of droves of violently vibrating visible particulate nanoparticles into this eye, and their subsequent ejection from within the body, are not characteristic behaviors of a typical virus.

Furthermore, viruses are not known to have cognitive capabilities that associate the act of documenting a crime, with vulgar, punitive acts of retribution by exponentially initiating and revving up pain as soon as I take a pen and paper to write.

In addition, no virus that I know of, or sequelae of viral infection thereof, has ever demonstrated the ability to eject from body apertures/pores and orifices, particulate visible translucent fibers, some colored. I wrote in an earlier documentation, days after the diagnosis of trigeminal shingles, that I believed I had been deliberately infected remotely with a tagged virus for nefarious purposes. I have since googled the possibility and have found evidence of the existence of the technology, dating as far back and the 90s.

Several factors had converged to raise deep suspicions about the trigeminal shingles episode. The good doctor that I saw, correctly explained that dormant chicken pox viruses that had been acquired in childhood, can reactivate under special conditions such as lowered immune system defenses, onset of debilitating disease and extreme stress. I know this to be a fact.  The only problem with this picture is that I never had chicken pox as a child. And I do not have a debilitating disease although mind control torture that has been sustained at maximal levels of pain for 3 years now, 24/7,  is a source of physiological stress.

In 2007, I had a panel of vaccinations as part of my naturalization process. These included chicken pox. If the virus had been improperly attenuated as a matter of accident, or of deliberate intent, the process could have introduced the virus into my body. About 8 to 12 days after the vaccinations,  I began to get so violently ill I almost died, but none of the symptoms expressed during the reaction were typical of chicken pox virus infection, even though they were bizarre enough. I have no way of knowing which of the vaccinations caused the violent reaction, nor why the symptoms were so bizarre.
2010 Revisited.

The trigeminal nerve which innervates most of the scalp, forehead and face, was subjected to a diabolically vicious attack with a millimeter wave weapons system. An except from a Wikipedia entry documents:
    “ The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz extremely high frequency waves at a  target, which corresponds to a wavelength of 3.2 mm.[11] The ADS millimeter wave energy  works on a similar principle as a microwave oven, exciting the water and fat molecules in the skin, and instantly heating them via dielectric heating. One significant difference is that a microwave oven uses the much lower frequency (and longer wavelength) of 2.45 GHz. The short millimeter waves used in ADS only penetrate the top layers of skin, with most of the energy being absorbed within 0.4 mm (1/64"),[12] whereas microwaves will penetrate into human tissue about 17mm (0.67").[13]
    The ADSʼs repel effect in humans occurs at slightly higher than 44°C (111°F), with first-degree burns occurring at about 51°C (124°F), and second-degree burns occurring at about 58°C (136°F).[14] In testing, pea-sized blisters have been observed in less than 0.1% of ADS  exposures, indicating that second degree surface burns have been caused by the device.[14] The radiation burns caused are similar to microwave burns, but only on the skin surface due to the decreased penetration of shorter millimeter waves. The surface temperature of a target will continue to rise so long as the beam is applied, at a rate dictated by the target's material and q distance from the transmitter, along with the beam's frequency and power level set by the  operator. Most human test subjects reached their pain threshold within 3 seconds, and none  could endure more than 5 seconds.[15]
        A spokesman for the Air Force Research Laboratory described his experience as a test  subject for the system:
            "For the first millisecond, it just felt like the skin was warming up. Then it got warmer and warmer and you felt like it was on fire.... As soon as you're away from that beam your skin returns to normal and there is no pain."
    Like all focused energy, the beam will irradiate all matter in the targeted area, including  everything  beyond/behind it that is not shielded, with no possible discrimination between individuals, objects or materials. Anyone incapable of leaving the target area (e.g., physically handicapped, infants, incapacitated, trapped, etc) would continue to receive radiation until the operator turned off the beam. Reflective materials such as aluminium cooking foil should reflect this radiation and could be used to make clothing that would be protective against this  radiation.[16]
    Many human tests have been performed[17] on over 700 volunteers and including over 10,000         exposures by ADS.[15] A Penn State Human Effects Advisory Panel (HEAP) concluded that  ADS is a non-lethal weapon that has a high probability of effectiveness with a low probability of     injury[14]
•    no significant effects for wearers of contact lenses or other eyewear (including night vision  goggles)
•    normal skin applications, such as cosmetics, have little effect on ADSʼs interaction with skin
•    no age-related differences in response to ADS exposures
•    no effect on the male reproduction system
•    the limit of damage was the occurrence of pea-sized blisters in less than 0.1% of the exposures
•    (6 of 10,000 exposures).[15]
    In April 2007, one airman in an ADS test was overdosed and received second-degree burns on     both legs, and was treated in a hospital for two days.[16][18] There was also one laboratory         accident in 1999 that resulted in a small second-degree burn.[15] "

