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NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption – Washington Post

Published: January 3

In room-size metal boxes ­secure against electromagnetic leaks, the National Security Agency is racing to build a computer that could break nearly every kind of encryption used to protect banking, medical, business and government records around the world.

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Comment by Cedric on January 4, 2014 at 8:55pm

Another great article from the Washington Post, thanks Lim.

I was wondering if they are building this quantum computer in a faraday cage like it is described in the full article in order to avoid interferences on a quantum level or is it to secure their research against spying since they have the capability to enter anything and anyone and thus, may want to protect their research from anyone who could posess a similar technology.

Then if so, could it mean that a faraday cage could indeed protect us against them?

The material used must be awfully expensive and most surely not available to the public, i read in a recent article of the NY Times that President Obama is using a tent wherever he goes designed to shield any electromagnetic eavesdropping, the word "microwave" is even being used (here is the article:;)

My question is: Does this Washington Post article indirectly "sells" out the fact that satellite eavesdropping is being used (and thus, proves a part of our case) by mentioning the faraday cage they need for developing this quantum computer?

Your thoughts?

Comment by LIM SC on January 4, 2014 at 9:58pm

From the article (the link you posted), I think its meant for preventing the President's reading of classified docs or high security discussion from being eavesdropped or being video recorded. The tent also has the function of generating noise for same purpose.

Comment by Cedric on January 5, 2014 at 5:12am

Do you think that the faraday cage they use at the NSA described in the Washington Post is to prevent from the same thing?

Comment by LIM SC on January 5, 2014 at 8:39am

China military is said to either consiider or already build satellites using quantum teleportation.  Check out this :   My guess is US military, NSA & CIA already have the technology.  To your question : can a faraday cage block external signals completely  ?  Probably.

Comment by LIM SC on January 5, 2014 at 8:47am

Someone told me mind control tech involves quantum physics in 2009.  Perhaps its true. If so, someone might as well check out if faraday cage can block MC tech. He also mentioned that victims can fight back if his or mind is stronger than the perps during attacks.  But I am not sure about this aspect.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on January 5, 2014 at 9:21am

LIM, I did have a period where the perps turned the v2k up real loud. I could not stop it. I could however, If I concentrated on what they were inputting, could think into it and push my thoughts into their brain. The effect was only brief but some disliked it very much and they have quit using v2k as loud. In fact, I can hardly hear it now. I dont know if they were tricking me for some reason, or if you can manipulate the machine when it is up loud. Other than that, I cant see how one could overcome v2k by meditation or other means of thought. Even the brief control I had was not nearly enough to alleviate the distress of getting v2k.

Comment by Cedric on January 5, 2014 at 10:30am

Quantum physics is an area i am totally unfamiliar with - however, from a sheer logical deduction: if quantum teleportation is possible like the serious article you posted claims that it is (and this is public domain, the military is billions of years more advanced as always), the faraday cage becomes somewhat obsolete since it blocks electromagnetic waves only, right?

My focus is on microwaves so far because it is the most known technology to send voices into people's head and all the symptoms we suffer from are also officialy military catalogued and attributed to decades of study about microwaves.

Yet, certain of the torture aspect we go through, especially the horrible sexual things that happen to some of us does feel like someone is present in the same room, like someone is teleporting parts of his body to touch or whatever the aim is, and somehow, it is hard to imagine microwaves being solely able to achieve some of the following. Maybe it is but i haven't found any documentation about this capability.

I absolutely support the claim that it is possible to block certain attacks having a stronger mind. I have experienced something similar and appart from the fact that it drains a lot of energy and makes the attacks even more relentless, it does brings a certain "fairness" in the game.

@Big Al: Agreed, it can be blocked but it cannot be stopped. Brief control is the perfect wording.
Comment by David ofTomorrow on January 5, 2014 at 1:03pm

I have researched Faraday cages. They are rated individually according to what frequencies they block. Most do not block ELF waves. If you use certain metals including mu metal, you can block ELF waves. I believe they are using these ELF waves. TIs have been in Faraday cages that block microwaves and radio waves, but they still received harassment. This is almost always how it goes with Faraday tests by TI, they still get eh. Since our brains operate on ELf waves, it seems natural that they would use them to manipulate the brain. ELF waves dont use implants, so they could manipulate an individual without ever having to approach them, or bother with the processes involved with invasive BCIs.


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