Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The Perps turned my head into sexual mis conduct. Incest.

My father  broke my leg and  I Said I feel raped. He Started to accuse me of having sex with my dad. They told people.

Everything is about sex. The messed my head up. The Perps rape me when I watch television. They want all the attention. Interrogating me and hurting me.

He's mind controlling me to say stuff, like yes. He wants me.

It's a key word, if she repeat that she wants me. For 2 days he's been doing that. He wants to play the on and off relationship in this new city. Everyone she wants me. He wants to dump me in front of everbodies eyes. To shame me. He's bi sexual he wants my date. It's rape sex, you"ll become a sex slave and then I will throw you away. Show me your tits. Masturbate. Spread you legs. How come you can't keep  a date he's on about. People say nobody wants Angeline. I'm like nasty they think. They want to Shame me big. Nobody wants Her. Laugh! They Gossip.

People around me do the same.

They all think the same.  I don't want him, he's nasty. Crazy! Madness!

I'm not human to them. They are rude.

This is my life people.

God hid my beauty for them. They can't see.

They want me to argue with God. 

He's not helping her. The Perps torture me all day.

They fight me for everything I've got.  Rats.

I hope that day comes when Rats eats Rats.

Some need to die.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas.

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Comment by Tee on January 1, 2019 at 8:24am
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Martti Koski commented on H's group Finland
"Tässä toinen juttu mitä voi tapahtua facebookissa, ja sattui minulle juuri. Yritin kommentoida  Clintonien huumausainesalakuljetusjuttua koskevaa filmiä, omilla tiedoillani. Alta aikayksikön kävi näin.…"
19 minutes ago
Stephen O' Neill replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Plus who knows , maybe your work mates are being mind controlled, your attacking perps have the power to control what one thinks about or what one says, so when they repeat your thoughts to you it could be that your harassers are controlling them.…"
54 minutes ago
Stephen O' Neill replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Hiya Jim Whatever you do don't leave the job , try your best to ignore their comments , yes they are reading your thoughts but you get used to that after a while. If you leave the job then it is a downward spiral, its another domino that falls…"
1 hour ago
Sue replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Maybe try reorganising yr routine at work. Can you sit in a different area? Or go get a coffee first thing?"
1 hour ago
Sue replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Hi Jim It must be so hard to work in close confines with ppl who are harassing you and for so many yrs with their behaviour continuing. I haven't experienced what you speak of before but lm not surprised that perpetrators have the capacity to…"
1 hour ago
jane posted a status
"violated every day, and if I mention it too my family I’m told I’m not taking my meds its tranquilizer not for paranoia, yet I’m threatened"
2 hours ago
jane posted a status
"The latest attack on me, is they cut the cables to the Ariel on my tv, plus they stole my charger for my toothbrush, plus other things/past"
2 hours ago
ghstdtnee left a comment for vicki shelton
"Vicki its called , not limited to, exploitation for the development of technology"
4 hours ago



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