This Wikipedia entry does not address the effects of this weapon when a subject is exposed to it for extended periods of time, measured in months to a year, 24/7, where a subject is denied the right to escape from it as the torture follows the person wherever and whenever he/tries to seek reprieve from it.  This entry does not address issues of torturer compliance with power densities and other parameters of torture tool operation, since the Patriot Act permits torturers to be anonymous and thus unaccountable if they violate rules. This entry does not mention if any group of people was ever subjected to this weapon for a year, 24/7, and whether results from such an exposure were ever obtained. This entry does not address issues of extreme physiological and psychological stress that may result from subjection to such broiling heat for a year, never mind the added stress of dermatologists who, in the absence of burn blisters, are only too hasty to assign complaints to the psychiatric domain. This entry does not address the rights of a person to be not broiled alive without their permission, if ever any person would ever be so bold as to willingly let themselves be broiled for months or a year. There is far more that this entry fails to address...

However, in a document by Cheryl Welchat a workshop on ethics and interrogations by the workshop director, Jean Maria Arrigo PhD., Cheryl writes:
    " Nonlethal weapons are another outcome of CIA behavior control research. Steven Aftergood         wrote about the initial stages of nonlethal weapons in the September/October 1994 Bulletin of         the Atomic Scientists; “Details about programs to develop so called ‘non-lethal’ weapons are         slowly emerging from the U.S. government’s secret ‘black budget.’ ... The concept of non-lethal     weapons is not new; the term appears in heavily censored CIA documents dating from the             1960s.” Dr. Barbara Hatch-Rosenberg described nonlethal weapons on page 45,

    “Non-lethal” Weapons May Violate Treaties
    "Development of many of the proposed weapons described on these pages has been undertaken by NATO, the United States, and probably other nations as well. Most of the weapons could be     considered “pre-lethal” rather than non-lethal. They would actually provide a continuum of effects     ranging from mild to lethal, with varying degrees of controllability. Serious questions arise about the legality of these expensive and highly classified development programs. Four international treaties are particularly relevant ... The Certain Conventional Weapons Convention (also known as the Inhumane Weapons Convention).
    Many of the non-lethal weapons under consideration utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy     (including lasers, microwave or radio-frequency radiation, or visible light pulsed at brain-wave         frequency) for their effects. These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blinding,     interference with mental processes, modification of behavior and emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various  other ways. In addition, the use of high-power microwaves to melt down electronic systems would incidentally cook every person in the vicinity.
    Typically, the biological effects of these weapons depend on a number of variables that,           theoretically, could be tuned to control the severity of the effects. However, the precision of           control is questionable. The use of such weapons for law enforcement might constitute severe         bodily punishment without due process. In warfare, the use of these weapons in a non-lethal         mode would be analogous to the use of riot control agents in the Vietnam War, a practice now     outlawed by the CWC. Regardless of the level of injury inflicted, the use of many non-lethal             weapons is likely to violate international humanitarian law on the basis of superfluous suffering and/or indiscriminate effects.
    In addition, under the 'Certain Conventional Weapons Convention', international discussions are     now under way that may lead to the development of specific new protocols covering                     electromagnetic weapons; a report is expected sometime next year. The current surge of             interest in electromagnetic and similar technologies makes the adoption of a protocol explicitly     outlawing the use of these dehumanizing weapons an urgent matter. “

