Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Not knowing that I Grayed the Enemy through charitable works

I have put Novichok on my benefit forms in 2003 or 2004, and I am now a TI. 

G4S are the Contractors for Death Camps FEMA and SERCO are funders of FEMA – there is site telling that G4S and SERCO are Contract Killers. 

The ex-mI6 agent told Henry Makow – that there is million pound contract.

G4S have a camp in Sussex – also Security Guards for the Benefits Agency (also been called a fraud)

SERCO – were involved in a Tag Fraud – For Police

CSEG 100 Defence List have illuminati on it

They are linked to the police force, some of the most powerful banking organisations, and obviously Mi5 – see the defence list year 2018.  Then see Kevin Tuckers Book Web of the Illuminati – should be known to you – you can get this through amazon book and there is a website>books and publishers are ABE books and Barnes & Noble – 122 Fifth Avenue, NewYork.  ISBN 9781304034793

There are sites in this country about London, Kent, and Merseyside Police – Police at high levels organising gang stalking activities.

Realise how it is connected.

Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and Defence Companies are all involved.

I’ve been accused of being a Russian Spy, and Communist, and also asked for cure for Novichok?  Rather unusually.  They are wondering how I knew about Novichok, and Uzbekistan has been mentioned and we wonder why – they advertsie it.   

Threatened with FEMA.  Barbara asks this – why adopt a system of Nazi, Stalin, and Jihad – if you don’t agree – see the Gulag Archipelago for the latest list on A & B Terrorism.  Yet our English police are to look the other way about Russian Fraudulent Money – it allows a loophole in Blackstones if you look at the money laundering law.

I used to work at The Vine Day Centre, as a fund raiser and was being stalked then and Grayed - irradiated(unbeknownst to me at that time) and sent to for funding members of the illuminati , police on just under a 1 gray and those who are threatening who are perps have called the police to talk to them about people’s attitudes. the fact that if you are a fundraising volunteer for charity they can gray you whilst you send to some of the most major banks the world has known like Coutts & Co, Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, J P Morgan, C K Hutchinson, KMPG, Veritas, Blackstones and also Bayer, Pfizer, Dell – EMC, Hewlett Packard, Freemasons, and Tabernacle Street and apart from Coutts they are all the Illuminati !!  Then I decided I’d had enough after that and sent out invitations on gray (being grayed by perps in the neighbourhood)to a lot more, thanks to being raped and sexually assaulted in my bed, and put them under my mattress and hope they got them in America, I know they stop your post especially in America. To  NSA, the Trump Organisation, The White House, Congress, D.O.D, DHSS(in the UK), Capitol Hill, CIA, NSA, Rothschilds Bank (In Switzerland and New Court in England), The Rockerfeller Foundation, a few KKK, Emory University, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell Weill, Skulls & Bones, Cambridge Uni (DR Edwin Peters), various uk manufacturers of V2k, Merck, Eli Lilly, Fort Knox, Tavistock Institute in our country, The Brookings, The Aspen Institute (UK and USA), Bank of America, FTSE in uk, Reuters UKk, IBM UK, Oracle UK, International Monetary Fund, Apple, AT & T, Vodafone, Telefonica, WANDL, ARRIS, CSEG, MI5 and MI6, SPAWAR, M.O.D (British), PSYPOPS,Palace of Westminister and Chancellor of Exchequer, The Justice Department, The Metropolitan Police Force.

All connected to Mkultra– Illuminati! Check it out!




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