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Comment by Annie on April 30, 2011 at 9:40am

Andrew, I tell you what, I have tried, read blogposts, been active in posting myself and tried to be supportive to others posts and also related to my experiences and giving advises for helping, beacuse this is they way you built a network and in the long run will be able to help eachother.

Well, the words that was trown in my face for doing that was:


Lynn said:

"It wasn't long ago that a non-American showed up on peacepink and immediately became highly visible doing postings and commenting here and there with everyone... Well, someone on this site who no longer posts because of  embedded CIA and perps mentioned the perfect written English language the person  used and I replied back to her.  From that moment on - after commenting on the perfect English language being used, this individual began immediately making her postings and comments far less perfect  with intentional misspellings, etc. and other times claiming to be at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding what is being said when the truth is -there is no misunderstanding at all.  Also, when I post something about what's happening in my life this individual likes to  leave a comment with something like "I've experienced the same thing!"  blah blah blah so as to diminish what I've said - as though what's going on in my life is commonplace and this is anything but the truth.  Most ti's cannot even comprehend many of the things being done to me because it is so highly unusual and a whole new territory in the realm of psychotronic trickery and AI, etc"


...This makes you kind of lose the spirit...It also is really going into the perps trap, when naggning on people and create bad relationships, its in their favour. And I can not understand how a person can waist energy for this in a situation like this. We should be kind, supportive and encouraging against eachother, not bitter and sarcastic.//Annie


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"I thank you for your resolve to ask for legal, economic, and social justice for unpaid "no touch" torture victims tis. Most deny we exist"
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"Hi Justina- I hear you. People do not respond. They may if people get together and File a Civil action against them. Not impossible. Am trying it again."
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