This weapon seared my head for months, 24/7 without reprieve. It would begin at about 8:00pm at night, coinciding with a steady hum of a motor of some machine that seemed to run from a house adjacent to my own. The heat burnt the head all night long during which I could not sleep, escape or do anything that proved effective to alleviate the pain. Later, the scathing heat included the eyes, face, back , neck, back, front and the kidney area. I slept each night with tons of ice-filled Ziplog bags wrapped around my head and the rest surrounding the rest of the upper body in vain attempts to offset the searing heat. The cold from the ice presented its own miseries but without the ice, I do not know if I would have made it. Later, I discovered that iced water worked much better than pure ice. That  year, 2010,  marked the beginning of the electromagnetic torture.

 It was the same left trigeminal nerve, a mixed nerve, that bore the brunt of that millimeter wave weapon  attack, and as if that were not enough, sensory overload was loaded on the same nerve as  nanoparticles programmed to simulate crawling insects and worms, and sometimes dripping blood, crawled and darted and gnawed and dripped all over the face and forehead and scalp by the million. 24/7..The searing heat abated somewhat after about a year but has never absolutely gone  while the sensory overload continues to this day..

Furthermore, the side of the head where most of the vibrations occur have been the left although this is by no way implying that the right side of the head or face has been exempted from torment.  The main focus of the torture is simply on the left side of the head. In June of 2012, an international body came down to Portland Oregon where about 10 persons, all complaining of electromagnetic torture, showed up for preliminary scanning for frequency emissions. A normal human body is not supposed give off frequency signals. Several frequency emissions were found on my body, most of which were on the head – the left side of the head.

It would appear more a matter of design than chance that the same side of the head, and the very same nerve that transmits all sensory and motor input, are  now being deliberately assaulted with a virus. I am now convinced that the trigeminal shingles was merely a wrapper for anterograde or retrogradetracing done for nefarious ends.


Wikipedia explains:
    “In neuroscience, anterograde tracing is a research method which is used to trace axonal projections from their source (the cell body or soma) to their point of termination (the synapse).  The complementary technique is retrograde tracing, which is used to trace neural connections from their termination to their source (i.e. synapse to cell body).[1] Both the anterograde and  retrograde tracing techniques are based on the visualization of the biological process of axonal transport. “ Under 'Techniques' and 'Genetic Tracers',         Wikipedia explains:
    " Several methods exist to trace projections originating from the soma towards their target areas. These techniques initially relied upon the direct physical injection of various visualizable tracer molecules (e.g. Green fluorescent protein, lipophylic dyes or radioactively tagged amino acids) into the brain. These molecules are absorbed locally by the soma (cell body) of various  neurons and transported to the axon terminals, or they are absorbed by axons and transported to the soma of the neuron. Other tracer molecules allow for the visualization of large networks of     axonal projections extending from the neurons exposed to the tracer.[1]

    The aforementioned tracers such as GFP and DiI are technically not anterograde tracers: they     do not selectively travel in a certain direction and are not actively transported by the cell.[2]             Furthermore, they do not cross the synaptic cleft, and therefore only label the neurons that were     directly at the site of tracer application. These dyes are mostly used as a filler to mark cells that     have been recorded using electrophysiology: this allows the cells that have been recorded to         also be morphologically reconstructed in 3D.[3] The anterograde tracers that can cross the             synaptic cleft and label multiple neurons within a pathway can be divided in two categories:         genetic and molecular tracers.[citation needed] "

Genetic tracers
     “In order to trace projections from a specific region or cell, a genetic construct, virus or protein   can be locally injected, after which it is allowed to be transported anterogradely. Viral tracers  can cross the synapse, and can be used to trace connectivity between brain regions across  many synapses. Examples of viruses used for anterograde tracing are described by Kuypers.[4]  Most well known are the Herpes simplex virus type1 (HSV) and the Rhabdoviruses.[4] HSV was used to trace the connections between the brain and the stomach, in order to examine the brain areas involved in viscero-sensory processing.[5] Another study used HSV type1 and type2 to investigate the optical pathway: by injecting the virus into the eye, the pathway from the retina into the brain was visualized.[6]
    Viral tracers use a receptor on the host cell to attach to it and are then endocytosed. For           example, HSV uses the nectin receptor and is then endocytosed. After endocytosis, the low pH     inside the vesicle strips the envelope of the virion after which the virus is ready to be transported to the cell body. It was shown that pH and endocytosis are crucial for the HSV to infect a cell.[7]     Transport of the viral particles along the axon was shown to depend on the microtubular                 cytoskeleton.[8] “

