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Oh death where art thou sting? just maybe we are all already in Heavenly paradise

Just sometimes, I wonder if I am actually in heaven because it feels like I am having the best science fiction adventure there could be. The things I know and the mission I have in this life makes me feel like a main character of the best possible science fiction novel. I actually feel sorry for all the so-called normal people of the world because their reality seems so mundane. Us TIs reality seems much more fun doesn’t it. It’s even more fun when you believe what I believe…if you don’t know what I am talking about; read my other posts….some might say, how can I think I am in heaven when there are so many people suffering and dying in this world…..I will explain.  As far as suffering, It is just a temporary thing that will pass and also serves to spice up happiness and joy. As for death; when if death is just an illusion? When if all is just your own illusion? After all can you be absolutely sure that all things that you think exist which are not within the range of your vision really exist? Are you sure that I really exist? Maybe I am just part of your personal simulation game called life…….If death do not exist; and suffering is just a device to spice up this game of life. Maybe we are really in heaven playing a game. I think the heaven I am currently in is much more fun and joyful then the picture of heaven portrayed by the Christian church….playing harp continually singing and praising God for eternity cannot compare with the heaven I am in now. Now I am fighting against a high tech evil perps to save the world from destruction. I even see the possibility that all diseases could be potentially wiped out.  Funny how all of the things I want to accomplish aligns with what is written in the Bible prophecy…J below is my explanation why death cannot really exist. Death is just a necessary illusion to make me think that I don’t have another quarter for the game and I am down to my last life. That’s when the game gets really exciting right?

We know that it is a fact that our minds are capable of receiving thoughts from external sources via technological machines. In non technical terms; these thoughts could be regarded as spirits. I am the one who believes that humanity’s minds have been invaded by external forces for thousands of years. This means that all of the people who exist in this world never experienced what it really is like to totally be free from external thought invasion. We also know that our bodies can and is manipulated by externally induced feelings. I wonder what it will be like to be totally free from all artificially inputted thoughts and feelings. ….All of our technology is an artificial imitation of what occurs naturally. I wonder if our own natural spirit which is not artificial can exist without a physical body. I think it is highly likely that it can exist without our body because I believe our body is merely like a radio receiver which receives the radio signal. Maybe our true self is in the form of a radio wave.  Maybe we are a purely spiritual being that temporarily is received by the radio known as our physical body. When the radio breaks down, it does not mean that the broadcast also dies. It keeps broad casting. This broad cast is eventually received by another radio that tunes in. This is a real possibility that we are eternal being. The next question is: where is the broadcast station located? I believe that is where God lives. Maybe it is everywhere…..I think death is just a device to make us play as hard and long as possible in the physical vehicle we call our body. Hence there is no death. Oh death where art thou sting? You have no power over me because I have seen the light of truth! If you don’t understand what I am saying; it’s my fault for lacking the power to express my thoughts articulately….sorry, 

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Comment by Joy on January 17, 2014 at 12:25am

My heaven has none of the bad guys.  All them have been separated from us. You can see we live on when looking at online pictures of orbs in haunted places. What really gets me laughing is that these perps seem to think they've destroyed us when they kill us. Oh what a surprise they will get when they cross to the other side. Out of body experiences also prove we live on. I remember feeling extreme happiness and peace, and tried to repeat the event. In the obe a grandmother spoke to me. For certain  we are more than this physical experience.Oh death where art thou sting indeed.

Comment by Michael Graham on January 20, 2014 at 2:07pm

Joy, sorry it took a long time to reply to this post; I believe that I and those who can share similar views with me and know that death is just a device to spice up the game we are playing in heaven. If we are in heaven and we were playing a game to pass some time because doing nothing eternally is very boring; I believe what we are doing now is the very game I will be playing. It would not be fun and challenging w/o bad guys, and us perceiving the suffering of the world from conflicts and wars, diseases etc. etc....I believe finding the ancient serpent (the real perps)  and making it stop doing what its doing will bring back the golden age of mankind spoken of in many legends as well as literally wipe away all tears from mankind and all will be free from disease and only leave what we consider to be physical plain when we want to after living as long as we want without getting know the so-called lord in the bible who limited peoples life span to max of 120 was no God. it was the evil lord (one who is really calling the shot in earth); the very perps we are facing now. The perps are the same A-holes who came and destroyed the building of the towel of babel and caused division among mankind......This is so fun......This is the way I think in order to not take this evil situation we are facing too seriously. Because the truth is; right now, the situation we are in seems very hopeless without foreseeable solution to the problem. But It I see it like it really is and know that we are just playing a very challenging game in heaven then we can understand the so called problem of evil; why would God allow evil when God is Good? because nobody really dies and God and us need a challenge. Evil is there to give us a challenge so that we can have fun over coming it........if you are down and feel hopeless some time; If you think about things this way, you will be able to understand that its just like your name; Its all for Joy of God and his Good children like us who can overcome the multiple traps of mundane life and play the real best game of saving humanity from the evil Mind controlling bad guys.....After I defeat the bad guys, I will shake their hand for making it so fun for us......:)

Comment by Michael Graham on January 20, 2014 at 3:15pm

I believe that the biggest mistake of the religious for thousands of years is not being able to distinguish the obvious. They were so afraid and respectful of the words in the Torah/Bible etc that they did not use the hints contained in the book itself to correctly understand the contents as well as God. There is a reason why the God of creation in the book of Genesis is always referred to as God and names or title was used to describe an entity that commands man in other places of the book. It is very simple; it it tells you to love each other and love peace and harmony; then that is the real Good God, But when it tells people to invade other peoples land, kill every living thing in it and promise you that it will lead you into land of flowing milk and honey (look how long the Israelites suffered to this time, without reaching the so-called promised land), it is not Good God. That is why all the time a entity commands people to do negative things; it is referred as the lord and not god. I believe that the positive characteristic of God written in the bible as well as description of his ultimate attributes of omnipotent, omniscience, impartiality, forgiving, wisdom, love, etc do not show; then it is not a Good god. It is a imposter. It is the foolish people justify the obvious evil commands and acts which lacks the attributes of Good God by preaching to people who question the Lord of old testaments many evil acts by saying “mankind cannot understand the works of God and therefore in those acts there must be Good that man cannot comprehend…..this is hog wash…..if that is the case, all school of theology should be abolished, all bible study should be stopped…why even try when we can’t possibly understand? Yes, I do not just believe but know for a fact that all entities that is not translated as God and if the commands and acts do not reflect goodness towards mankind. That is a evil entity who were/are unfortunately worshiped by the foolish people who was deceived into thinking that God could show partial favoritism for a particular race of people. Abraham was deceived by the Devil….who are the same A-holes whose using high tech to manipulate mankind to this day…..just like Jehowa or whatever its name is used high tech to manipulate and cause so much blood shed…..

Comment by Michael Graham on January 20, 2014 at 3:28pm

But Like I said, in the deepest level if you realize death is a lie and know that all is for Goods joy; even the A-hole lord or Jehowa was created by Good God to be a prey for the Goods true Sons and daughters who can overcome the sea of lies, and perceive the truth.....its all for fun and joy of Good. By the way, God and Good is the same thing and it is not just a concept of mankind.....rather mankind is a concept of Good....Good - 0 = God: Korean: 선 (good) - - = 신 (god),,,,I hope to be a king author Pendragon. Yeah, I want to be a Author whose pen is like a dragon that will breathe fire into men's heart to inflame them into doing the true work of Good.....I have already pulled the (s)word out from the Found nation stone of our civilization. Its all for Good fun! 


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