Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Problem:  we try to relate what is happening to us, and it makes us look paranoid, schizophrenic, and in laymen terms, just plain nuts!!!!!  We flail around, cry in frustration, and fall to the ground in despair.  We can NEVER get anywhere trying to convince "civilians" of this new type of terrorism if we approach it from our own personal perspective, bcz the tactics are meant to make us sound delusional.

How about presenting it using a different tactic?

Construct and print up a flyer telling how to destroy a person using the tactics which are used on us.  Flat out state that you can destroy a person totally and won't get caught or incarcerated by using the following tactics.  What is happening to us sounds much more credible and logical and believable when presented from the perspective of the perps.

Pass these flyers around your neighborhood and community, send them anonymously to police and legislators, the local newspapers, radio and TV stations, post them in every category on craigslist, pin them up in the post office, tape them to the "OUTSIDE" of local mail boxes, slip them under the windshields of cars in parking lots, tuck them in books at the local library, spread the word on how to destroy a life w/o getting caught!!!!!

I guarantee this will get more "real" attention to our predicament because it seems plausible, then the seemingly delusional rantings we tell about when relating what is actually happening to us.  If it becomes a threat (as it would be perceived if told from the perps "how to" flyer), then people will listen and be aware and afraid it could happen to them.  Look at the audience that in a position to help us, and figure out what will get their attention.  Otherwise, our plight is marginalized and ignored and being spoken from someone who is truly delusional.

It is time to tackle this predatory stalking issue using NEW guerrilla tactics of our own.  We've been terrorized for decades w/o any real successes in stopping this covert crime.  Time to change victim's tactics and hit the public hard with some reality!!!  What will it hurt?  Almost everything we've done so far has been neutralized by perps or been ineffective in stopping this covert criminal movement.  Why not try a different approach?

Need a description to print up for your flyer?  Let me know...    

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Comment by nici on November 5, 2015 at 8:00am
Im pretty sure if someone did that tho they would be def labeled as the crazy one..people dont get it til it happens to them. I never would wish it on my worse enemie but lately its really making wish they could feel how we feel. Inhumane !!!!
Comment by nici on November 5, 2015 at 8:02am
But i will think about it
Comment by Bill Perry on November 5, 2015 at 10:07am

As TI's, we have tried for years to tell our story, and plead for help and it's gotten us NOWHERE.  In fact, it only damages us to relate the bizarre things that are being done.  So, the next logical step to try to inform civilians and shine some light on this covert crime, would be to get their attention by shocking them with the perp's side of the crime.  MOST people of conscience will at least recognize that it is potentially possible to destroy someone by gaslighting them.  Bingo, the idea has been accepted as possible, and planted.  It certainly is a long leg up from being ignored and termed mentally ill.  This crime begs to be identified as something other than the rantings of the mentally ill paranoid.!defensive-tactics/c1qbd

...... etc

Flyers do work, and do get attention.  Tell the other side of this story to the public via a flyer and see if they are as quick to label the perps as mentally ill and delusional.  My bet is no.  I'm betting they will be a little frightened as in one of the videos in an above link. 

The first step in reaching our goal is to get civilians to acknowledge that there is a crime.

Comment by deca on November 5, 2015 at 11:37am

this is dumb idea .....somebody did this before with flyers it caused fear and panic in the community , the police were called to investigate and to locate and have a word with the person handing these flyers out ...

Flyers threatening “gang stalking” scaring people in Guilford

Comment by Rita on November 5, 2015 at 11:42am

Hi Bill. I would like a description for the flyer. Would you please send me one. Thanks

Comment by T.I. Vico on November 5, 2015 at 3:33pm

I think it could spark some interest if you just made known this technology, without assuming either the role of the perp or the targeted individual. I mean spreading around flyers in which is detailed the capabilities of this technology that would also contain some links to well-documented sites. This flyers wouldn't have to be signed, so they wouldn't really know who wrote them but they might spark some interest and the ones interest could acces the embedded links for more info.

Comment by Bill Perry on November 6, 2015 at 12:06am

What is better - having people ignore the suffering you are going thru each and every second of your life and dismissing all that you tell them because it is easy to turn your back on a "mentally ill" person's complaints as being unfounded

== OR ==

getting their attention ANY WAY YOU CAN and laying the truth of the matter on the table!  People SHOULD be scared, HELL I'm scared - scared this COVERT psychological terrorism will continue for the rest of my life, scared each and every day for more innocent people to have this happen to them, scared I could die tomorrow at the hands of the perps and it will look like I died of natural causes!

What happened in Guilford should happen in every community across the world where there is an innocent victim of this crime.  You can bet that in Guilford, there probably isn't anyone who doesn't now know what this covert crime is, regardless of whether they believe it or not.  THE IDEA AND DEFINITION has been publicized and is out in the open.  It's not so easy to sweep under the rug when it's flung out there and has gotten people excited.  In Guildford, at least,  people have heard of this crime and it's not COVERT any longer!

I wonder if whoever did the flyer is still subjected to attacks by his/her perps, or it has stopped?  What is happening to us is OUTRAGEOUS!  Sometimes it takes scare tactics to get people's attention.  I'll take anything into consideration so long as it doesn't harm anyone, and has the potential to convince just one person that this covert crime is real.

Comment by deca on November 6, 2015 at 12:42am

bill Perry why don`t YOU hand out flyers then ....see what kind of response YOU get ....

its been done before and really is not reaching the kind of people that we need to actually change stuff ...

also there are plenty of media outlets we are on that educate the public plus other ways we a reaching people in position of authority...why don`t you get involved & support these instead 

Comment by Bill Perry on November 6, 2015 at 3:36am

Well Deca, you do whatever you think will work, and I'll follow my own drum.  Who exactly do you think we need to reach to get things done on our behalf?  You've been active for many years and I don't see that your way has accomplished any more for us over these decades than mine might.  The fact that Guilford went up in panic demonstrates that presenting the issue directly to the public did GET RESULTS, can you say your way has been more effective than what happened in Guilford?

I do not want to argue with you, you are committed to one way, and I'm willing to try a different approach.  I'm not into begging anyone for my freedom, but I am willing to loudly yell for it.  My approach certainly will not harm anyone or do damage to our jointly shared cause, and I'm not certain why you feel compelled to deter me from a new approach.

I am a vegan and animal rights activist and believe me when I say that videos taken by undercover activists of the conditions in factory farms has BROUGHT ABOUT GREAT CHANGES for farm animals.  It has changed FEDERAL LAWS!  Undercover videos have even moved Walmart and McDonalds to make changes in their choice of who supplies their product - all brought about by shedding light thru undercover video of how farm animals are beaten and abused every day of their lives - and we're not just talking what happens in the slaughterhouses.  Don't ever underestimate the value of shock!  Photos and videos of living cows lifted upside down by chains around their back legs with a backhoe, baby male chicks ground up alive for dog food, newborn baby pigs slammed head first onto the concrete floor to kill them, and dairy cows stabbed in the chest by pitchforks while they are tied in small stalls waiting to be milked are only a few visual images which have QUICKLY changed not only how people think, but also how large companies do business.

Lastly, FYI I HAVE distributed flyers!!!!!!  I've done everything I advocate others do to inform Civilians of our plight.  I don't just advocate someone else do it.  If someone won't listen to my side of the story, then I'll tell them the other side of the story.  I have an open mind and am willing to do whatever works.

Comment by Sally on November 8, 2015 at 6:05am

What I would love to see is a Tl community flyer that we could distribute globally, something uniform that Tls could all have a copy of specifying facts of targeting. I think it would wind up getting lots of attention if the same flyer went global.


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