Then it happens.
Note that the article above under “Genetic Tracers” states:
“ HSV was used to trace the connections between the brain and the stomach, in order to examine the brain areas involved in viscero-sensory processing.[5] Another study used HSV type1 and type2 to investigate the optical pathway: by injecting the virus into the eye, the pathway from the retina into the brain was visualized.[6] “

 The trigeminal episode was followed by a  bizarre change in visceral function and behaviour of one specific system and I know not only with absolute certainty that a herpes family virus, long used in similar experiments before as stated above, had been used in the extension of the torture.  The system is the digestive system and the specific viscero-sensory processing of interest is the sensation of HUNGER. Additionally, because of the eye involvement, which according to my ophthalmologist, is not usually affected in trigeminal shingles,  the optical pathways from the retina to the brain are also being manipulated.  My left eye now, filled with nanoparticles, is able to see objects in pitch darkness as if they were brightly illuminated with a lamp. I discovered this by accident. In the middle of the night, I went to the bathroom. The room was pitch dark. As it turns out, a small part of the eye was not properly covered by the eyepatch, and through this slit, I could see everything in the bathroom with the light off. I then covered the part of the eye that was not properly covered by the eye patch, and looked through the good one - the right eye - but could not see a thing in the darkened room. I then covered the good (right) eye, and totally removed the dressing over the left, injured eye. I could see with it to the detail of the head of a pin.


The night began as any other lately. Just another nightmare. I came home from work with a swollen face (caused by prednisone which was used to control the inflammation in the eye), a blood red left eye and a pounding headache from a fake trigeminal shingles. With the torture signals amplified by what I believe are hidden devices in the house, the torture pain revved to exponential levels as soon as I step out of the car in the garage.  Torture professionals in strange cars had already lined the street when I came back from work, awaiting eagerly for the orgasmic thrill of pain infliction on someone who has done nothing to them, their families or their country.
The torture planes, at least four, hover up in the skies at an oblique angle to my house.
A few moments later, the Intellistreet type street light just outside my front yard, begins to dim and then blacks out altogether, while all the other lights remain in amber light mode, the default strength and intensity. After a few moments, the intensity of this light goes back up again. This happens every night now and has been happening for at least the last few months.

The abuse intensifies when I get into bed. The interrogation phrase braying. Microwave broiling honed on the entire face, including the eyes. Nanoparticle vibrations to the injured eye and on the direct path followed by the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve. Lesions that the virus caused on the surface of the skin and scalp, trace the path of the nerve. The entire path is now being vibrated super painfully.

Incessant pulsations along the entire length of the spinal column where nanoparticles are directly deposited remotely. Pulsations under the right arm, another remote deposition site. I know these to be deposition sites because if I touch both areas, a stream of nanoparticles fires a jet straight into the left eye. Or sometimes, along any segment along the path of the injured nerve. The depositions appear to be subcutaneous.

Painful pinches in various parts of the body as various torture contractors, no doubt some of the folks lining the street, log on into my body at sites I know I have illegal implants. Violent and painful signal “injections” on the scalp, identical to a syringe plunging into the skin to deliver medicine.  A painful  “pull” on the entire scalp, identical to a  pinchers pulling hard on the scalp. Painful dump and vibrations of nanoparticles on the scalp, face, eyes, ears, cheeks, left eyebrow and nasolabialis. Inflation of the left ear with nanoparticles until the ear feels like it might explode. A shoulder, the left shoulder is vibrated at a low frequency.

Nanonoparticles vibrate in the anus and another river of nanoparticles flows from the deposition site along the spinal column to fill the stomach. Artificially induced heart palpitations, heart beat irregularities and other heart manipulations. Incessant car door bangings. Incessant car engines that seem to start but never seem to go anywhere. Dog barkings from surrounding homes from which I have seen no dogs in months. Sleep deprivation sound startlers just as I dose off from sheer exhaustion – or pass out – I do not know which.

