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Neurobiological and environmental determinants of repetitive violence in people with schizophrenia

hmm interesting
if you click on [QUOTE][URL=http://""]Paranoid thoughts[/URL]

This website is all about unfounded or excessive fears about others.[/QUOTE]

the leaflet references Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience [url=][/url]


[QUOTE] Research Interests and Themes


The Department has on-going research programmes that predominantly focus on abnormalities in brain structure/function and their relationship to behavioural and psychiatric disorders. Most of the work of the Section involves in vivo brain imaging (MRI, fMRI, MRS, and SPET) and measures of cognitive ability and behaviour in healthy individuals and those with psychiatric or neuro-developmental disorders.

Currently the research focuses on four main areas: the psychoses, disorders of social behaviour, the neurobiology of violence, and brain development and ageing. Grouped under these headings, current projects include the following.

Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and disorders of social behaviour

    Brain structure, ‘connectivity’ and function in people with Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD),and psychopaths.
    The neuropsychology of people with ASD.
    The functional neuroanatomy of emotion processing and executive function in healthy humans, psychopaths, and those with ASD.
    The serotonergic system in ASD.
    Glutamate/GABA in ASD.
    Normal development of ‘social brain’.
    Twin studies of ASD.
    Effect of candidate genes on brain in ASD.
    Longitudinal studies of brain myelination in healthy children and those with ASD.
    The neurobiology of ‘cold and aloof’ children.
    The neurobiology of language development.

The Neurobiology of Violence

    Neurobiological and environmental determinants of repetitive violence in people with schizophrenia
    Genetic and environmental determinants of aggression in healthy humans, and those with mild learning disability.
    Response of violent behaviour to pharmacological treatment.

Brain Development and Ageing

    Normal human brain development, and infant brain function.
    The effect of birth trauma on brain development.
    The biology of ADHD.
    The role of the X chromosome and sex steroids in brain development and ageing
    The effect of the X chromosome aneuploidy on brain structure/function
    The effect of the X chromosome CGG triplet repeats on brain structure/function
    The effect of oestrogen on brain ageing.
    The biology of Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.


Endocrine Factors and Brain.

    The role of oestrogen in brain development and ageing.
    The effect of the intra-uterine environment of social behaviour and brain development.
    The interaction of sex hormones, brain function, and neurochemical systems.
    The biological basis of mood disorder, and hot flashes, in perimenopausal women.

The Psychoses

    The neurobiology of the psychoses
    Genetic determinants of the psychoses, using VCFS as a model
    Abnormalities in brain structure and function of people with schizophrenia
    The effect of COMT gene deletion on brain structure, function and psychopathology


    Current research funding comprises grants, Fellowships, and program grants, from the Wellcome Trust, The Medical Research Council, NIH (USA), NHS National R&D, the Department of Health (NIHR), Cure Autism Now, Autism Speaks, The European Union, and the GKT Trustees [/QUOTE]

hmm [QUOTE]Neurobiological and environmental determinants of repetitive violence in people with schizophrenia[/QUOTE]
how do they actually study and monitor this ???

Neurobiological is the study of the nervous system !!!!

and how do they gather/determine  environmental determinants ?
clearly they can`t just ask a schizophrenic this as there perception & memory of events are going to be off /distorted !!!!

hmm so they are some how monitoring the nervous system and recording the environment of schizophrenics then discovering what makes them violent ??? really !!!!

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