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Open Letter to the Editor of Re Kathleen Kane and Good Old Boys Network, December 15, 2015

Dear Newslanc,

The following is a letter to the editor which I wish to be published on your site.

I have been the victim of a widespread civil and criminal conspiracy that dates back to 1987, made up of the very same actors that Kathleen Kane is up against, the "good old boys". In 1987 I blew the whistle on a local company, International Signal & Control, or ISC, that was indicted for selling arms and weapons to Iraq via South Africa with the aid and support of the CIA and the NSA.  It was the 3rd largest white collar crime at that time, valued at $1 Billion Dollars.  I was the victim of a widespread wholesale cover-up through an elaborate slander campaign that included 29 false arrests, multiple false imprisonments, and a fabricated mental illness record that to this day is still resonating.

Kathleen Kane must be commended for her courage and her determination for taking on this culture of arrogance and total disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law that they so emphatically espouse to uphold. They believe and conduct their affairs in a manner that suggests they are above the law and we, the Pennsylvania taxpayers, are beneath the law. The sad fact that it reaches into the judiciary and law enforcement agencies is undeniably the most outrageous and deplorable truth to this scandal. Case in point, until yesterday I was the APPELLANT in a case before the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals that involves the Habeus Corpus for convicted and imprisoned Lisa Michelle Lambert.  A murder case in the early 1990's that was made famous when in 1997 U.S. District Judge Stewart Dalzell found her actually innocent due to "one of the worst cases of prosecutorial misconduct in the English speaking language" and released her from prison. The case drew nationwide attention when then Pennsylvania Attorney General, then Mike Fischer,  enlisted the help of 9 other state attorney generals to curtail the reach of the federal bench in state matters concerning Habeus Corpus cases.  To make matters worst, 38,000 Lancastrians signed petitions to remove the Honorable Stewart Dalzell from the federal bench.

Mike Fisher and company won and Lisa Michelle Lambert was back in prison within 9 months while the case went back to the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.  The Honorable Judge Lawrence Stengel held a bench hearing where she was again found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. The case was covered by the LA Times in a multi-part Sunday series, A&E producer Bill Curtis did a 48 Hours special, and Lifetime Movies made it into a prime time movie.

This year, these "Good Old Boys" made it so difficult for me to litigate my efforts to free Lisa Michelle Lambert, that I had to dismiss my appeal and effectively withdraw as her MOVANT and Advocate. I was trying to persuade the courts that my own demise was the result of the same type of wholesale prosecutorial misconduct by some of the very same principals that Lisa Michelle Lambert fell victim to. My efforts were so distasteful to the powers to be that her court appointed attorney threatened me with criminal prosecution for no other reason than I might actually be successful in helping her win the Habeus Corpus she filed in May of 2014.  I allege the U.S. District Judge was trying in vain to invalidate and derail my own federal court cases that seek to restore me to whole from a life of ruin, misery, torture, and financial collapse.

For the record, I founded a financial firm in the 1980's that reached 5 states and raised some 90 million dollars in a matter of 9 months. In the late 1980's and early 1990's I was one of 5 domestic companies that had the capabilities of manufacturing CDROM's that included a client list that reached across the globe and included government agencies and fortune 500 companies. And in 1987, myself and a genius recording engineer named Tony Bongiovi and his famous recording studio, Power Station Studios of New York, were developing and producing the first "digital movie". The intellectual property rights and the RICO statutes that apply to my legal claims in federal courts were too much for the "Good Old Boys" to handle.

I think I'll sit this one out and watch Kathleen Kane advocate by proxy.

Stan J. Caterbone


1250 Fremont Street

Lancaster, PA 17603


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