In a paper titled “The Effects of Psychological Torture” by then J. D. Candidate Daniel Kramer at the University of California, Berkely, School of Law, who conducted this work as an intern in the school’s Ingernational Hinan Rights Law clinic under the supervision of Clinical Professor orf Law Laurel E. Fletcher, Kramer writes of sleep deprivation:
    “Sleep appears to play an important role in essential cognitive processes such as memory and insight formation. Sleep deprivation causes significant cognitive impairments including deficits in memory, learning, logical reasoning, complex verbal processing, and decision making.(disease symptoms) of individual techniques can be unique due to the particular ways that a technique disrupts homeostasis, as described below. Behaviorally, sleep deprivation also results in mood alteration and declines in psychomotor performance. It can alter the course and outcome of depressive disorder, and increases the risk of suicidal ideation and actions. “

Then it happens...
A sensation of HUNGER that only a victim of extreme famine would know, suddenly grips me. The time is between 1:00am and 1:30am.

I had a full and healthy dinner at about 7:40pm followed by a generous serving of pormagranade seed fruit, oranges and bananas. This is normal. Normally, I would not be hungry until about 1000am the following day, my metabolic rate, being more on the slow side. Consequently, I seldom eat breakfast before at least 8:00am. And I never have BM during the night. Never. I never eat or snack during the night. Never.

I get out of bed immediately and run to the kitchen where I raid the fridge. The hunger is of such an intensity that a mere snack just won't do. So I heat up a plateful of leftover dinner and wolf it down.  I still feel hungry after cleaning the plate. So I peel a banana. And another banana. And an orange. And I head to bed. Strangely, the sensation of fullness is just not there...

Two and a half hours later, my stomach feels as if it had never contained food in days. I run to the kitchen once more, and repeat the eating binge of only two hours earlier.

It is not my intention to upset the reader with the following entry, but I must document accurately what happened. This second feeding is followed by a BM of enormous size. By the time it is 5:00am and time to get out of bed, I am eating my third meal, having devoured all the leftover from last night's dinner which were meant to be part of dinner for today.

I begin to worry about type 2 diabetes, but soon dismiss the concern. I studied type 2 diabetes very well because of a relative by marriage who developed the disorder and whom I liked a lot and wanted to help.  While polyphagia (eating a lot) is a symptom in type 2 diabetes, it has never been recorded to have such a severely acute onset but rather tends to manifest as a progressive development. The same is true of polydipsia (excesive thirst) which also is a symptom. But I was not thirsty, let alone excessively thirsty. Polyuria. I had no excessive need for urination either. This assessment ruled out type 2 diabetes as a possible culprit. Besides, I had had a full blood panel just weeks earlier where my glucose was within range.

01.31.13 Thursday
Thursday night between 01:30am and 0800am , I had had 4 BM and had devoured pounds of food during several runs to the kitchen, so hungry I almost felt dizzy.

In the memorandum from Allen Dulles to President Hoover titled “Brainwashing”, a paragraph titled  “Communist Control Techniques and Their Effect”

6.    “Control of Food,Water and Tobacco. The controlled individual is made intensely aware of his       dependence upon his interrogator for the quality and quantity of his food and tobacco. The             exercise of this control usually follows a pattern. No food and little or no water is permitted             the individual for several days prior to interrogation. When the prisoner first complains of this to the interrogator, the latter expresses surprise at such inhumane treatment. He makes a  demand of the prisoner. If the latter complies,he receives a good meal. If he does not, he gets a diet of unappetizing food containing limited vitamins,minerals, and calories. This diet is  supplemented occasionally by the interrogator if the prisoner "cooperates." Studies of controlled starvation indicate that the whole value-system of the subjects underwent a change. Their  irritation increased as their ability to think clearly decreased. The control of tobacco presented an even greater source of conflict for heavy smokers. Because tobacco is not necessary to life, being manipulated by his craving for it can in the individual a strong sense of guilt. “

It must be observed that this memorandum was written in 1956 and torture interrogation methods involved physical contact of interrogator and interrogatee.  In this scenario, it was possible to deny food to an interrogatee who, the memorandum states clearly by the way, no information was solicited from him although he is not to know this.

In today's mind control / brainwashing torture interrogation methods which use remote remote technologies, it is not possible to deny food to someone, although severe torture during mealtime or supplement (vitamins etc) taking, suggest not only that the principles of torture outlined in that memo are applied without modification today, but severe torture during mealtime still falls short of denying someone food.

The answer? They infected me with a virus of the herpes family which has been used in the past to trace viscero-sensory pathways in order to pinpoint the sensation of hunger. By manipulating this sensation, they inflict unbearable hunger pangs which seem unable to be satiated with food intake.

The amount of food one eats through this mechanism would very soon bankrupt the person, in addition to rendering the person obese very fast. This is a remote implementation of food dependence as best they think they are accomplishing that. Because elimination is so rapid, it is reasonable to conclude that digestion and denial of nutrients from the ingested food is also the objective. And along with denial of nutrition, is denial of anything that must go down the alimentary canal to benefit the body. This includes all medications, which explains why some potent prescription strength medications seem to have no effect at all.

The nightmare goes on. Just this morning, I woke up twice or thrice to eat and I took my supplements never knowing if it will all do any good. But I am so driven by positive thinking and hope, I must continue taking the supplements even as I know that my body is now being denied of both nutrition from the food and the supplements or medication to treat the eye.
The State of the Eye  - 03.04.13

Since the last entry in the documentation following the remote use of a herpes family virus as a vector for optical nerve path  and for visceral sensory  path tracing, the lesions caused by the virus have long healed and no new ones have formed, but the pain emanating from the healed lesions continues to be both atypical in nature, and intense, focused on the healed lesions  in particular. The lesions formed during the initial phases of the attack follow the exact path of the three branches of the trigeminal nerve of which the ophthalmic branch was the affected one.

What is atypical about the nature of the pain is that it is always initiated by an injection – the feeling of which is identical to a syringe delivered intramuscular injection in a doctor's office – directly on the healed lesions. The injections are very painful and impossible to ignore. The natural instict is to reach out protectively to the affected area with a hand, and touch it to protect it. This action, however, has the effect of releasing millions of nanoparticles/nanofibers that flood the face, spread throughout the scalp, and saturate the immediate air space around me. A special jet of nanoparticles/nanofibers from the deposition is always directed at the left injured eye, guided from the site of deposition along the surface of the skin, directly into the eyeball. This floods the blood red and irritated eyeball with the nanofibers which then promptly vibrate madly inside the eye. The pain is beyond superlative.

Another way in which the eye is being destroyed is via ejection of nanofibers/nanoparticles at the site of the healed lesions – this time not from deposition pools which are often preceded by an injection-like pain – but from deep inside the head. These are then promptly guided directly into the eyeball, where they gain exposure to the outside and I believe, relay their data payloads on a variety of physiological biomarkers of interest to the torture ogres. A third way in which nanofibers are vulgarly introduced into the same eye is via a 'spray' that is identical to an earosol spray directed at the eyeball. The nanoparticles that are delivered in this fashion will enter the eye, with many remaining on the outside, coating the sterile dressing and the eyepatch that I use for protection. All nanoparticle dumps into the eye feel like hurling sand dust into the eyeball. The cummulative volume of nanoparticles into the eye has had the net effect of the eye lighting up and glowing, enabling me to see with it in pitch darkness where the good one on the right, cannot see. The detail of this bizarre night vision is down to the level of a head of a pin. This bizarre behaviour is not typical of shingles nor this a phenomenon that appears in any medical disease textbook, and presents as the strongest evidence of mind control torture.

Neither can any argument be made that this is for the benefit of a future soldier, because the US
military would be without a single soldier if such pain as I endure were to be inflicted on any of its personnel in the course of manipulating any soldier's physiology to impart such alleged advantage on the battlefield. This operation is purely a means to an end. The means is torture. The end is torture. Every other justification, including those that camouflage as national security prerogatives, are merely wrappers to obscure the real truth. Never mind that mind control has not worked in the past and will not work now, no matter how much torture is visited upon the innocents that are used as guinea pigs, the torture ogres, having no other sources of income to feed their families with, must continue to delude themselves into believing that they are succeeding, lying not only to themselves but to their own sponsors who also need to hear the lies themselves in order to believe that the billions of dollars that they are wasting, have produced something. In truth, the only thing that mind control torture produces, is torture. The chasm that separates the culture of torture from any belief system that is based on sound moral foundations and principles, is so repugnantly deep and wide that it is absolutely impossible to traverse or bridge for a person solidly grounded in the latter, ultimately making a mockery of the concept of mind control. Continued torture only succeeds in crippling or killing the person, a resounding failure for mind control.

When most average persons experience a foreign object entering the eye, they naturally seek to remove the obstacle by rubbing the eye, brushing the eye, or wiping the eye. It must be concluded that part of the  flooding of the eye with nanoparticles/nanofibers was, and continues to be,  to hope that I would take the exact above measures to try to rid the eye of the irritants. Scratch, brush, wipe the eye. Constantly. Day in and day out. Until I would literally scratch, brush and wipe the eye out of the socket after the inevitable gross irritation that would ensue and the severe infection that would surely follow. They even have terminology in websites of torture enthusiasts one of which I found by accident and to my disbelief and horror. Self-inflicted torture is what they call it.

Welch, citing McCoy, writes in her paper:
    “Through covert trial and error, the CIA, in collaboration with university researchers, slowly           identified three key behavioral components integral to its emerging techniques for psychological     torture. “ Only the behavioral component of self-inflicted pain is quoted here for clarity.
    “Discovery #2 Self-inflicted pain ...Albert Biderman, Irving L. Janis, Harold Wolff, and Lawrence     Hinkle, advised the agency about the role of self-inflicted pain in Communist interrogation.  ...During the 1950s as well, two eminent neurologists at Cornell Medical Center working for the  CIA found that the KGB’s most devastating torture technique involved, not crude physical    beatings, but simply forcing the victim to stand for days at a time, while the legs swelled, the         skin erupted in suppurating lesions, the kidneys shut down, hallucinations began. “

Flooding the eye with particulate matter that feels like small sand grains all day and all night, may well have been a bait at what they mistakenly call self-inflicted torture, but by covering the eye, I prevented that from happening and thus protected my eye, although the urge is maddeningly there of course, a source of torture in its own right.

Covering the eye that sees in the dark has not altogether prevented problems. The outer edge which receives a constant stream of nanoparticles guided from an overactive illegal implant in the vicinity of the left temporo-mandibular joint, has developed a maddenigly painful laceration that is in continuation with the slit of the eye itself. I found this when cleaning the eye about two weeks ago. The edges of the eyelid, especially the lower edge, were coated with super white fibers. I scraped some and viewed them under a microscope. They emitted light...

In addition to the laceration, a deep crater has formed on the cornea and sclera at a point on the median aspect of the eye. Beigish-which fluid flows from this lesion. When I pried the eyelids open to view the state of the eyeball, the torture ogres rattled bathroom plumbing. All of these have led to an eye that is very painful, especially when attempting to focus on anything. The abuse continues, especially when I try to focus on anything or when I write or read.

Torture planes are more vigilant now, with at least 6 of them following me from home to work and
work back home just yesterday. More flew over with roaring engines as I began typing this at an OHSU  library.

The abuse of the eye has been accompanied by other forms of torture of course, including an occasional direct excitation of the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve whenever the torture contractor feels like a thrill. I also woke up last week with an implant in the palm of the right hand that made the hand feel heavier, and which is painfully sitting at the base of the third finger, with yet another implant on the same finger, remotely deposited on the night of 03.04.13, at the back of the finger closest to the pinky finger. These implants are perceptibly activated when the arm and hand are rendered dead and numb as part of the torture. The rendering has been occurring with an urgent frequency lately. The pain has me flailing the arms and hands up and grabbing and pinching and rubbing to get the blood flowing in what otherwise feels like rag cloth appendages when this is implemented.

Scalp injections with some lasting for hours on end, are a daily and nightly occurrence. The injections, as said earlier, are identical to the syringe intramuscular injections in a doctor's office, only the pain is sustained for many hours.

Interrogation bitching always accompanies the severe abuse, with the torture contractor apparently
replaying and revisiting favorite torture sessions from within the bloody walled and bloody floored rooms of Abu Ghraib, Baghram and Gitmo.

Torture planes continue to hover overnight administering the most barbaric of abuses yet to be known to most of humanity while I lie helpless at night. These abuses also include the sustained remote scalp injections in sites of healed lesions on the scalp; infusions of icy cold air into the nostrils; nasal-spraying with jets of super fine nanoparticles directly into the nostrils for direct uptake by the olfactory apparatus directly into the brain; pumping of nanoparticles into the left ear until it inflates like a balloon; partial and painful sustained contraction of the gluteus maximus muscles for days on end, for the sole purpose of pain infliction; extreme numbing of hands and arms; waking up with razor cuts in the hands and fingers; nanoparticle/nanofiber pumps into the stomach until the stomach bulges full and gastric acid overflows into the lower esophageal sphincter causing heartburn-like pain which in turn induces incessant coughing; direct excitation of nerve pain endings of the left breast; random nerve pain excitations in other parts of the body; flooding the throat with nanofibers/nanodevices; 24/7 injections of nanofibers/nanoparticles into the body via depositions along the entire length of the spinal column (these depositions have so saturated the body that my urine comes out murky white); internal organ torture; manipulation of the digestive function to exert control over nutrition availability and medication availability to the body, as well as to exploit and manipulate the air found therein for use in growling vocalization (growling with human speech patterns) ; daily sleep deprivation tactics, mostly via remote delivered sound startlers. This list is far from being exhaustive or comprehensive...

Various vehicles of participants, too numerous to count, continue to come parking along the street just yards from my house to train, teach, observe and entertain themselves from, the torture. During the torture, a voice of a zombie torture operator who apparently mans the video unit of the operation, often speaks into the amplifier of the sound component of the torture video which is obviously connected to the house and honed in on me at all times. The words are never distinct.

A piece of skin was removed from the left side of the head. The open sore is now a favourite site of nanoparticle vibrations which cause unspeakable pain.

I have found devices of all nature during this post remote viral infection episode, including a round photonic crystal with an embedded array of about six or seven pentagon-shaped photonic crystals. This was on my living room coffee table. Another device was an anthracite black unit that fell on my client while providing care. The client expressed surprise at the unusual object which I promptly explained what it likely was. Indeed, upon examination, it turned out to be a dark metal with a single antenna -like strand protruding from its body. This has been the hallmark of the torture devices. There were other photonic/optic devices of non remarkable forms or usual forms which are on my floor, blankets, clothing items, handbags, including sheets of paper that I write on.

Other devices are the usual snow white fibers which coat my entire body at all times and constantly fall over my head and body. Super fine dust that has dual properties of a liquid and a solid simultaneously, sways back and forth and in all directions on the scalp to exert the most painful sensory overload. The dust coats the face, eyelids, eyelashes, nose, lips and forehead as well. The dust consists of all mannner of devices, including light emitting photonic dots, light emitting photonic strands and other bizarre looking substances.

More devices, mostly fibers, emanate from the inside the body and are ejected through the pores of the forehead, nasolabialis, left cheek etc. May these words speak for me when I no longer can...


I no longer wear a patch/sterile dressing over the left eye because of two reasons: 1) only a few of the corneal plaques that developed remain according to my opthalmologist. 2) They satisfied themselves by attacking this nerve and moved on to the next: the sciatic nerve that I wrote about earlier. Nanoparticles continue to be deposited directly over the healed lesions that were caused by the VZV and are used to torture the nerve whenever they feel like, with exquisite precision. Nanofibers also eject from the left supraorbital foramen where the opthalmic branch is closest to the skin. Most fibers ejected here are translucent but a few are red. The eye continues to have a dull but constant pain all day which I do not believe will ever go away...

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